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So what? he was part of the Mafia?

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Summary: Xander finds out his grandfather has connections to the underworld.

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Xander fought back tears as the coffin was slowly lowered into the grave.

He knew the coffin was empty but the explosion had destroyed the ship, they had proof he was dead and yet, Xander wondered.

He had known he had been given his mother’s father’s first name and his father’s father’s middle name, //Yet another reason to dislike the Harris’s// he thought as he stepped closer to his mom and put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

It wasn’t just her father that was dead but both of her brothers as well.

Xander couldn’t believe it, he had uncles other then Rory Harris and had never know it, and now he never would have a chance to get to know them.

The message had been delivered while he and his mom had been preparing for the funeral, a serious looking man had knocked on the door and silently handed a sealed envelope to his mom before turning around and walking away.

His mom had opened the letter and read the short message before bursting into tears. It had taken several minutes of gentle words to pull the letter from her hand and read the few words written on the paper.

‘We regret to inform you of the passing of your brothers Marcus & William Corvinus, with the recent death of your father Alexander and as the closest living blood relative we hereby transfer all holdings and rights to you.

If you have any questions please contact us at our central office in Los-Angeles.

- Lindsay McDonald.’

It had been written out on stationary for Wolfram & Hart attorneys at law.

Forcing the thoughts of what he was going to do to the insensitive jerk, Xander hugged his mom.

As she cried, Xander cursed his dad for being drunk at home instead of here helping his wife through this.

Looking around at the gathered mourners, Xander was more then a little shocked at how many seemed to be military.

In fact, save for himself and his mom there where only two other civilians in the among the gathered.

Looking at the two, Xander changed his mind on the woman. //Assassin, maybe Special Forces but definitely a killer.// Xander thought as he watched her move with a near unnatural grace as she and the man she was with moved towards Xander and his mom.

The woman, while both intriguing and deadly in a way that reminded him of Buffy, Kendra and Faith, was quickly shoved to the back of his threat estimate as the two got close enough for the small part of Xander’s mind that still housed part of the hyena to get a good look at him.

As the primal spirit went wild trying to get at the man’s throat, Xander let a small snarl pass his lips as he shifted so his mom was shielded from the two in case they attacked as he tried to think of a way to get his mom away and find some way of stopping the two beings that radiated power.

//I don’t think an RPG is going to work here.// he thought as the two seemed to hear the silent growl from Xander and slowed to a stop several feet away.

“Miss Corvinus, my name is Selene and this is Michael, my condolences on your loss, your father… taught me a lot before he died.” The woman said as if she wasn’t sure what to say.

Jessica finally looked up at the two before focusing on the woman. “You were there, at the end.” She asked and swallowed at the woman’s nod. “Then we must talk.” She said simply as she stepped around Xander, stopping only to place a hand on his shoulder. “I will be fine, Alexander.” She said before the two walked towards the empty church leaving the two men to stare at each other uncomfortably.

Finally deciding to break the ice, Xander looked at the man before holding his hand out. “Sorry for not introducing myself, I’m Xander.” He said as the man stared at him before taking his hand and saying his own. “As they let their hands drop away, Xander decided to push his luck. “So, werewolf huh... how’s that working for you?”

The End

You have reached the end of "So what? he was part of the Mafia?". This story is complete.

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