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Xanders Demon Girlfriend

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Summary: Xander has a Demon for a girlfriend... of sorts

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Chapter 4

(A/N) Well Chapter 4 All who managed to answer the Chapter three Question please send $19.95 S/H and i'll make sure to get your shiny penny out post hast.



Demona hovered in mid-air as she scanned the streets below for her prey.

While gargoyles couldn’t fly under their own power, the massive thermal updrafts of the city made it possible to maintain her current position.

Finally spotting what she was looking for, Demona curled her wings about herself and plummeted on her prey.

Waiting until the last moment the twelve hundred year old Supernatural being spread her wings before her entire one hundred and twenty pound weight dropped onto the back of her target.

Feeling the spinal column snap under the force of the impact, Demona leapt forward towards his companions as she pulled a double sword from it’s scabbard.

While the seven vampires were both stronger and faster, and also outnumbered Demona by at least three to one, they were also young and stupid. After a thousand years of fighting, those were two things Demona Destine was not.

As the last one disappeared into dust, the gargoyle carefully wiped her blade clean before turning back to her original target and walking towards him as the vampire tried to crawl away, though his paralyzed legs hampered that attempt.

“I’m disappointed,” Demona said casually, speaking for the first time in the conflict as she walked towards the injured undead with her sword lightly dragging against the asphalt. “I heard you had taken over as the Master of Los Angeles after the Slayer killed Lothos,” She said as she stepped in front of the vampire and stopped his pathetic escape attempt. “And yet here I didn’t even work up a sweat in beating you. Truly sad, I always thought a Master would be harder to defeat.”

“W-what do you want, bitch?” the vampire snarled before screaming in pain when the Gargoyle queen thrust her blade into his hand and watched as it hissed and sizzled on contact.

Leaving the blade within the wound for a moment, Demona finally pulled it free. “Be careful how you speak to me Leech! This sword was used by the Knights Templar during their crusade and while a formidable weapon, it also served them as a holy relic.” Demona informed him once the demon’s screams had stopped. “As for your question, all I want is the location of Angelus and Darla and I’ll let you crawl off to hide under whatever rock you can find.”

“I don’t know, they change their hideout every couple of days, nobody knows how to find them! We can only contact them through a cell phone.” The vampire said before Demona’s claws ripped through his neck, ending his un-life.

“If you don’t know then I have no obligation to honor my side of the bargain.” Demona said to the pile of dust before returning her blade to its sheath.

Carefully scaling the building beside her, Demona considered resuming her search for the undead duo before glancing at the skyline and noting the light graying of the sky.

Deciding to err on the side of caution, she checked her location in the sprawling city before taking flight towards home.

As the wind whispered past, the gargoyle wondered what Xander’s opinion on children was.

She didn’t want the only other members of her race to be the Manhattan clan.


Owen Burnette ducked under the kick before launching a straight punch at his opponent’s undefended side. “You have a lunch meeting with Mr. Gleese of Autonus Enterprises at 12:00 noon .” Owen said as his punch was blocked before stepping back to avoid his opponents’ attack. “And a 1:15 fitting at Adrienne’s for your meeting of the Mubondi Prince next week.” The Fey said as he watched his boss and friend carefully. “What’s bothering you sir?” he asked before twisting out of Xanatos’ attacks again.

“Nothing.” Xanatos said quietly before stopping the fight early and starting to towel off. “I’ve never asked you this Owen and I’ll understand if you refuse, but I need to know something and I’m afraid of the answer.” David Xanatos said simply before sitting down on the mat.

“Ask and I’ll answer as truthfully as I may.” Owen said as he watched the conflict within one of the few men to ever gain both his respect and Puck’s.

“I’ve felt this… pull ever since I could remember. I don’t know what it means and I’m terrified of going in search of it.” Xanatos said as he tried to put his feelings into words. “I feel as if I must find it, but I may be lost if I do, I need to know if it’s my destiny to do this.”

Considering it a moment Owen let his features slip away slightly to reveal his true nature. “While this is beyond my ken to see, your fate this may well be. If you so desire to then seek those with clout, it is The Fates I’d ask, without a doubt.”

Slipping back into his regular form, Owen turned and left the billionaire to his thoughts.



Xander woke to the softly spoken word and looked up at his fiancé before smiling. “I love seeing you as soon as I wake up,” Xander whispered before winking at her. “Proves this all isn’t just a dream.”

Smiling at the sappy comment, Demona nodded to his bedmate. “And this? Let me guess, it isn’t what it looks like.”

Looking over at the small gargoyle, Xander shrugged carefully so as not to wake him up. “Beats me, he showed up last night and scared the bejeebers out of me.”

Well, the suns coming up, we’ll just have to wait until tonight to question him.” Demona said before frowning as the familiar pull of her change warred with a question in the back of her mind.

As the rays of the sun finally pushed her back into her human form, Destine and Xander looked at each other in shock as the red-headed three year old boy finally woke up.

Blinking slightly in the morning light he looked around before launching himself at Demona’s Human self.



(A/N) Well… I’ve finally found a small slice of time in my life to write and I intend to use it to its utmost.

Hope you all enjoyed this.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Xanders Demon Girlfriend" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Aug 07.

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