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After Present's Passed

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Summary: A new settler on Meadow meets Kaylee Frye when "Serenity" comes to help. Post-OiS and the comics, Buffy/Kaylee femslash. Bracketed words are meant to be spoken as Chinese.

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Firefly > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: KayleePatKFR13419,53094614,85720 Jun 0620 Jun 10No


Note: Holy cow. I finally finished this chapter......

As Buffy finished summarizing her selective tale of the Slayer, vampires, life in Sunnydale, and time/dimensional travel, you could hear--as well as feel--Serenity's reassuring vibrations, because it was so quiet. Her own pacing notwithstanding. Kaylee sat on the bed, having seemed (overall) like a captivated audience who became pulled in deeper with each, new fantastical twist and turn.

Now that it was through, Buffy found her girlfriend unreadable. Had she broken her brain? Would there be disbelief? Fright? What?

"Ya weren't in the War," said Kaylee, telling herself that more so than Buffy, and stating it rather calmly. "'Cause Wash thought...maybe..."

This hadn't been the expected reaction. A case of "selective hearing," perhaps? If that were true, Buffy could pretend she'd never said anything, No, she couldn't. Damn.

"Not...Mal and Zoë’s, no," Buffy confirmed, stopping her pacing to sit down next to the mechanic. "I-I was kind of in an 'eternal war' for a while...’til it stopped." Her brow crinkled. "So I guess, um, not *that* eternal. Either all the demons died, or left, or...we won. I like believing that we did. S' more uplifting."

"Born on Earth-That-Was," Kaylee spoke as if she wasn't really keeping up, and got stuck back a-ways. Which was true somewhat. "And a sān tóu liù bèi, too."

"Technically," the slayer reluctantly gave into the descriptor. "It's not like I have a costume. And I'm more or less unemployed...far as 'superheroing' goes. Never thought I'd get to say that."

Kaylee thought she was prepared, and then this, like one of the myths (but none were as dark, or mentioned anything about demons), came out. What was strange was that she did believe it. Not simply because Buffy was saying it, but also because of how hard it’d been to say. If it was an elaborate joke, or crazy ranting, the words would've flowed out easier than they had.

Then putting together the story with what she'd seen Buffy do to Auggie, and the demonstration given during the story--bending and unbending a piece of plating she'd salvaged back on Ariel, like paper--things fit. Plus, there was that other crew member who could read minds and kill people with her eyes closed, so it sounded less farfetched than it should have. She was just caught off-guard.

She smiled. "Think I’ll look as kept and qíng gǎn de when my years turn?"

"Hey," Buffy objected with a happy smirk that betrayed her words, "there's no year-turning."

Giles said once how time could move differently in other dimensions. Not always, but it happened. In some, a hundred years could pass, while on Earth, it'd only be a day. In others, it was the reverse. As was the case with the one she found herself pulled into, given that she wasn't arthritic and gray-haired.

Five months in that dimension had been equal to five hundred years outside of it, and she even had a theory as to why.
People didn't belong there. It wasn't a prison, it didn't use people as slave labor...they were a taint, and unwanted. Yet if by mistake or misfortune they wound up trespassing and survived to escape, it wasn't without a last, cruel punishment. Whereby the world you knew left you far behind, making you wish you had died.

The theory worked for her.

"This was too easy," Buffy said, wondering where the other shoe was. "Go tell Mal I'm bugged in the head; there should be guns and violence threatening."

"Are you lyin'?" Kaylee asked, and heard a "no" in response. "Never have--only talked around. But now it's said and done with, so don’t be scared. Long as you were truthful, *and* my eyes are too, what else can I do 'cept believe?"

"You're the best, 'space girlfriend' ever." The slayer beamed in amazement. "Learned the hard way that lying to people I care about leads to badness, s' why I don't anymore. Except to the Alliance, who I don't give a good gorramn about."

"Oh, all of us livin' is guilty of that." Her girlfriend "pffted" the last part, and for some reason felt an urge to be very protective.

Buffy let herself be pulled down, so her head rested in the mechanic's lap. She was happy to be the protected, and again grateful for meeting someone like Kaylee.

"Feel a hurt in my chest, tryin' to picture your whole world lost. Every last bit..." Now it was time for Kaylee to tell the truth. "But I wanna be sadder than I am, and I can't find how to. I mean, weren't for what happened, we wouldn'ta--"

She was a horrible, selfish person. At least, in her mind she was.

"You never know, maybe Simon would've realized what he was missing, and you wouldn't've had to settle for me." Buffy meant that to be a joke, but she couldn't tell if it was or not.

Neither could her protector. "Wha...?" Who knew, after the stories she was just told, this would spin her the most? "Can't really think that, can you?"

"Uh, I don't actually know where that came from."

Perhaps Buffy’s self-deprecation finally woke up and knew it’d been slacking.

"Is it 'cause I yarned on first thing? Most was bellyachin', remember?" Kaylee tried to explain. "Needed you to see I hadn't sworn."

Buffy rolled a little so she was looking straight up, and could see Kaylee's face. "You wanted me to make a move?"

"Not that a new friend wasn't nice all itself, but, yep. Warmed to ya quick as 'hello.'"

They both went red.

"Wh-when you weren't flirtin’ back any, I *was* full prepared to settle. But then, finally was some...shouldn'ta took so late." Kaylee then stared down suspiciously. "Were you waiting till I was...?"

“Drunk” was the word left off there.

"Total coincidence. Heart. Crossed," Buffy smiled innocently, doing just that.

The suspicion hadn't gone away, but Kaylee let it slide for another time.

"I'm not your sweetie because Simon drug his feet courting. It was meeting you did it, and not a thing else." Her words held a certain finality, leaving her eyes to dare the girl just below to argue. "Dong ma?"

"So it's just 'cause I'm pretty?"

"{Mother of Heaven, give me all the patience I need and even more still...}" Kaylee groused under her breath while glaring and promising herself she wouldn't find anything about this cute.

She didn't know how it happened, but all the sudden Buffy wasn't resting on her. Her girlfriend was now the one looking down, because she was somehow lying under. The girl was fast, for sure. Also agile.

"I'm convinced," said Buffy sincerely, on her hands and knees over Kaylee. "Just, all the people I've dated have either had kind of a, semi-hidden evil side, or their own personal stuff that my being with them didn't help."

She paused to smile. "And you're just you. Happy, genius-y, what you see is...uh, what you see. Guess it's hard to believe you'd wanna be with me not by default. Because I'm complicated, and kinda sometimes dark. Which is completely *my* problem, but..."

Remembering Wash's talk, Kaylee wanted to say that that was okay, that she could talk to her about whatever she needed to. But Mal's voice came over the Com in her bunk. This also cut off any chance of taking advantage of their current positions.

"Shepherd Book's got an announcement he wants heard--all crew to the dining area, soon as you can." Then the Com went dead.

The girls looked at each other quizzically, then got off the bed with regret, and went to the ladder.

"Should I announce, too?" Buffy wondered.

Kaylee's hesitation was answer enough. "Rest of the crew might--"

"Yeah," Buffy knew, and gestured for her girlfriend to climb first.

"Captain says, person's past is their own...'less it's gonna be a thorn to others," said the mechanic, beginning her ascent. "Don't see why we can't keep it between."

"Um...River knows," the slayer slipped in, making Kaylee stop halfway out and stare down, stung. "She reads minds, I couldn't avoid. But it was voluntary with you--huge difference."

She was on the second rung, as Kaylee continued fully into the foredeck hall.

"And, *and* she pushed me to tell."

Kaylee still looked grumpy when Buffy joined her topside.

To appease, "*Anything* you wanna know about Earth-That-Was? Consider it answered. Well, I was never the greatest at History. Or the then Present-That-Used-To, but..." She sighed. "Kaylee."

"River shouldn't pry without a say-so," Kaylee complained, petulant.

Buffy ventured gently, "I don't think she can help--"

Frowning, Kaylee's shoulders sagged. "I know it...but you're for me to learn first, not her." She took her girlfriend's hand possessively. "S'posed to be all mine."

The slayer cupped Kaylee's face with her free hand, but Zoë exiting her bunk with Wash behind, put off the eventually inevitable.

When the ex-soldier passed them, who might've been glowing, Buffy said to the husband, "You might wanna..."

His pants were on backwards, and the lack of fly mocked him when he looked down. Looking back up at the girls, he was somewhat flush. After a beat, he then retreated back down his ladder having spoken not at all.

Buffy walked over and called down, "Want us to stall?"

Kaylee was trying not to laugh.

He responded, "Would you?"


A half-an-hour ago, Book told the assembled crew he'd be getting off at Haven. Permanently. Time he stopped walking and rested a while, he'd said. For such a big moment, it had been awful to the point. No one quite knew what to say. Buffy least of all. What she knew, was that Kaylee wasn't taking it well.

She was laying stomach-down in the hammock while the girl soldered some wiring behind a high panel. The slayer quickly figured out that her girlfriend busied herself when, well...

"You can stop pretending you aren't upset, y'know."

"I'm not," denied Kaylee rather quickly and unconvincingly.

Buffy wasn't going to press the issue. "Okay."

One, two, three--

Kaylee turned a little bit on the ladder. "Serenity finally had her a family to carry, but now Shepherd's chased off, too," she complained, blaming Mal in her head. "How come he don't like her enough?"

She'd sold him on coming aboard. It was possible she was taking his decision to disembark somewhat personally. Possible.

"Maybe he just wants life...quieter," suggested Buffy. "You guys," She saw the panic on the mechanic's face and corrected, "*we*, I mean 'we,' have lives full of, um, loudness."

She got out of the hammock, then. "I don't think he's leaving 'cause he doesn't like it here...or to hurt anybody."

"Does anyhow. Why ever he chose."

"I know." Buffy put her back against the wall right next to where Kaylee was perched. "But--and trust wise, five-centuries-of-ancient-me on this--just because Book isn't gonna be constantly around, doesn't make him suddenly not family." Beat. "Talk to him."

Kaylee shook her head. "I don't wanna make him feel wrong, goin' to help people."

"Nothing's wrong with saying you were glad for when he *was* here...and that you'll miss him," Buffy said, a sad smile on her face. "Wish I got to say it."


“There was agreeing. We agreed.” Buffy was massaging her jaw as she picked herself up off the cargo bay floor a couple hours later.
River read her mind. Had to have. The girl just grinned.

The thing they both realized during the job on Persephone was that River was very focused, very of the present, while in action mode. So they were sparring, and the doctor’s sister seemed free. Seemed happy. Probably because of the cheating.

“Only the lights see what really happened. Unless Serenity’s heart stops beating again...then they’ll be blind while we freeze,” River explained sensibly, and Buffy just stood there, arms crossed, waiting to hear how it really happened. “I didn’t disagree. It’s completely different.”

“So say the lights,” came Buffy’s sarcastic response.

River looked at her opponent like she was nuts. “Lights don’t have voices.”

“I am *so* kicking your ass.”

They had somewhat of an audience watching them from the catwalk, as well as one standing in the doorway between the cargo bay and common area. Hell, pretty much it was the entire ship. Jayne, Mal and Zoe were above, Kaylee and Book were at the doorway. Their attentions were all very rapt as the next round began.

The way the two girls moved, the speed, the fluidity, the way they seemed to anticipate each other’s movements and not waste energy on pointless was like watching some sort of ballet. Not that any of them had ever seen a ballet.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like this before,” Book admitted, quietly. “It’s very--“

“They’re like two, dancing swans,” Kaylee interrupted, having already settled on her comparison going on a month ago.

“Hmm.” He smiled, trying to picture how she might. “Well that’s certainly...a unique view.”

“Wash punches harder,” said River, after absorbing her opponent’s fist in her palm.

“Hey!” Buffy indignantly exclaimed, then they both looked at the ship‘s first mate and offered--


Zoe grinned the faintest of grins. “Didn’t make him a groom for his fightin’ skills. Man’s got others.”

“I got some, too,” Jayne volunteered, looking past Mal at her.

She stared him down. “Sure you make yourself very happy.”

He quickly looked confused.

Trapped between them, Mal couldn’t even laugh. He had his eyes closed, wishing the unsettling images away.

“Next person talks about anyone’s ‘others’--‘specially Jayne’s--walks the hull. And if they’re lucky, we won’t be movin’ at the time...much.”

“I’ll go.” River liked being outside.

“Uh-uh. This isn’t over yet.” Buffy got the psychic’s attention back.

As they went at it again, the rest of them all returned to watching. Eventually, Kaylee bit the bullet, so to speak.

“Shepherd...” Brushing her hair behind her ears, she didn’t know why she was so nervous. “Nobody cooks tasty like you can--there’s kindliness in ev’ry bite that ain’t replaceable, an-and I always have a full belly after. Wanted you to know.”

Okay, so she halfway bit.

“I think you’re giving me far more credit than I’m due, but...” He smiled again. “...thank you, Kaylee. What are the odds I’ll ever meet another soul who has such high praise for my use of spices?”

“Then why aren’t you stayin’? Because you knocked the captain flat that once? Lotta people have.”

Instead of answering her question, he drew her into a warm hug. His reasons were his and his alone. He didn’t have to get into them, because a just-awoken Simon came into the bay, saw River being “attacked,” and everyone watching like it was some sort of sport.

“{What in the name of Satan’s ever-loving crotch is happening here?}” Simon asked to nobody, starting to move to put a stop to the fight.

Book’s hand clasped the doctor’s shoulder, holding him still. “Perhaps you should take another look.”

Simon’s head turned sharply toward the preacher. “Excuse me?”

“Look at her, Simon,” said Kaylee softly, gesturing. “Look close.”

The young man tried to calm his natural instinct and do as she suggested. It took a few minutes for him to get it. His sister wasn’t being attacked, wasn’t in danger. She was an equal, proficient in combat. This both excited and terrified him. That bastard, Alliance doctor hadn’t been overstating it--she was a living weapon.

Mindreading and dancing skills taken to a violent extreme. Were they shaping her into an assassin? The perfect soldier? Why?
He was so caught up by the implications, so worried about making sure the rest never discovered he hadn’t told the complete truth, that he failed to recognize what Buffy had. This was his true sister he was looking at. For the time being, her traumatized brain wasn’t pulling her in a million different directions.

Except he didn’t get it at all.

“I’m...I need to...” He turned and headed to the infirmary.

Kaylee shook her head. “Didn’t look, did he?”

“All he knows is caring for her,” said Book. “The day he allows himself to realize she’s achieving some self-reliance, is the day he’ll need to seek a new path. That’s...a daunting prospect for most.”

“But he has a path waitin’ already.” At least, she thought he did.

“I can’t imagine with his status as a fugitive, that the more, ‘respectable’ hospitals in the Core would be like to employ him,” replied the preacher.

“Guess not,” she slowly agreed. “Still don’t make it okay, keepin’ River all cocooned the way he does. After how helpful she’s been?”

“No, it doesn’t,” Book also agreed.

But it wasn’t their place. Aware of that, they quit discussing the topic, and went silent for a few seconds. Then he asked her--

“Before I go, would you want to learn some recipes?”

Over in the center of the cargo bay, Buffy and River were calling a draw.

“How d’you feel?” The slayer asked.

“Like I add up to a girl,” answered River, clear-eyed and smiling.

“That’s ‘cause you do,” Buffy smiled back. “Now just try to hold onto that for when you feel like ya don’t.”

She looked up to the catwalk--their audience was already dispersing.

“We’re pretty even,” she commented as they walked in the direction of an eager Kaylee, and an amused Book. “But only because I held back.”

“Lying to yourself makes stars cry.” River remembered her mother saying that when she was small.

Buffy froze, then blinked.

After a second she teasingly said, “Bizui, {you crazy person.}”


The night of their arrival at Haven, Jayne drank with the miners of the camp, Wash and Zoe were enjoying a few hours of peace, Simon was probably wondering what was being talked about up on the hill Buffy had just come from, Kaylee was practicing her culinary skills on dinner, and River was seeing that everyone got their fair share of food.

Buffy had been also, before the captain pulled her away. He’d gotten as awed as his crew by she and River’s sparring session, but after that passed, he naturally saw the potential for danger. The girl could be scary enough mind reading and shooting people blind, and now she could fight, too? He wanted opinions, Book’s and Buffy’s both.

Though the slayer thought it was just an excuse to talk to his departing crew member one last time without having to admit it was an excuse. They were leaving after Kaylee fed the camp; they had a job to get to. The only reason they’d stayed was she had recipes to try. Kaylee didn’t let up until Mal gave in.

Buffy would be lying if she said watching her unusually determined unusually determined, wasn’t kind of hot. She was trying to think about something else, only it was hard. Very. Very. Hard. Now that she’d shared her story with Kaylee, she didn’t want to stop sharing. Everything.

Well, near almost everything. And guess what “almost” included? She headed back to her now, after all that wasted time away.

“Mal and his stupid pretense,” she complained under her breath.

“So, did the captain tell you when exactly he plans to murder my little sister? Or are they still picking a date? Because I’d like to make sure she’s wearing her best dress for it,” Simon darkly quipped at her, waiting at the bottom of the hill.

“For a doctor, you’re kinda a moron,” Buffy replied on the move, forcing him to walk with her. “If that was actually about River maybe being an assassin, don’t you think I’d be up there still? Telling Mal not to get murder-y? She’s my friend.”

“All right, what is it actually about, then?” He asked.

“Saying goodbye. The long, scenic, moron way. Hmm, maybe it’s a ‘guy’ thing,” she considered. “I mean, fine, don’t say it. But at least, I dunno, hug? Who doesn’t like a good, old fashioned hugging? If *Zoe* can, anybody can. She doesn’t think anybody’s there, but I swear I’ve seen.”

Once she got off her tangent a beat later, she said, “I promised Mal River wasn’t going to assassinate us. That I’d help--“

“Honing her combat skills is *not*--“ He began.

Buffy almost laughed. “Believe me, she definitely doesn’t need honing.”

“You met River six weeks ago. You can’t honestly believe you know what she needs to get better.” He looked sad and weary. “You didn’t even meet the...the real her.”

She stopped walking, and faced him with a sympathetic smile. They stood at the edge of the camp, firelight playing on their faces. Seemed an oddly public place to have this talk, but he needed to hear. She’d been through this before, been where he was now. The mistakes were all too familiar.

“Yeah, Simon, I did,” she finally responded, sighing. “Had a little sister once. Always tried to protect her. From our world, the ‘Verse...from everything. Thought it was my job. And while I was busy sucking at it? I forgot to notice her becoming this grown, almost-woman who’d figured out how to protect herself. ‘Cause I needed her to be the girl she wasn’t anymore.

“Then, by the time I had to notice, it was way too late.”

“Was her mind repeatedly violated by inhuman {bastards who fuck their mothers in the backside}, and who called it ‘science’?” He asked bitterly, though he didn’t let her say no. “The situations aren’t remotely...River wasn’t allowed to grow up. They denied her that. All I want is to give her back what they took. She deserves a chance to become whoever she was meant to be, and you’re just driving her further away from...”

She put a hand on his arm. “Do you seriously think enough drugs’ll make her forget what she went through? *Nothing’ll* make her forget.”
Maybe now she just wasn’t talking about River.

“She’s strong, though; she can live with it. Eventually. And she wants help learning how. That’s what we’re attempting, anyway.”

“I was supposed to help her,” he spoke, clearly hurt.

She just had the best idea. “Uh, great. You should. Starting now-ish. She needs a *lot* of help, especially tonight. It-it was probably too much to handle, but she said she could, and have you argued with River?”

She ignored his concerned expression as she led him to the kitchen/dining area. It was still outside, but it was covered. Folks were finishing their meals, and River was collecting bowls and plates and other eating utensils. She counted to herself. What she counted, they couldn’t tell.

“This is who she is,” Buffy said softly. “You can’t go back and turn her fourteen again. But you can be her brother that helps her clean up so I don’t hafta.”

She smirked some. “She isn’t helpless, she isn’t as crazy as everybody sees, and if you know what she’s saying, it’s pretty funny usually.”

“I’m very comedic,” River concurred, suddenly next to them.

“Hey, River? Kaylee close to, you know, finished?” Buffy asked blushingly.

River blushed right along. “Can’t stop seeing you naked. Her hands try not to sin, try to stay occupied, but she feels Serenity too, and everything’s fully charged.”

She gave her brother a none-too-gentle slap on the back as he went into a coughing fit.

Buffy should’ve known food, and cooking it, would be her girlfriend’s ultimate aphrodisiac. She looked ready to bolt for the ship, but River had more to say. The girl whispered into her ear--

“Sound travels at 343 meters per second, under the right atmospheric conditions. It’s *important*,” she insisted. “Also? That’s an invalid use for strawberries.”

The slayer gave the envious reader an unashamed grin, and ran.

River then grabbed her stunned brother’s hand and pulled him with her. “You’re going to have to wash manually, Simon. And do be thorough about it.”

Simon came back to himself at that moment. “By myself?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got highly detailed instructions. They’ll need explanation.”

“You really are such a brat.”


“Kayl--?” Buffy started to call into the engine room.

In an instant, Kaylee stood on the other side of the open doorway, un-clothed as a newly-birthed baby. Flush from cheeks to chest, she had been possibly panting. Her eyes were a bit...needy, and sweat had begun rolling down her skin.

Buffy didn’t have time to react to the sight, because the mechanic smiled, yanked her inside, and slid the door shut while crushing her in a kiss.


Buffy heeded Spike's urgent commands to go, not even clearing the tears from her eyes. Fighting to get to the sloping incline they'd used to come down here, she tried all the while to avoid falling, cavernous rock--a sign of the impending implosion. Yet luck was not on her side.

The tentacle rose from below just as the flesh started to burn off of Spike's skull. Giant, slimy and meaty, it came up through the bowels, and didn't stop until it reached the very summit of the Mouth, finding its intended victim. The seemingly never-ending appendage wrapped around the slayer's ankle, and yanked.

Happened so fast. There was nothing to be done.

If there was one small mercy, it was that she managed to hold onto the scythe as she was devoured. With lightning speed, she went through the "throat" just as the purifying light spread, forever closing the Mouth behind her. She'd been to a Hell dimension before, but this was its’, and all the others', unholy granddaddy.

The Old Ones? Those ancient, full-blooded demons who'd existed before mankind? This was their home. Which she soon discovered.

The tentacle came attached to the several stories tall, three-headed, enraged Gatekeeper (whose Gate was now obliterated), and it had vengefully dropped her right into their laps.

Stumbling to her feet, the sole thought running through her mind was: if only she had killed this thing four years ago. Then she quickly lost the ability to think, fear and panic taking over. After the battle she’d just survived, this was too much for her brain to handle. Years of experience, and all she could do?

Was scream.


“{The balls of a hundred wooly sheep!} Ya’ll’kaythere?” Mal’s sleep-thick, anxious voice came across the Com.

“Just havin’ more sex, Cap'n,” answered Kaylee quickly, knowing he wouldn’t risk further questions.

Buffy, as the exchange happened, slowly remembered she’d made it out. Gotten free. That she was aboard Serenity. That she was in Kaylee’s bed. She remembered the trip from the engine room to here, and how they took a few detours. She remembered walls and floors and a couch and a table.

Remembered how non-stop, how hard. How good they made each other feel, and how Kaylee wasn’t shy about letting it show. She remembered hastily retreating as soon as they heard the crew return, switching on the tiny, black “Space iPod” in here, and making sure the music was loud--because sound traveled.

When they hit the soft, stillness of a bed (hammocks were swingy), the sex continued calmer. She remembered thinking that might’ve even been better. She remembered eventually falling asleep, safe. Happy. Mostly exhausted.

Now she remembered the dream, the memory she just left. First instinct was to run, to close up. To get herself in check. But she couldn’t. Kaylee startled awake too, and had a good grip.

Buffy was done in when a whisper of a kiss touched her shoulder blade. For the second time since landing five hundred years in the future, she cried. Only this wasn’t silent, and someone else could see. Kaylee could see. And she’d have to tell her why.

“Shh, honey. Shh,” Kaylee uttered into her neck, kissing her still. “Spill it all out. Don’t have nowhere’s else I wanna be, so you do what you gotta. Won’t let anything bad get near.”

Buffy listened and let herself go, body shaking as she did. Just like the pleasurable before, Kaylee rode it out with her. She knew she *was* going to share everything when it passed. Even this.

If her nightmares found their way to Kaylee she’d hate herself, but River was right. If she didn’t talk about it, the monsters would eat away at her, ruining her and Kaylee anyway. She turned around in protective arms.

“I...I wanna tell you. About why I just...”

There was love in the brown eyes staring back at her. Words weren’t spoke, but it was there. She was loved. It’d been so long.

Six weeks--isn’t that what Simon said? If she knew how to be objective in a situation like this, what she saw would be impossibly insane. Since she didn’t want to bother, she simply accepted it and met Kaylee’s lips with her own.

“I wanna tell you,” she repeated with confidence.



Kaylee smiled reassuringly, and waited.

The End?

You have reached the end of "After Present's Passed" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jun 10.

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