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Real or No Real?

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Summary: Two people are trying to escape their pasts. One person is trying to change the future. Everyone else is just really confused. Dawn/Rogue, and the first lesbian "When I Woke Up" fic. Revised chapters 1-4 up... and new fic! Take that!

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-Centered(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR18620,2542924257,17120 Jun 0622 Jan 07No

The Noob

Title: Real or No Real?
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: R/FR18.
Pairings: Dawn Summers/Marie 'Rogue' D'Ancanto
Disclaimer: Marvel owns the X-Men and all related characters. Never quite figured out who owns the Buffyverse, but I know for a fact that it's not me…
Summary: Two people are both trying to get away…
Joe's Note: Some X-Girl interaction, Logan versus Dawn go for round 2, and Dawn and Marie are even more sickeningly cute than they were before. Man, if it wasn't for the lesbians, I'd wonder if someone was posting fic to my account and just putting my name on it. *peers*

     Betsy frowned as she studied the new couple in the room. Marie was a lesbian. That… was news to her, honestly. She wasn't aware there were any other girls in the mansion who were bisexual, much less completely lesbian. After all, she'd checked as soon as she got there.

     Well, except for the other telepaths, but they didn't interest her. Evidently, at least according to her very awkward conversation with Professor Grey before her death, mutants gifted with telepathy tended to be bisexual. Something about seeing the person inside instead of the gender outside… whatever that meant. All Betsy knew was that she thought girls were just as attractive as guys, but the only other girls who looked at girls were Professor Frost's daughters and Jessica the Eyeless Girl. And Professor Frost herself… but eww!

     Looking over at Lorna, Betsy sighed. They were best friends and, with the exception of Betsy's sexuality, the two girls knew each other inside and out. On top of that, both were stuck with substandard boyfriends that they'd be better off without. Alex and Warren, after realizing that the lesbian couple wasn't going to do anything dirty for their amusement, had given their respective girlfriends a bit more attention before wandering over to the Playstation 2 and going off into their own little gamer nerd world.

     The Cuckoos, as the rest of the mansion had started referring to the telepathic Frost quintuplets, had wandered off somewhere. Jessica was off doing… whatever blind girls did for fun. The two telepathic professors on staff were downstairs. Her control wasn't the best, but there was nobody to pick up her thoughts if she broadcast a bit. 'Lorna?' she sent.

     'Hmmm?' Lorna thought, not quite paying attention. Betsy sent her a telekinetic nudge and the green-haired girl jerked a bit before looking over at her. 'You know, if you wanted to get my attention you could… I dunno… say something? It's why humans have vocal cords.'

     Betsy grinned and rolled her eyes. Although no other student was aware of her parentage, Betsy knew that Lorna was truly her father's daughter… right down to the dislike of telepathy. Unlike Magneto, thankfully, she didn't go so far as to wear a helmet to block people out. Which made private conversations much easier to have. 'Well, if you really want me to ask you for your thoughts on our newest couple in front of said couple…'

     Letting out a snort, Lorna blushed as attention shifted to her for a moment before everyone went back to what they were doing. For the boys, it was gaming. For Dawn and Rogue, it was cuddling, some kissing, and lots of telepathic conversation as best Betsy could tell. 'They're… odd,' Lorna decided. 'It's just strange to see Rogue touching anyone like that, much less a girl. Remember what she used to do to Bobby?'

     Ah yes. Nothing said 'I love you' like a power-induced coma for that couple. You'd think Bobby would either give up or get smarter after the first five or six times, but nooooo. 'Oh God, remember that time when he shifted into ice form and had her…'

     'Yes!' Lorna and Betsy broke out in quiet giggles. 'I don't know why they did it like that. If I was her, I would have gotten some nice silky gloves and stuck my hand down his pants, not have him shift into ice to see if I could use my bare hands. I mean really, they're lucky that's all that happened. Imagine trying to explain why your hand is frozen to Bobby's dick?'

     They were getting off track though and Betsy really wanted to know what Lorna's opinion of the mansion's first lesbian couple was. If the magnopath found them interesting… she could work with that. 'So, Rogue's bad history aside… what do you think of them?'

     Lorna bit her lip before looking over at Dawn and Rogue, and Betsy squashed any thoughts about how they were still kissable even with Lorna's odd taste in green lipstick. The couple was still off in their own little world and Betsy watched as Dawn rubbed her nose against Rogue's, the brunette letting out a soft laugh at the action. 'They're cute,' Lorna decided. 'I'm jealous. Alex doesn't do stuff like that with me. He's all grabby and pushy and slobbery.'


     Logan stepped out of the elevator and sniffed deeply. The rest of the 'adults' were still fighting like kids downstairs. Was this Jean-Phoenix thing allowed to stay in the mansion? Was her 'king' who was a woman allowed to stay? Did either of them have to stay downstairs so Hank could monitor them or were they allowed to stay in a regular room?

     All he had was one question. Where was the girl who married his surrogate daughter?

     Sniffing again, Logan began to follow Rogue's scent through the halls. There were some new students and some that he still didn't know, so following her was easier than trying to figure out which was the wife's. Wife. That was weird, even by the standards of the guy with amnesia and metal claws. But hey, whatever made people happy. 'One of these days, I really oughta check in to whether or not I have a wife…'

     A rather pungent scent caught his attention and Logan froze before taking another sniff. The trail lead away from the living room. Thank God. Normally siblings smelled at least a little bit different, but Frost's five daughters were identical right down to their smell. It creeped him out. That, and how they talked about their mother fantasizing about One-Eye. Some things, he just didn't want to know.

     Logan paused in the doorway. Warren and Alex were ignoring their girlfriends to play with that idiotic game system of theirs again, but the girls were staring at Rogue and Dawn anyways so it didn't really matter. Well, Lorna was staring at the girls and Betsy was staring at Lorna and why did she smell like she was… aww crap. Logan pinched the bridge of his nose. How did he end up surrounded by the mutant version of Jerry Springer?

     "Hey kid!" Six heads turned to look at him. "New kid." Four of the heads turned away. "C'mon, green girl. You and me need to have a talk."

     Not moving from her spot under Rogue, Dawn raised an eyebrow. "Oh really?"

     Logan snorted. Obnoxious brat. "Rogue's like my daughter. That makes you the daughter-in-law. Time to welcome you to the family."

     "Ah, we're going to do that threatening thing now." Dawn rolled her eyes before sliding out from underneath Marie. "Gotcha. Well, let's make this fast. I'm starting to get sleepy."

     Threatening. Logan smirked as he led Dawn from the room. If she only knew.

     Marie jumped a bit when a hand landed on her shoulder. Looking up, she found Dawn leaning over the back of the couch behind her. "You okay, sugar?"

     A very pale Dawn nodded, then shook her head no, then shuddered. "So… graphic…" she whimpered.

     "Did Logan threaten to hurt you?" Marie wondered. "Because he promised not to do that after I got mad at him for threatening Bobby." Then again, she'd backed up her anger with a short bare-handed touch to his arm… which probably had done more than her angry rant had.

     Dawn shook her head. "No threatening. He said that if we were already married, the 'break up with Marie and I'll hurt you' speech was a waste of time." She shuddered again. "It was the sex talk."

     Holding her arms out, Marie waited for Dawn to move around the couch and sink onto her lap. "Um, he does know we're both girls, right? You can't exactly get me pregnant."

     "Not that kind of sex talk," Dawn muttered, burying her head in Marie's neck. "He wanted to make sure you were happy with me and so he had… tips…"

     Marie's eyes widened. "Oh. Ohhhh. Poor baby."

     "So… graphic…"

     Dawn sighed in relief as she dropped her bags in Marie's room. How she'd gotten so much crap back to the mansion while riding on the back of a motorcycle… well, if it wasn't for magic, she wouldn't have managed it. Thankfully she was joining her wife in a room that would normally have two occupants anyways. Then again, Marie had so many clothes that she took up nearly two peoples' worth of space anyway.

     As Marie puttered around the room, Dawn thought back to the odd thoughts she'd intercepted from Betsy and Lorna. If what they had heard was true and not just stupid school gossip, Marie wasn't being quite truthful with her about her past experience. Although… why did it matter? Marie's ex had a new girlfriend and couldn't touch her safely anyway. There was no threat.

     There was a lie, though. That's what bugged Dawn. If she had any sexual experience, she would have told Marie if the girl asked. If Betsy and Lorna were right, Marie obviously had enough experience that hands on her breasts over clothing shouldn't have been a new thing for her. So either Bobby had really weird priorities, or Marie had lied to her. Given how dumb Bobby seemed, the former was possible but she was leaning toward the latter.

     Sighing again, Dawn used her powers to strip off her outer layer of clothing. Clad only in a green bra and panties, she threw herself down on the bed. "Are you lying to me?" she asked rather abruptly. Marie paused and looked back over her shoulder. "About your sexual experience. Are you lying to me? And before you answer, try to remember I have telepathic powers."

     "I told you I haven't done much and why does…" Marie paused and she tilted her head to the side. "Betsy was talking about me with her mind, wasn't she?" Dawn scowled and nodded. "And you believe her over me?"

     Dawn shrugged. "I don't want to, but you're eighteen and had a boyfriend and being groped over clothes is a new thing to you? It strikes me as a bit… odd."

     Moving to sit on the bed, Marie leaned over Dawn's body. "Bobby and I didn't do much because we made out once and I put him in a coma because he kept trying to kiss for too long and get under my shirt. We kissed a few more times but he actually seemed to get knocked out easier each time, so we just stopped doing anything at all. That's when he started hanging out with Kitty."

     "So the thing about you giving Bobby a handjob..?" Dawn wondered, pulling Marie closer. Mmmm, her hair smelled kinda fruity. Nothing as fancy as what she used, but then again Marie was self-professed white trash. Suave was probably about as fancy as she considered getting for shampoo.

     Marie turned her head so they were face to face. "Bobby started telling people that because it was better than the truth." Dawn raised an eyebrow. "We were curled up on the couch, I fell asleep, and he decided to try and get a little gropey. I rolled over on top of him when he touched me and he couldn't get me off in time. Spent a week downstairs with Professor McCoy."

     First came a snort, then a snicker, then outright laughter. "So he'd rather people think you had your hand down his pants while he was in ice form?"

     "I guess. Who knows how a guy's mind works?" Turning her head to the side, Marie let out a jaw-cracking yawn. "So will you stop being all growly now and let me go to sleep?"

     Dawn sniffed. "I'm not being growly. Growly is what Logan is. I just want to make sure you're okay with doing stuff like… this." Leaning up, she pressed her lips to Marie's.

     Either Marie was okay with it or she was a really good faker, Dawn decided. This time, it was Marie who took the initiative, running her tongue over Dawn's lips until they parted. With a start, Dawn realized that even Marie's bits of experience with Bobby were more than she had. Crap. How did she end up being the noob?

     The two broke apart and Marie pushed down on Dawn's shoulders as she attempted to lean up for another kiss. "No more tonight. I just… don't want to get carried away. I look at you and I see something I could lose myself in. And I don't want to. Not yet. I'm not ready."

     "So does this mean I'm stuck sleeping on the couch tonight?" Not that Dawn minded. She really couldn't put herself in Marie's shoes; she could touch anyone who caught her fancy. But she could see where the problem would be… if you could only touch one person, how easy it would be to find yourself bending to the whims of that person just to have a little bit more of them. An addiction with a price tag that could be impossibly high.

     Marie smiled. "Stop thinking like a guy," she scolded. "There's more to life than sex. Just because I don't want that doesn't mean you're off the hook. I'm going to take this catsuit off, and then we're going to curl up and talk. Then we're going to go to sleep and you're going to keep your hands in mostly-appropriate places, and you're going to like it, damnit."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Real or No Real?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Jan 07.

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