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The New Gift

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Summary: Post Chosen. Spike comes to Buffy to give her her gift. The only problem is it's not the gift she's a new gift.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredChelseaFR1511,2410122,47719 Jun 0619 Jun 06Yes
A/N/Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter. If I did I sure as hell wouldn’t be writing my crappy little fics for you people. Wow, that sounded kinda bitter. Which I’m not! I love writing fics. So please enjoy and leave me a review!


A/N 2: This is a prequel (if you will) to a Buffy/Snape story so expect that in the near future.


A/N 3: Dawn also died in the battle against the First.



*** *** ***

The New Gift

By Chelsea

*** *** ***

Giles POV

*** ** ***


It was with a heavy heart that I pulled into the front of they Hyperion Hotel. The look in Buffy’s eyes were bad enough before I told her we would have to go to Angel. She lost both Dawn and Spike. I knew know what a huge mistake I had made in our relationship, for at some point wanting to kill or setting up to get killed the two most important people in her life.


We all got off the bus and into the lobby. The “Fang Gang” was all there waiting for us.


“Dear lord,” Wesley said.


“Buffy?” Angel questioned looking a bit guilty.


The Scythe dropped from her hand and clattered to the floor. Then she fell to her knees.


“You bastard.”




“You knew. You knew whoever wore it would die. You knew I loved him and would choose him over you. You played me.”


“I don’t know what your saying…” Angel stammered.


“Why do you always play me, Angel? I would have become a fuckin’ nun for you. But, you left ME! Every time I find someone new and in Spike’s case, someone I loved A HELL OF A LOT MORE! You ruin it. Why?” the last word was whispered softly.


“Oh, god,” Xander whispered. I could tell he was remembering the way we treated Spike. Buffy hadn’t been happy of our treatment of Angel post Angelus and if she loved Spike more and we treated him worse. We hurt her even more than we thought. We too did what we thought was best for her…without asking her.


“Now that has got to be the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” a familiar cockney accent said from the stairs. We all turned and looked. There was Spike slowly descending the stairs bathed in a white light.


“Spike,” Buffy breathed his name like a prayer.


“Hello, cutie.” She grinned.


“How’s heaven? Nice, huh?”


“Yup. But, of course you already know all about that.”




“How,” a black man asked softly to Wesley. I figured he was Charles Gunn.


“Been there, done that. Wish I still had the wings.”


“They are pretty cool, luv,” Spike said.


“What the hell? Yeah right! Like Spike would go to heaven,” Angel snorted.


“Shut-up, Peaches,” Buffy and Spike said at the same time. They grinned at each other and I wondered how I could have missed how close they were.


“Did you come to say good-bye?”


“Nope, Slayer. I’m here to give you your gift.”


I wondered what all this was about. But, the amazing smile on Buffy’s face told me it was something she really wanted.


“Um…How do I die this time?” she asked still sounding happy. I can safely say that everyone was confused. Who would be excited about dying? Then I remembered Buffy telling me that death was her gift. She must be thinking she is going back to heaven.


“Oh, pet,” Spike said sadly. “Not that gift, kitten. A different one…a new one.”


“But…why?” she asked once again full of despair. “I have nothing left to give them. I’ve lost everything I love. What’s left, Spike? What?”


“Hey! I resent that. What about me and Wills, and Giles?” Xander asked.


“Well, now that I’m being a good slayer and following…you guys rules you want me again?” she asked sarcastically. Her comments hit home. I flinched with guilt. She was right. We continued to run her life. And when we didn’t like it. We abandoned her. And not just once, but many times.


“Shut-up, Whelp. I’m so sorry, pet. I really wish you could come with me, but it’s not time yet. I’ll see you sooner than you think though.”


“So…the new gift?” Buffy asked. Spike grinned.


“Gimme a kiss, Slayer.” Buffy rolled her eyes then pulled Spike’s head down towards her. Normally, most people would look away, but we all sat enraptured as Buffy and Spike kissed. I was in awe of the love, passion, heat, softness, and emotion of the kiss. I’m pretty sure everyone else was too, because the couple was also glowing with a soft green light. They pulled back after a moment.


“Did you feel, Dawnie?” Buffy asked.


“I think I saw the key,” Willow said perplexed.


“She says hello and she loves you,” Spike told Buffy. “Do you understand your new gift, Buffy?” Spike asked.

”Yeah. Thanks. I’ll try and make you proud.”


“You will, pet, you will!” He kissed her forehead softly, and then Buffy let her hands travel his face as if she was memorizing it.


“See you in heaven…some day, William.”


“I’ll be waiting, Elizabeth.”


They smiled softly at each other, before the name reached Buffy’s ears.


“Hey!” Buffy said.


“And Buffy?” Spike asked.


“Yes?” she said innocently.


“Remember we annoyed the hell out of each other BEFORE and AFTER we fell in love. So give the guy a chance okay?”


“Fine!” she was silent. “You’re a shirty moron!”


They grinned at each other and then Spike was gone.


“So,” Faith said uncomfortably. “What’s this gift?”


“What’s shirty mean?” Andrew asked.


“Buffy? You okay?” I asked worried.


“Yeah, I’m gonna be just fine…eventually.”


“So what guy are you supposed to give a chance?” Willow asked.


“An evil wizard…” she said, but the next part was said with an amused glance towards Angel. “On the road to redemption.” For some reason she a Willow giggled. Must be one of those private jokes.


“So this new gift? What is it and what will you do with it?”


“Magic…and here comes my information now,” she said as an owl flew towards her. We all watched as she pulled something off the owl’s leg. I was shocked, because I knew what type of people used owls for mail. The owl had a letter and as she began to read she smiled. “This is gonna rock.”


The next thing we all knew there was a loud pop and an old man (who I very well remembered) in long purple robes was standing in the middle of the room. He was grinning (a bit like a loon) and had twinkling eyes hidden behind half moon spectacles.


“You must be Albus Dumbledore,” Buffy said.


“I am indeed, Miss Summers. It’s lovely to meet you. How would you like to teach Muggle Studies at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?” he asked with a small wink towards me. I smiled a nodded.


“I accept. Spike said this was what I’m meant to do,” Buffy said after a moment.


“What the hell? He never said that!” Angel screamed. Buffy rolled her eyes.


“What the what?” she asked Albus with a small smile.


I knew my Slayer would be leaving, but I also knew that she’d be in safe hands.



*** *** ***


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And look for Snape’s Slayer (I’m not 100% sure about the title) coming soon!

The End

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