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Xanders Demon Girlfriend

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Summary: Xander has a Demon for a girlfriend... of sorts

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Chapter One

I Don't own anything or anyone.


Xanders Demon Girlfriend


“Where were you a millennium ago.” She whispered and fought the smile that tugged at her lips as she gazed down at her dark haired lover while he snored slightly in her bed. She had spent the better part of the last thousand years killing men in the most painful way she could imagine and then, one day as she was finishing a job just like any other, he had managed to get hold of her amulet and then, everything had changed.

She had hated him for what he had done, hated him so much her thoughts revolved around the pain she would cause him, her dreams had been filled with the images of a thousand torturous deaths she would give him, but slowly her dreams had changed.

They had grown more… intense and less centered around pain. //Though she did have a few involving handcuffs and a whip,// she smirked at the stunned expression he had after she had told him about her dreams.

She had actually been nervous when she had confronted him about her feelings. //And sometimes we’re naked.// she allowed a small blush to color her cheeks as she remembered her words.

Feeling the pull she kissed him softly before turning towards the window.

“You don’t have to go, I love you no matter what you look like.” He said sleepily as she reached the unlocked window.

Turning back to him she smiled as the change took over. “I know love, but I have work to do.” Demona said before walking back to him and kissing him again before launching herself out the window of Demon Investigations and gliding off into the L.A. night.

As she caught a thermal updraft she wondered how the Manhattan clan was doing before shrugging the thought off.

None of them had even looked for her after Xander had threatened to take a chisel to their loincloths if any of them crossed her again.

She laughed in the warm night air as she remembered the Polaroid of Xander with a hammer and chisel at Goliath’s ‘Stone Stones’ that they had taped to the gargoyle’s forehead.

Still laughing she finally thought back to the day Xander had grabbed the amulet off her neck and somehow managed to transfer the binding spell from Macbeth to himself.

Shaking her head at his ability to get in trouble, she turned her attention back to the ground as she searched the large city for Angelus and his resurrected sire Darla.


i Don't own BtVS or Gargoyles
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