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Absence makes a Summers’ heart grow fonder, Not!

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Summary: Some Jaffa are coming after the Summers girls. What is their connection to Hank Summers and why has Hank Summers been away so much?

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Stargate > General > General: SG-1buffyaddictFR151417,05669756,73218 Jun 0616 Aug 06No


Absence makes a Summers’ heart grow fonder, Not!

By: buffyaddict

Disclaimer: Don't own them. Whedon owns BTVS, SG-1 belongs to its respective owners. I'm just borrowing them, I make no profit.

Response to Challenge 1119 : Area of Expertise (BtVS / Stargate)

Challenge Description: Hank Summers tends to be despised as an absentee father - but what if there was a very good reason for staying away? We know he's a civilian and lives in the LA area (or did), and that's about all. But there are some VERY secret facilities in that area, companies that build stealth technology and other military hardware, and in the SG-1 universe some of them are going to be working on a war footing.

So for years Hank has been doing something highly technical that's absolutely vital to the war against the Goa'uld, and something he can't possibly tell his family about. That's one of the reasons he and Joyce broke up. Buffy and Dawn are keeping their secrets from him. The challenge is to write a Stargate crossover in which Hank catalysis an alliance between the Slayers and SGC, entirely unintentionally.

Setup: This is set after SG1 survives the invasion by the ORI Fleet, the cliffhanger at end of the 9th season of Stargate.
I assume that all four members of SG1 make it back to Earth soon after the invasion in late March 2006.

- September 1994 Cheyenne Mountain

Hank Summers watched as the extraordinary ring was lowered into its new home under Cheyenne Mountain. Once it was locked into place, he along with the other engineers, scientists and technicians were signaled forward to take baseline readings of the object. As a chemical engineer Hank’s readings were primarily intended for use in determining whether any corrosion began to occur. It took Hank fifteen minutes to complete his first set of tests. He would repeat the same set of tests once each hour for the first thirty hours now that the ring was in place.

During his down time between tests runs, Hank spent most of his time speculating with the others about the ring’s purpose and function. It was twenty hours into the testing schedule before one of the older scientists made what Hank found to be an unusual statement about the ring.

“Whatever other properties this ring has, it has the power to enthrall those in pursuit of its secrets, to the point that marriages end and families are forgotten. I have not seen the like since the last manned moon mission was launched.”

Hank would have dismissed the statement out of hand, but he and Joyce had a yelling match over his putting off their ‘Get Away Weekend’. She had said they should use it to reconnect as a couple. There was also the prior week’s yelling match with Joyce over his missing Buffy’s soccer games. According to Joyce, he no longer cared whether Buffy became a confident adult, instead of some insecure little cheerleader. Buffy had already told him she planned to stop playing soccer after this season since she was just warming the bench. In resent years Buffy had been more open with him than Joyce, since Joyce tended to get obsessive about Buffy’s activities.

He knew that Joyce’s problem with him was not this one missed weekend; it was the last six months with his heavy workload and the secrecy related to this project. Hank promised himself that he would make more time for his wife and daughter when he got back to L.A., after analyzing data from today’s tests of course.

- October 1994 L.A.

The day Hank returned home from his extended ‘business trip’ Joyce demanded a trial separation.

- May 1996 Cheyenne Mountain

Daniel Jackson had just solved the puzzle of the Stargate and it had been activated for the first time. Hank Summers was among the personnel called to Cheyenne Mountain to rerun various tests. The new test runs were compared to the baseline results and the regular updates made over the last year and a half.

While Hank was sequestered in the mountain, Buffy cried over Merrik’s body. Once she returned home, she tried to get hold of her father. She tried over and over again. She would not tell him about the death of her watcher, Merrik would not have wanted that, but she still needed to hear his voice. She needed to know that the other man in her life was still alive, still there for her. She needed him to be there for her.

'“Why didn’t he pickup his phone?”
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