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Even Angels

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Fan Art

Summary: The Anyone-With-Dawn Bandit strikes again! Angel/Dawn

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > GeneralwickednessFR71130011,77917 Jun 0617 Jun 06Yes

... I am really jonsing for an Angel/Dawnie fic... lol. You might think its weird, but hey... I love it. lol. Anyways, I might write a fic for this atrocious pairring, as I usually do when I get frustrated with the fanfiction of the pairrings I support, or, in all actuality, lack thereof. Please, feel free to support this pairring and post your own fics and art for it. lol.

... Has anyone else noticed that Dawn always ends up looking... I don't want to say crazy ... hm... feral (that's the word) in most of my recent manip-work? It's kinda weirding me out. But hell, it's either that or she looks really dainty - or young. Niether of which would fit in with the art I've been doing lately. ::shrugs:: Whatev.

The End

You have reached the end of "Even Angels". This story is complete.

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