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Absence makes a Summers’ heart grow fonder, Not!

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Summary: Some Jaffa are coming after the Summers girls. What is their connection to Hank Summers and why has Hank Summers been away so much?

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Stargate > General > General: SG-1buffyaddictFR151417,05669756,73218 Jun 0616 Aug 06No

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Vamps and Maps

Mark Brown previously known as Mal’c Bru’ra was one confused vampire. As soon as he rose, his sire demanded to know what he had wanted with the eldest slayer.
It took his sire some time, while he beat Mark to a pulp, to realize the newly turned vampire knew nothing about vampires, demons or slayers. He learned the man was after Buffy because of who her father was.
Mark could feel the truth in his sire’s account of vampire’s, demons and even slayers. What he could not decide was whether or not he was still the servant of his god. Did his god’s reach extend beyond his death? Was his god still his god?

Where Mark was confused his sire, Airborne was unnerved. After surviving World War II, he had settled down as a college professor in the nineteen fifty’s. During those years he enjoyed speculating with his colleagues about the existence aliens.
Even after he became a vampire, nearly fifty years ago, he kept up with several scientific journals.

Airborne pushed Mark down the tunnel. Mark fell against the underground entrance to The Chemist’s house.
By Airborne’s reckoning, The Chemist was more alchemist than chemist. Airborne knew that The Chemist and other’s of his kind worshiped hell gods in other dimensions.
If any member of Cleveland’s demon community could sort though what Mark was telling him, it would be The Chemist.

. . . . . . . .

Lunch had been cleared away and the meeting called to order.

Buffy was up first. She described the attack on the school, what they learned during the interrogation of the Jaffa. She provided the details; she got from Dawn and Giles, on the attack at Oxford.
Hank winced as he heard Buffy describe how Dawn used a potion to kill the second Jaffa.

Following Buffy, Daniel spoke next, “The six Jaffa held in DHC custody have been turned over to the SGC
They provided us with the name of their god. It’s not something they are trained to hide. The Gau’uld’s name is Egroon. There is no record of him during the occupation of earth ten thousand years ago. He first appears in Gau’uld records about five thousand years ago and was referred to as young.
Over the centuries he has been subservient to various System Lords. He specialty is shipbuilding. He has been required to keep a highly educated workforce motivated; he has been known to use tactics other than simple oppression to control them.
We have begun intelligence-gathering operations on him, among our allies and on the other worlds that we have contacts with.

Carter provided her input, “Making the assumption that the Jaffa arrived on earth recently, a review of tracking temerity was done. There was an anomaly over the Ohio Valley and another over the English Channel six days ago. There were three additional cases in Southern California on the same day.
We are comparing surface scans, pre and post event, in an attempt to locate their ships.
We had increased security around likely targets in Southern California.

Miss Higgins spoke up, “I collated samples from the Jaffa before we turned them over to the DHC. The items most often used in spells; blood, hair, etc.
For the last two days, I have been in contact with Willow and other members of my coven. We have come up with a variation on a standard locator spell. It includes a time displacement component. In this case, it should tell us where the Jaffa were on several points in the past. Now that Willow has rested up, we plan to perform the spell after this meeting. Thanks to Sam Carters’ narrowing down the time frame, we can adjust the spell to improve our chances.

Jack said, “Good. It looks like we are starting to build on each other’s talents. Once their ship is located, it would be easy to destroy it. The hard part will be to take it and its occupants in one piece.
How much are the slayers and their associates planning on being involve this operation, knowing you will be going up against humans?”

Since it was personnel for her, Buffy chose not to speak.

Kennedy spoke up, “We’re in. There will be limits on what we are willing to do. But, we can’t allow anyone to get away with attacking us.”

. . . . . . . .

“No, not that one,” the Chemist slipped at book back on its shelf, “You said your god served Ra and other older gods, as his power grew. You also said the old god’s day has passed and it is up to your god and other young gods to take their place.”

The Chemist pulled out another book. He turned a few pages and found the spell he is looking for. He poured a bit of powder on the table before him.

“I call upon the power of Ra. Ra, I invoke thy power. Transform this inert powder to viper toxin.”

There was a flash of light and the power changed color. The Chemist checked the results.

“Its viper toxin. I performed this spell decades ago. I felt Ra’s power flow though me as before. This does not match up with your story. You said something about your god and his kind being called Gau’uld? Tell me more about the meaning of the term?”

. . . . . . . .

There was a large map of Ohio, with the surrounding states and Canadian provinces at the center of a circle of candles. There was a map of North American, a global and street maps of the cities within three hundred mile of Cleveland.

There were also sixty-four pages of star charts. Colonel Carter had printed them off, on the chance that the vector the Jaffa’s ship used on its approach to earth could be found.

Carter watched Willow prepare to cast the spell. She thought how odd it was that seven or eight years ago she would have dismissed this spell casting as impossible. But she had see too much since. Nothing was impossible anymore.

Willow sat before the circle. Kennedy was on her left to ground her. Miss Higgins was on her right to guide her.
Willow invoked the guiding forces. Glowing spots appeared on the map of Ohio. They lead to a point where the Jaffa had waited for many days before the attack. The last few spots leaped from the Ohio map to the star charts and then were gone.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Absence makes a Summers’ heart grow fonder, Not!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Aug 06.

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