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Real or No Real?

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Summary: Two people are trying to escape their pasts. One person is trying to change the future. Everyone else is just really confused. Dawn/Rogue, and the first lesbian "When I Woke Up" fic. Revised chapters 1-4 up... and new fic! Take that!

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-Centered(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR18620,2542924257,18620 Jun 0622 Jan 07No

When I Woke Up: Dawn

Title: Real or No Real?
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: R/FR18.
Pairings: Dawn Summers/Marie 'Rogue' D'Ancanto
Disclaimer: Marvel owns the X-Men and all related characters. Never quite figured out who owns the Buffyverse, but I know for a fact that it's not me…
Summary: Two people are trying to escape their pasts. One person is trying to change the future. Everyone else is just really confused.
Joe's Note: If I have any readers in Massachusetts, go hug your local politician for making this possible. Otherwise, drop me a line and I'll give you Jinni's home address so you can stalk her for making this challenge (and therefore, me making this fic). And I realize that I'm screwing with the ages of Marie and the rest of the mansion's younger residents, but that's life.

     Unlike most people, Jessica Belle's eyes didn't open when she woke up. That was mostly due to the fact that she had no eyes, or even eye sockets. There was just a smooth expanse of unbroken skin where her eyes should be, a very visible mark of mutation that she was usually careful to cover with a blindfold. Far from the most original mutant at the school, she'd turned that into her codename: Blindfold.

     Pushing herself up on her elbows, Jessica groaned softly in annoyance before reaching one hand over to pat along the top of her nightstand. It took her a minute to find her alarm clock, and another few seconds for her fingers to locate the largest button on the top. She pressed it and a soft, feminine voice filled her room. "The time is nine twenty-five in the morning."

     Jessica frowned. On any other day she would be freaking out about oversleeping if she woke up after nine, but it was a Sunday. The alarm clock wasn't set to go off for another thirty-five minutes and she was a heavy sleeper, rarely waking without her alarm clock (set to maximum volume) forcing her from her sleep. There was one thing that could wake her early, though.

     Her dreams.

     Among mutants, telepathy was one of the most commonly manifested powers. At the Xavier Institute, for instance, Jessica was currently one of nine. But there was a key difference between her and the other eight. While they either were gifted solely with telepathy or a combination of telepathy and telekinesis, she had a very rare and very powerful additional mutation. She could see the future.

     Jessica tried to bring her thoughts to order, doing her best to bring her back the remnants of her dream. Slowly, the pieces came to the forefront of her mind and then began to fit together, restoring the vision that had played out in her dreams. A girl in green that turned into a snake. Rogue holding the snake. The snake, a bright red bird, and a blue shark. Dazzler being thrown into a wall. The back of Polaris's head as a pair of dainty hands came up to tangle in her green hair.

     The last part replayed in Jessica's mind a few times before she flopped back onto her bed. A girl who turned into a snake was somehow going to be involved in something with Rogue, and she'd likely bring two other animal-shifting companions with her. Dazzler was going to be attacked. Polaris was going to cheat on Alex… or Alex had really girly hands. Jessica wasn't too sure on that front.

     What did all of that mean? And more importantly, why was it important enough that she had to get up early on a Sunday?

     Dawn Summers knew before she opened her eyes that the last thing she wanted to do was… well, open her eyes. It was the same feeling she'd had on the first day of school each year, or before the battle with The First Evil. That once she opened her eyes, nothing in her life would ever be quite the same. That one chapter of her existence was coming to a close and another was just beginning. Or rather, the chapter would be beginning if she would just find the courage to confront it.

     In her three years in Sunnydale and the two since the town turned into a sinkhole, Dawn had shown plenty of courage. In Sunnydale more than in Rome, of course, since one was the Hellmouth and in Rome the worst she had to worry about was her sister. She'd moved away from her friends, all her familiar surroundings, and immersed herself in a foreign culture where she didn't even know the language. That, at least to her mind, required a whole shitload of courage.

     But she didn't want to be courageous this morning. So Dawn kept her eyes shut, trying to ignore the throbbing in her head. Even non-caveman-making beer was evil, she decided. And she'd had entirely too much of it the night before if she was actually hung over. Then and there, she vowed there would be no more drinking by this Summers sister. Ever.

     Idly, Dawn wondered exactly where she'd ended up when she finally managed to fall into bed, but then she sensed some of the mystical books and artifacts she'd taken with her when she left Rome for the United States. That meant either she was back in her hotel room, or she'd gone back there and taken her bags to wherever she was now.

     Cracking her eyes open, Dawn blinked a few times before managing to focus on the bright red numbers of the hotel's alarm clock. She recognized the fugly thing, which was a relief. It meant she was back in her hotel room. 9:30. AM, not PM, since that little light next to the little PM wasn't lit. And so, assuming she hadn't managed to sleep an entire day away (and headache aside, she didn't think she'd gotten THAT drunk), she still had a day and a half before her flight out to Cleveland.

     Ah, Cleveland. Sweet, sweet Cleveland. Where there were Xander and Faith and Illyria, a big chunk of the teenage Slayers living under the guise of an all-girls boarding school, and absolutely positively no Buffy. Ever. No Buffy telling her what to do, no Buffy borrowing her clothes and getting disgusting demon bits on them and then refusing to buy her new ones, and definitely no Buffy with her creepy didn't-have-a-real-name boyfriend screwing anywhere and everywhere around the villa.

     Once her brain started working properly, the time made Dawn blink a few more times. Why was she up so early? She hadn't even left the room until nearly 10PM the previous night, and she'd been out partying for several hours (and bars) before stumbling back to her room. The stumbling had required some assistance; a person about whom she could remember nothing at the moment. Probably the cabby, though.

     Legally, she was only 18 and so drinking should have been a no-no for her… but all her IDs were fake anyways. She was technically a seven year old that didn't exist. What was so bad about adding fourteen years to her ID instead of just eleven? But age aside, she should have been enjoying some well-earned sleep at the moment. So why was she awake?

     There hadn't been a loud slam to herald the door being forced open, so she knew Buffy hadn't tracked her down yet. Or gotten off the ceiling, where Dawn had stuck her and The Immortal (what kind of poncy name was that and holy crap did she need to stop talking to Spike so much) after finding them having sex in her bed.

     And given how much of her room's furniture she and Buffy had destroyed while fighting before she'd managed that little feat of magic, she doubted the nearest concentration of Slayers (a small unit stationed in New York City, if she remembered right) would be at all willing to get involved with the Summers family feuding.

     Dawn's skin still tingled gently from the feeling of the 'Wards in a Box' kit she had taken with her for the multi-city journey and set up upon her arrival, so nobody unwanted was in her room. It also meant that she was in her room for sure and not just another hotel room in the same hotel, with an equally ugly alarm clock. Still trying to figure out the mystery of her sudden awakening, her brow furrowed and she rolled onto her back. Two things caused her to become fully awake at that moment.

     Problem the first: Her cell phone had started vibrating on the nightstand on the other side of the bed. The normally sound-reducing mode actually had the phone rattling noisily against the glass top of the nightstand and the plastic case of the alarm clock. Well, that'd explain why she was awake.

     Problem the second: There was a body in bed with her and her movement had brought her hand to rest atop the person. She moved her hand around a bit, patting at the body. Dawn could feel their body heat through the thin sheet, which meant, hey, not a vampire! She was finally breaking the Summers Sisters' Curse.

     Then problem the third reared its head as her wandering hand came down on something that felt suspiciously like a breast. Dawn shot upright, yanking her hand up to her chest as she stared down at the person. It was a girl. Well, crappity crap crap crap. They were both naked and she had the same glowy happy feeling as when she spent a little time with her hand in the shower… except a hundred times better. This… was not good. This was very not good. She'd had sex. For the first time. With a girl. And she didn't remember any of it.

     Pondering whether or not it was possible to drink yourself into lesbianism, Dawn glanced down at her hand and discovered a whole new problem. A shiny gold ring. Which wasn't the problem, she loved jewelry. It was on THAT finger. Breathing deeply, Dawn lifted the covers and tried to find the girl's hands. Because either she'd gotten drunk, married, and then ditched that guy for this girl… or she'd gotten married to a girl. Was that even legal?

     Come to think of it, Dawn vaguely remembered Willow mentioning a few states considering such a thing during one of their conversations over iChat, but since she was living in Italy and not gay, she hadn't really cared to keep track of things like that. Hmm. She'd either gotten drunk and married to a guy she'd ditched or gotten drunk and married to a girl. And for the life of her she couldn't figure out which of the two options was worse.

     It turned out to be the latter. Either that, or… there was always the possibility she'd gotten married to a guy and ditched him to lose her virginity to an already-married woman? No, that was straining credibility a bit. Dawn took a moment to look the girl she assumed was her wife over. She had long brown hair, with two stark white bangs that framed her face. Her skin was pale, and Dawn slowly lifted the sheets to stare at the girl's body again. Dawn smirked. Evidently, when drunk and playing the other team, she had better taste than Xander and Willow put together.

     Dawn's cell phone grabbed her attention again… mostly for the fact that it finally fell silent. Looking over at the nightstand, she saw a blue folder propped up against the lamp. Leaning over the girl, she snatched the folder up and looked inside. There was a picture of the two of them kissing in what looked like a normal office.

     God did she look smashed. Dawn had never seen herself drunk before, since she generally tended to, you know, be in her body at the time. Gahh. Not a pleasant sight. Then and there, she made a resolution to stay away from cameras in the future if her promise to stay away from booze failed. The combination wasn't pretty. Looking to the right, Dawn discovered something else in the folder. A wedding certificate.

     After finding the hers and hers matching rings, seeing it wasn't as rude a shock as it could have been. But it was definitely still a shock for Dawn to have everything laid out in black and white. She, Dawn Marie Summers, was married. To a woman. Who… hey, they had the same middle name. Cool. And they'd taken her last name, which meant any monograms would only be one letter different and boy were her priorities fucked up at the moment. There would be no cute matching monogrammed anything until she managed to figure out whether things were legal, what her… wife… thought of things, and she cleared her mind enough to meld with her other side and repair her memories.

     And while Dawn hoped she hadn't done anything stupid with magic while utterly smashed, she knew her luck and… well, she wouldn't have placed any money on that bet.

     Anna Marie Summers née D'Ancanto scrunched up her face as she felt the bed shifting under her. Rolling onto her side, she groaned at her throbbing headache and tried to ignore the snickering, mind working overtime to remember where she was and why she was there. And why she felt like complete and utter shit.

     Boston, her mind supplied. She was in Boston. And the two whys went together. Three days ago, she'd been part of that year's graduating class at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Children. There had been a whopping eight of them this year, more than… actually, she didn't remember anyone graduating last year. Herself. Bobby. Kitty. Piotr. Warren. Betsy. Lorna. Alex.

     Two days ago, her fellow graduates had announced they were going to New York City to celebrate a bit. Including Bobby and Kitty. Bobby, her now ex-boyfriend. Kitty, her only female friend at the school. Kitty, the slut who'd stolen her boyfriend just because she could touch Bobby and Marie couldn't. Ugh. At least he could have dumped her and at least made it look like he and Kitty then discovered something together. But oh no, he had to dump her because he'd already made out with Kitty. Slut. Manwhore.

     The day before (well, Marie assumed it wasn't still the same day anymore), Logan had quietly pulled her aside and handed to her the keys of 'his' (read: Mister Summers') motorcycle, a thick wad of cash, and a piece of paper about a hotel reservation in Boston. He'd mentioned something about knowing what it was like to be second-best, given her a quick lesson to make sure she wouldn't kill herself on the bike, and sent her on her way. And now she was here.

     A bit selfishly, Marie wondered why Logan had never done something like this for her earlier. Well, maybe not the hotel bit but letting her escape from the mansion. She'd spent the last three years there and still was almost as much of an outsider as when she'd moved in. A freak among freaks. Oh sure, Bobby's friends had been nice to her when the two were dating, but the break-up and his new relationship to Kitty had shown her exactly how much they weren't actually her friends.

     Wait a minute. Marie's brain finally came on line and she realized something. She'd come to Boston alone. Who was snickering and moving around on her bed? Even at the mansion, nobody was suicidal enough to try and wake her up, which was probably due to the fact that she slept in the same skimpy tanktops and shorts as her peers. Ending up in the infirmary for bringing your hand down on the wrong part of her body tended to put a crimp in one's plans for the day, after all. Cracking her eyes open, Marie stared fuzzily at a vaguely female shape with brown hair. "Kitty?"

     "Oh no. Oh no." The girl wrung her hands together. "Did you have a girlfriend already? That's not good. Although that explains why I feel like I had a very good time last night, I guess. But it means you're going to have one unhappy woman in your life when she finds out you married me…"

     Marie's eyes shot wide open as she rocketed upright, and she was suddenly very awake. "Girlfriend? Married you? Good time? What?" Groaning at the intensified throbbing in her head, she leaned forward and pressed her hands to her temples. "Oh God, kill me now. Please."

     The girl wiggled closer on the bed and Marie had no time to warn her as one hand reached out to grasp her wrist. Flinching, she closed her eyes and waited for her mutation to kick in; the subtle rush of power and pleasure that came with sucking out a person's life force.

     And waited…

     And waited…

     And probably would have kept waiting if the girl hadn't reached up with that hand and grasped her chin gently, tilting it up so she was looking into the girl's bright blue eyes. "Hey, you okay there? I've got a pretty nasty hangover going, and I think you had more to drink than me. Want to go see if we can put a little food in? It might help."

     Marie just stared at the girl, and then looked down at the hand that was touching her. "Who are you? How can you touch me?"

     The girl just looked confused. "Is that an 'I'm not comfortable with that' thing?" She frowned, pulling her hand back. "I figured after what we did last night, you wouldn't be that upset about a little casual contact. Sorry, Anna." Before Marie could contradict her or ask about 'last night', she dropped another bomb. "I'm Dawn Summers and, uh, according to the State of Massachusetts wedding certificate I found on the nightstand, I'm your wife."

     Shaking her head, Marie latched onto the first thing she could process. "My name's Marie." Dawn. Hmm. That was a pretty sort of name. "My mom and I were both Anna with different middle names. So they called me Marie. Sometimes I forget that Anna is even my first name." She paused. "Um, how did you know Anna was my first name?"

     Dawn held up a little folder and opened it, turning it so Marie could see a picture of the two of them and a very official-looking piece of paper. "Wife, remember? Wedding certificate has all sorts of handy stuff like that on it. Like names, for instance. Anna Marie D'Ancanto and Dawn Marie Summers. Now Anna… err, Marie and Dawn Summers."

     "Wife?" Marie repeated the damning word. "Wife." Her eyes, previously confined to Dawn's face, slid up and down her fellow brunette's body and she discovered something. Dawn was very naked. And, come to think of it, so was she. "But… I'm not gay?"

     First Magneto, now this. How did she keep getting herself into these situations?
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