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Trumping the King

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Summary: Spike and Penn torture Brian Kinney

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Television > QAF (UK and US versions)(Past Donor)GACTsevilFR131807021,05017 Jun 0617 Jun 06Yes
Trumping the King
Timeline: Mid-season 5 QAF, Season 3 of BtVS, with a character from season 1 of Angel.
Disclaimer: Joss and Showtime, I just make puppet theater.
This is a one shot, but if you want to play beyond give a me a yell.

Spike was miserable Dru was off sleeping around again. So he took off to the east coast, New York. He hadn’t been there since the 70s, but after a while the city got boring. He left and after just driving he stumbled into a dive in Pittsburg. He was half way to complete drunkenness when a familiar voice called out to him.
“Spike? William the Bloody, what the hell are you doing in Pittsburg?”
“Getting drunk what does it…” He paused when he saw who it was. “Penn?” Angelus had sired Penn making him Dru’s younger brother and Spike’s cousin, vampire wise.
“You look like you need a real pick me up, and I know just the place.”

Penn dragged him across town to a club. As they entered Spike took in the offering of naked flesh, the strobe of colored lights and the heavy odor of sex and drugs. He turned back to glare at Penn.
“They’re all doped up!”
“It’s fun, you taste, but you don’t drain.”
“I was at Woodstock, it’s weird.”
“The 60s was LSD, this is crystal.”
“Look,” Penn pointed up, above them on the catwalk was a thirty-ish man with a twenty-something boy. “I have been eyeing them, on top of the world they think they are.”
“So you want me to help trump a king?”
“I’ll give you the king and take the boy.”
Spike looked up at them again. Hell, it might be a little fun.
Penn and Spike cornered the two, the elder tried to convince Spike that they would have fun if he was in charge. He was an alpha dog that was true, but Spike was 100 years his elder. Spike grabbed his wrist tightly and led him out through a fire exit to the loading dock. It was a lonely back alley. Perfect, Spike smiled, away from adoring fans and the stench of doped up oversexed bodies. He roughly pushed his prize against the wall. Penn did the same to the boy.
“Brian?” The boy didn’t sound scared, he was pissed.
“Justin, how often do we get Europeans to the club?”
Spike leaned in to bite Brian, but paused and looked the boy directly in the eye. The boy was trying to struggle, but stopped and cried out as Penn sank his teeth into his neck.
“You know you should have listened to your boy.”
“Yeah, what do you know a…” he broke off as Spike grabbed his wrist, looked at him with his true face and bit into the man’s forearm. He normally didn’t do this, but he wanted the man to see, torture is always more fun.
Brian looked over at his mate in horror as Penn pulled away. Penn flashed him a bloody toothed smile. Spike held Brian against the wall with one hand and his wrist in the other. Penn gripped Justin’s chin and turned his face toward Brian. Spike heard Brian gasp, Spike held him as he began to struggle. After drinking a couple of pints, not enough to kill him, but enough that if he was weak enough they would both bleed out in the alley. Spike dropped the wrist, as Penn let Justin go and the boy slid to the ground.
Penn laughed, “take care of the boy, cause he tastes delicious, I could come back for more.”
Brian glared at them, “why?”
It was Spike’s turn to laugh, “we’re vampires, you poof, and you were breakfast. Come on, Penn,” Spike let Brian go and he also slid to the ground, “let’s go get on of those crystal boys, I wanna watch my hand move.”
Penn laughed, “tell all your friends Penn and William the…sorry, Spike are in town.”
They walked away laughing

Brian had called 911 asking for no sirens, he didn’t want anyone to know. At the hospital he was given a blood transfusion, while Justin had to be kept over night. Brian was sitting by Justin’s bed watching him sleep when Ben the intern came in to check on them. Ben was cute, but his eyes spoke of a jaded man.
“So it wasn’t a gang, just one guy?”
“Two,” Brian didn’t know why he was volunteering the information where he had lied to the cops.
“With messed up faces?” He asked as he checked Justin’s vitals.
Brian nodded his head, “Penn and Spike.”
Ben’s head popped up and stared at Brian in alarm. “Spike, William the Bloody? Blonde scar in one eyebrow?”
“Yeah, you know about him?”
“You’re both lucky to be alive. They’re killers. Hell, Spike is famous for his torture.”
It had been torture alright, watching someone take what was his.

The End

You have reached the end of "Trumping the King". This story is complete.

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