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Beer Bad

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Summary: Dean and Sam are on a Hunt in the city of sin when Dean wakes up after a night of heavy drinking to find himself married to none other than Buffy Summers, the best friend of the brother he had to give up.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterChosenfireFR181532,6971115066,46818 Jun 0611 Jan 09No
CoA Winner

Night of the Undead

Title: Beer Bad
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Rating: PG-15
Pairing(s): Buffy/Dean, Sam/Dawn, Faith/Xander, Willow/Oz
Spoilers: BtVS post Chosen, SPN season 1 "Provenance"
Summary: Answer to Jinni's woke up in Vegas challenge. Dean and Sam are on a Hunt in the city of sin when Dean wakes up after a night of heavy drinking to find himself married to none other than Buffy Summers, the best friend of the brother he had to give up and a Vampire Slayer.

Author’s Note: This is a celebration. This story has been nominated for Best Unfinished Crossover (Supernatural) so I give you a new chapter. Half of this has been sitting on my hard drive for months and the nomination inspired me to write the rest. Please go and vote for this story, for added incentive I will add at least two more chapters before voting ends (and my latest chapters are now more than 2,000 words for this fic). Enjoy and remember to review (and vote!!!).

Chapter 15 Night of the Undead

Buffy pulled out a stake from a compartment in her suitcase just in case any vamps were hanging around the cemetery they were visiting and her hand brushed a black velvet box tucked under a vial of Holy Water.

She slipped the stake into the waistband of her jeans her skin long used to the rough slid of the wood and she pulled out the box holding it lightly in her hand. Her finger traced the smooth surface and apprehension settled low in her gut as she popped it open knowing what was inside.

It had been years since she had put them there.

The plain silver cross laid heavy on the white cushion and beside it, unsupported and nestled in the corner was the silver claddagh ring Angel had gave her all those years ago.

The cross had been given for protection, a promise to be there for her.

The ring had been given for love, eternal, so she would always belong to him.

Her fingers traced the heart in the center, held together by the hands and she remembered. The hands represented friendship, the crown loyalty, and the heart was love.

She heard the door open behind her and his chest was warm against her back.

“Well that’s one weird looking ring.” Dean commented his voice a low whispered against her ear as his arms wrapped around her waist tentatively.

Buffy placed the still opened box on the dresser.

“It’s Irish.” Buffy shoot back turning in his arms to face him and pulling away a little. He inclined his head and his body was tense, he was nervous. He hunched his shoulders and looked down at his feet before looking back at Buffy, peering at her through his eyelashes.

“Well, on the subjects of rings, that one I gave you is a piece of crap.”

“Hey.” A denial immediately formed on Buffy’s lips and she traced the smoothness of the ring on her finger. She was still getting used to it and while she wasn’t attached to it she was slowly becoming attached to the ideal it represented.

“Oh c’mon,” Dean gestured at it “I even know piece of crap gold and honey that is a piece of crap.”

“I like it.”

Dean snorted “Damn it woman I am trying to do something here.” He took a deep breath and stepped forward grabbing her hands in his own. His grip was awkward and he was mumbling something under his breath like he was preparing lines.

“Okay here’s the deal,” he let go long enough to pull the silver ring off his right hand “I don’t have a lot of money that isn’t for hustling or scams but I do have this, apparently it was my mom’s dad, some family heirloom or some other crap like that and my Dad gave it to me when I was sixteen. I think you should wear it till I can get you something else.”

Buffy was stunned and she knew that showed on her face.

Dean took it the wrong way and began pulling away “That’s okay if you don’t want to, I mean you really don’t have to.”

“I want to,” Buffy put in quickly grabbing his hands back “I really, really want to,” she smiled crookedly “but I am pretty sure it would be too big.”

“Oh.” Dean dragged his free hand over his jaw “damn.”

“Wait.” Buffy pulled away and picked the velvet box up again. She paused for a moment before gently taking the cross out. She undid the clasp and her eyes moved over the small knot in the chain from where it had been fixed after she had broken it. She slid the cross off the chain and laid it beside the box shutting the lid firmly.

A smile was on her lips as she turned back to Dean and she took the ring out of his hand and slid it onto the chain. “So you want to put it on me?”

Dean rolled his eyes smiling slightly “So not how I pictured this” and Buffy turned her back to him using one hand to hold up her hair as he redid the clasp and the large silver ring settled low on her neck. Dean pressed a soft kiss to the exposed skin and Buffy turned back to him letting her hair fall.

“This way I get to keep my crappy gold ring till you get me something better.”

Dean’s smile was just a bit goofy and he turned it into a smirk “Yeah, I guess so.”

She let her hand slip into his and they walked out of the hotel room together and down to the almost deserted lobby. Their group was in one corner standing together, waiting, and Faith gave them a sly grin as they approached.

“Decided to get a quick screw in?”

Buffy shook her head rolling her eyes “Yeah, that’s exactly what we did.” She felt self conscious holding Dean’s hand. Like everyone was looking at them. They were married true but it wasn’t a real marriage, but they were trying.

“It was awesome.” Dean deadpanned. He caught Sam’s eye and followed it to where his hand was clasped with Buffy’s and where his ring now hung around her neck. Dean hadn’t been without it since his dad had given it to him so the question in Sam’s eyes was a valid one.

Dean just shrugged it off and stared down the group “So what, we just going to stand around all day or we going to burn some bones and raise a little hell?”


Buffy walked beside Faith aware of Dean trailing behind them. The cemetery was just like every single cemetery she had ever patrolled in. It was dark, smelled funny, and her heeled boots kept sinking into the wet earth. The only difference was that their main purpose wasn’t to offer a dusty end to any vamps but to light a bunch of old bones on fire.

She could feel the weight of the silver ring against her neck. It was warm from her body heat but it was more of a reminder of the commitment she was willing to make than the other ring currently on her finger.

Her life was weird.

And it was just getting weirder.

She should have known the guy she would marry wouldn’t be normal. Out of all the drunken flings turned marriage in Vegas she could have had the groom had to be a Hunter, and not just any Hunter. No, the Hunter she married in Vegas just had to be one of Xander’s long lost brothers.

Someone up there was probably getting a pretty good laugh.

The thing that got her was she was compatible with Dean. He made her laugh. He wasn’t exactly lacking in the looks department. Mostly, though, he seemed to get her. He got her as Buffy and as the Slayer. Something not many guys had been able to do.

He didn’t even care about the Slayer thing. It hadn't fazed him.

He hunted demons, had for the better part of his life if she was to hazard a guess so when it came down to it she might have all the power but he had the experience. She had faced the end of the world on more than one occasion but she couldn't imagine being a child and knowing the boogeyman was real.

He had lived in the world a lot longer than she had. In the world that had been opened up to her when she had been called. At least she had gotten a childhood. She had gotten a chance to be petty and selfish and at some times cruel just because she felt like it. That they thing under your bed could really eat you.

“Hey,” Dean shouted running up to them looking a bit peeved “this isn’t a race you know?” He looked annoyed and a little out of breath. “The corpse isn’t exactly going anywhere.”

“I’m sorry,” Faith wore an innocent impression “can you not keep up. Looks like we’ll have to slow down B, your boy is a bit out of shape.”

Dean’s eyes narrowed “Do you want to carry this stuff?” He held the shovel with one arm and a gasoline can with the other. The salt was tucked under the arm holding the shovel.

“What is it getting too heavy for you stud?” Faith snarked back .

Buffy rolled her eyes and pull the bag of salt loose smiling as she did. The corner of Dean’s mouth curled as he looked down to her and they walked closer together his hip bumping her softly and his arm brushing against hers.

“Hey lovebirds, I think this is it.”

They glanced away from each other to where Faith was standing in front of a headstone. One that looked like all the others. Unlike the others though the grass on and around it was dead.

“Looks like our local sorcerer was deep in the heavy stuff.” Dean muttered as he dropped the gasoline on the ground and stared down at the grave. He looked at where Buffy was now standing beside Faith the salt by her feet and her arms crossed. His eyebrows raised and he nodded to the earth “Looks like I’m doing the digging while you ladies stand there and chatter?”

Faith grinned “Looks like.”

“We’re guarding you.” Buffy offered with a sweet smile.

“I can see that.” Dean planted the shovel into the wet ground and used his foot to push it in. “What with the standing around and watching me dig.” He didn’t notice the black shadow that moved across the ground, seeping up from the earth around the place where Nelson Zeeman had been buried.

They had never considered the idea that the man would have set up something in the case his corpse was ever disturbed.


Sam opened the door to what used to be the dining room his shoulder stinging at the moment. He grimaced as the stitches pulled and lifted his flashlight up to shine through the darkness. It reflected off a mirror dust apparent in the beam and he felt Xander snort behind him as he nearly tripped on a chair.

“You would think someone would have cleaned up the place a bit. Ghosts just have no appreciation for some good old fashion elbow grease.” Xander muttered holding a flashlight of his own in one hand and the gun he had in the other.

Sam hadn’t felt the need to draw his gun yet. It was like the malevolent force that had been here earlier was gone. It felt empty, and that worried him. Dean was at the cemetery they had tracked Zeeman’s bones to and Buffy and Faith were with him. They hadn’t been too happy about that but Sam agreed with his brother. If this spirit wanted Slayers it was better to keep them away.

Also, the fact was that they were the ones with the experience in this situation. They had been doing exactly this kind of stuff their entire lives and while they weren’t experts in slaying hunting was their job.

Sam was finally starting to get that.

He just wished it hadn’t come at the expense of his brother.

For the longest time Xander had been a bright spot in his life. Sort of like the light at the end of the tunnel. It had comforted him to know that one Winchester had escaped the lifestyle their father had trained them into. That Xander was somewhere out there living a normal life and didn’t have to worry about ghosts or demons.

It was hard to accept that that was all a lie. That while they had been convinced he was safe Xander had been living and fighting on a Hellmouth for years.

His brother wasn’t trained. Not like they were. He had obviously had had to learn on his own.

It made Sam realize just how little he knew about his older brother. Sure he had been there when Xander had lost his fiancé but he had bought the story about the crater and how she hadn’t got out in time. He hadn’t even thought to question it. It hadn’t even entered his mind that she had died while trying to save the world.

Then there was Xander’s new girlfriend. To be honest Faith made him nervous. There was no pretending she was normal, no trying to have that apple pie life. With her Xander didn’t even look like he wanted to live anything other than the life he had.

Sam wished he had come to that conclusion for himself a lot earlier. Maybe Jessica would still be alive? Maybe she would still be safe if he had admitted that no matter hard he tried he would never stop being a Hunter.

“Well I think they’re a little focused on the killing and maiming part.” Sam muttered distracted keeping his voice even as he made it to the center of the room. “So, is this it?” he asked referring to the spot he stood in and he could feel the candles heavy weight in his pocket.

“Wills did say the middle, this looks pretty middleish to me.” Xander grinned and for a second Sam was reminded of Dean. Xander looked a lot like their Dad and from what Sam had seen in pictures Dean took after Mom but the attitude had always been so alike.

Sam remembered that Xander had used to look up to their brother just as much as he had.

Sam heard the small buzz of Xander’s phone vibrating and his brother gestured to the floor.

“Well it looks like it’s time to make with the lighting and the chanting.”

The middle of the dining room was just a part of the triangle. Willow was taking the center, the hot spot where Zeeman had killed his daughter. That left Dawn to take up another point and Oz to complete the triangle.

Xander had came with Sam because apparently even though she had the hot spot Sam’s position would be the most vulnerable for attack and we would need to keep chanting for this to work. Even one small falter would ruin the spell.

They couldn’t afford for him to black out and lose the rhythm.

Sam set his candle down and lit it asking Xander as he did “So, what does this do exactly?”

Xander, who had been moving the flashlight back and forth on the wall, turned “Oh, um, yeah from what I remember the hot spot is where all the bad energy is coming from. By forming a triangle and you guys doing the chanting thing it’s supposed to be trapped, permanently.”

Sam shook the match and a trail of smoke curled up from the tip as the small flame went out. “But it didn’t work the last time you tried it?” he asked skeptically.

“Hey,” Xander defended “we got distracted, what with the evil spirit trying to kill us.”

“So, why isn’t one trying to kill us now?” Sam couldn’t hide the concern in his voice.

“Maybe because we’re not who he’s after.” his brother muttered finally catching on. Xander’s eyes widened at that implication and he tossed the other flashlight to Sam as he pulled out his cell phone pressing one of the speed dial numbers.

“Hey Wills,” his grin was a bit manic “yeah, sorry, he hasn’t started yet. Oh sure, he’s about to.” Xander mouthed the word chant as Willow told him something. Sam nodded placing both flashlights aside and the Latin chant Willow had gone over with him poured from his lips easily.

He had always had an affinity for the language and while his pronunciation was a bit off she had reassured him that it wouldn’t matter. His own store of raw talent would make up for it, and he wasn’t even going to dwell on that.

“So if Zeeman isn’t here than that means he’s at the cemetery.” Xander paused and Sam continued to chant as he listened to half the conversation. “Shouldn’t we give them a heads up or start a smoke signal or something, okay. Oh, yeah that makes sense, will do, sorry for distracting you.”

Xander hung up slipping the phone into his pocket “Willow says Zeeman will have to come back, we’re not exactly giving him a choice.” It was delivered grimly and Sam knew why. Could they drag him back before he got to Dean and the girls?


Dean wiped the sweat from his brow with his arm. He was surrounded on all sides by walls of dirt and worms and there was a streak of mud down the side of his neck. He slammed the shovel into the ground again and smirked when he felt the shock of hitting something solid travel up his arms.

He used the shovel to break through the wood and tossed it over the side. Bending down he work the lid off and covered his nose at the rancid smile. The body had been decaying for a while and the sight was not a pretty one.

It wasn’t anything new though.

“Got it.” he yelled and grabbed unto the side of the dirt wall to pull himself out. He was surprised by a small hand wrapping around his and he looked up as Buffy effortless heaved him out. He stumbled a bit with the force she had used and his body slammed into hers.

He really didn’t mind though. His arms drifted around her waist and she stared up at him a smile slipping unto her lips. Faith cleared her throat loudly and they reluctantly pulled away from each other.

Dean took a moment to glare at Faith wondering what in the hell his brother saw in her. Cause, really, he was pretty sure the chick was missing a few cards. “Hey, we’re newlyweds. We’re allowed to grope in public and crap.”

“Yeah, well when I’m not doing the groping I don’t really care. So are you going to play with your salt or what? I don’t exactly like to stand around in cemeteries if I’m not hitting things.” Faith tossed him the bag and he rolled his eyes ripping the top off as he went to stand by the grave.

The gasoline came first and he made sure to pour a liberal amount. He liked being a Hunter. There were some days were he could honestly say he loved it. He saved lives, put down evil sons of bitches. Hell, he enjoyed it, and the whole setting things on fire.

It had always been his favorite part.

It figured he’d be a pyro, he had been doing it since he was ten. Ever since his dad had let him toss in that match and he had heard Miss Baker’s spirit screaming. The bitch had been preying on little kids like Sammy, taking pleasure in their nightmares.

He looked down at the corpse and sneered as he shook the salt all over the bones. He was reaching for his lighter when he noticed the black cloud seeping from inside the corpse and moving up over the sides.

He had just enough time to light the lighter and throw it in the grave before he barreled back pulled Faith and Buffy with him. They hit the dirt hard and he scrambled for the gun in his pocket feeling like an idiot for not bringing a shot gun.

The smoke wasn’t focused on them though. It spread across the ground quickly and seeped back into the earth as it went. Something tightened in his gut and when the first hand shot out of the earth Dean knew they were screwed. The freaking thing had them surrounded.

Dead fingernails crawled at the earth as a rotting corpse pulling itself from its grave.

“Are those zombies?” Faith was getting to her feet Buffy beside her and she turned to the other Slayer “Looks like the undead is coming out to play after all B.”

And Dean was back to thinking there was something wrong with her. Something seriously screwed up in her mind because she looked happy.

Happy and now wielding a shovel.

“So, the whole salting and burning thing isn’t working.” Buffy pointed out as some old lady dressed in what looked like cat fur pulled her way out of the ground. Her eyes were red and her teeth looked sharp as she snarled at them.

“I’m thinking Zeeman tied his spirit to the hotel.” Dean muttered and he took aim his bullet hitting one of the things right between the eyes.

It stopped moving and dropped like its strings had been cut.

“Really,” Buffy pulled out the Scythe from god knows where “so instead of being there we’re here about to get our brains ate.” She commented drily “This marriage is off to a great start.”

“What can I say,” Dean snorted “I know how to show you a good time.”

Apparently, the time for talking was over and some sort of silent signal seemed to pass between her and Faith because in the next moment they had moved together on either side of Dean and cut down the nearest zombies.

Cut down into separate little bitty pieces. Well, Buffy had chopped them up. Faith had pummeled them with the end of the shovel.

“We’re not going to able to take on all of them.” Faith informed them as she swung the shovel in a wide arc the sharp metal ripping the flesh of more than one dead neck from its dead body.

“I know.” Buffy kicked one away and Dean aimed again the shoot echoing through the night as the middle aged man’s head jerked back and his body fell.

“We need to make a run for it.”

Dean fired off shot after shoot and watched out of the corner of his eye as Buffy and Faith cleared a momentary path. Before one of the women decided he needed to be dragged along he took it feeling both of them close behind him.

He didn’t bother to look back. When he reached the car he slammed into the driver’s seat and felt the girls get in the back. He quickly put it in gear and backed up grimacing when he felt the thump of a body. He would be pissed if one of those ugly bastards dented his car.

He had just hit the road when he heard the ring of a cell phone and he looked in the rear view mirror to see Buffy answer it.

“We’re fine, it didn’t work. Where are we now?” her eyes locked with Dean’s and his mouth twisted at the side. “We’re on our way to the hotel.”

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Beer Bad" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Jan 09.

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