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Clearing His Name

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Summary: After the collapse of the Hellmouth and a pleasant consequence for Buffy she heads to Hogwart’s as a favor to an old friend…Dumbledore. He needs help with his big bad. What will Buffy do when she runs into a man she couldn’t get out of her mind sinc

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Sirius BlackChelseaFR1811,8750152,64121 Jun 0621 Jun 06No
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter, but I do own my new kick ass boots. So there!


Summary: After the collapse of the Hellmouth and a pleasant consequence for Buffy she heads to Hogwart’s as a favor to an old friend…Dumbledore. He needs help with his big bad. What will Buffy do when she runs into a man she couldn’t get out of her mind since they had both met up while in hiding from a murder charge.


A/N: {Text inside these brackets means silent communication between Spike and Buffy.}


A/N 2: I know I said I had a Snape/Buffy pairing coming out, but this isn’t it. I started this before I even began the prequel (The New Gift) and wanted to work on this first. I am still working on all my WIP’s except Paranormal Pairing, which is on hiatus. Thanks! Please review!




Clearing His Name


By Chelsea


Chapter One



          Albus Dumbledore, an old friend/acquaintance, found me lying on the ground next to the huge hole that was Sunnydale. My life had changed so much over the past year. I needed time to think so Willow had teleported me here from London at my request.


          I knew Dumbledore was waiting for me to notice his presence, but I needed a few more moments to finish talking with Spike. The Scooby’s still think that it’s weird I have Spike living inside of me and it is sometimes, but it’s also extremely comforting at times.


{I just don’t know if I want to stay with them in London, Spike. I’m not the same person anymore.)


{I know, pet. Don’t worry it will be okay. I’m with you.}


{Thank you, William.}


          “Hello, Dumbledore.”


          “Buffy, how are you my dear?”


          “Okay,” I said. So far so good, I thought. But, then Spike opened his big mouth.


          “Oi! What about me?” Spike asked. I sighed.


          “Um, dear, did you say that?” Dumbledore asked.


          “No, Double D. That was Spike. I haven’t figured out how to control it so he can’t talk out loud. He’s sort of been with me since he died. And by with me I mean inside me thinking and talking and influencing whenever he wants.”


          “I see. How did that come about?”


          “His soul split in half on the way to heaven and one half slammed into me. He’s been with me ever since.”


          “Interesting. You look different, my dear.”


          “Yeah. Well, Spike, seems to have an influence on me. I’m more of a preppy/punk combo now.” I wasn’t joking with Dumbledore either. Today. I had on some ripped up jeans, combat boots, and a vintage ‘Ramones’ t-shirt. My hair was still blonde and I had my normal eyeliner and lip-gloss on. I actually like the new look (most days) even though it’s taken everyone a while to get use, too.


          “This is definitely interesting.” He was silent. “Lemon drop?” he asked as he helped himself to one.


          ”Sure. So what’s up?”


          “The owl’s you send have been few and far between and the letters are short. I wanted to see if you were okay.”


          “I’m thinking of moving to an active Hellmouth. Being head of the Slayer training at the Watcher’s council is boring. I need more action…I thought I wanted a “normal” job, but frankly…normal sucks ass.”


          Dumbledore laughed. “Yes, it does. Well, if you’re looking for something new I have an idea…you could come stay with me at Hogwart’s and if it’s action your looking for you could join the Order of the Pheonix.”


          “The Order of the Phoenix?” I asked.


          “Voldermort’s back?” Spike asked before Dumbledore could answer.


          “Yes, he is. He regained his body two weeks ago. One student was killed and another student had to fight him,” Dumbledore said.


          “Wait, how do you know about this, Spike?” I asked.


          “Pet, I went to Hogwart’s.”


          “Really? Oh! I know William Amherst, right?” Dumbledore asked.


          “Yeah, that’s me,” Spike said. “So, kitten, are we going to join?”


          “From what I know about the Order…it’s right up my alley. When do we leave?”


          “Excellent, my dear. I’ll come pick you up at your place tomorrow morning.”


          “One last thing, Dumbledore…Can you find a wand wizard for me?”


          “I can look into it. Who my is it?”


          “Sirius Black.”


          “How do you know him?”


          “We met one summer in L.A. I just want to see how he is doing.”


          “I’ll find out,” he said with a small smile. Then he apparated out with a small pop.


{Slayer, what are you thinking about?}


{How am I going to tell the Scooby’s and Dawn about this.}


{They will understand…maybe…probably.}


{I’m excited though; this seems like just the thing I need right now.}


{Yes, it does.  Plus, you need a good apocalypse. } I laughed.


{I sure as hell do!}




          Willow came and picked me up from Sunnydale. During the last six months, Willow and I had worked hard on becoming close friends like we were back in high school, so I decided to tell her and Dawnie first, because I knew that they would support me. Willow, Dawnie, and I met up that evening in Willow’s room.


          “Hey, guys,” she said when Dawn and I arrived.


          “Hi!” Dawn said excitedly. “I haven’t told you yet, but I got early acceptance to Oxford!” she told Willow.


          “That’s great, Dawnie. When do you leave?”


          “Next week. Giles is taking me and he is going to stay a week or so to help me get situated.”


          “I have news, too. I’m going to stay with Dumbledore and help with their secret war,” I said.


          “Really? The Order?” Willow asked.


          “Yeah. I really think this is what’s good for me now. I’m not cut out for this training the young slayer’s gig.”


          “I know, Buffy. I thought you’d get use to it in time, but I’m glad you now have something you’ll enjoy,” Dawn said.


          “Well said, Nibblet,” Spike added.


          “When do you leave?” Willow asked.


          “Tomorrow. Who wants to tell Giles and Xander?”


          “Not me,” Dawn yelled. We all laughed.


          “I’ll tell them tonight at dinner,” I finally said. “Well, I’m gonna go pack. Wanna help, Dawnie?”


          “Sure. Bye, Willow.”


          “Later, Wills.”


          “Night, pet.”


          Dawn and I (including Spike, of course) headed to my room to pack. Dawn and I had talked last week about her heading to Oxford. I was so proud of her, but I knew I would miss her. But, now that I have an actually interesting job I knew it would be easier without her since I’ll be busy.




        The next morning the Scooby’s and I all had a big breakfast together. We all talked about what they thought I’d be doing while I was gone. I promised to write as much as possible and visit when I could.


          We said our good-byes and they all headed off to work and school and I waited for Dumbledore. I wasn’t disappointed when he showed up a few minutes later.


          “Hello, Buffy!”


          “Good-morning, Double D. What are we doing today?”


          “Well, were going to have to get you some things in Diagon Alley and I have another proposition for you. I really need a teacher for Defense Against the Dark Arts.”


          “I don’t know any wand magic, though.”


          “I know…but, you will have an assistant who can help you with that.”


          “Why can’t he or she just teach?”


          “I’ll tell you later, my dear,” he said. “Well, we should be off. We will take a portkey.”


          “Okay,” I said as I grabbed my bags.




        After I got over the nausea of portkey traveling I noticed we were in front of a pub that kept blinking in and out.


          “Is it just me or is that pub keep disappearing?”


          “Yes, that’s where we are going. The Leaky Cauldron has the entrance to Diagon Alley behind it.”


          “Okay,” I said uncertainly.


          We entered the pub and almost all the customers greeted Dumbledore warmly. Tom (the innkeeper) asked if we wanted a drink or a room for the night. Dumbledore declined.


          “Tom, meet Buffy. She is going to be staying with me at Hogwart’s this year.”


          “Hi!” I said with a wave.


          “Nice to meet you, Buffy. If you need anything while you’re here let me know.”




          Dumbledore grabbed my hand and lead me into an alley with a brick wall at the end. He pulled out his wand and tapped a pattern on the bricks…they opened up and revealed my first look at a wizarding-shopping village. Diagon Alley and boy was it WOW!


          First, we headed to Gringott’s (the Wizarding Bank) so that I could exchange muggle money for Wizard gold. Then, Dumbledore, took me to gets some robes, an owl, books, and a few other items we thought I might need.


          Last, we headed to Ollivander’s for my wand. Dumbledore told me that I would need one to fit in and for when I teach classes. We headed inside just before it was time to close.


          “Ah, Professor Dumbledore. How are you? And who is this lovely…slayer?” he asked with surprise.


          “How? Oh, you are an empath demon. You hide it very well, though.”


          “You don’t slay all demons?” he asked.


          “Of course not! I happen to know all demons aren’t evil killers. I quit the council and made my own rules. No worries.”


          “Interesting. I am Mr. Ollivander and you are?”


          “Buffy Summers.”


          “Oh my. Well, Miss Summers, last week an insane vampire came in and said you would be needing this,” he said while pulling out a slim black box.


          “My wand!” Spike explained.


          “Yes, Mr. Amherst, it is. Well, Buffy, give it a wave,” he said after pulling off the lid. I reached out for the wand and felt tingles up my arm. I pulled it from the box and waved the wand in front of me (even though I felt a bit silly). Red mist shot forwards and hung in the air, but what next happened really surprised the entire room; a silver mist shot out and flew straight through the red.


          “Was it just me or did that seem like a stake through the heart?” I asked after a moment of silence.


          “It did, my dear. Interesting…very interesting,” Ollivander said. Dumbledore nodded. “Willow wood, ten inches, hair from a thestral…it’s quite thick also. You might be able to stake a vampire with it.”


          “Thank you. How much?”


          “Oh, dear. It was paid for once and won’t be again. Well, good luck with it my dear.”


          “Okay. Thank you.”


          Dumbledore and I headed out of Diagon Alley and on to the Leaky Cauldron where we would take a portkey to the gates of Hogwart’s. He said we would stay there until it was time to leave for the Order of the Pheonix meeting.


          I contemplated my wand while we walked. I knew from Spike that Thestral’s were creatures that could only be seen by someone who has seen death. There are very uncommon centers for wands. I guess it works for me because death is my gift and it must have known that Spike would become a vampire.


          I was thrown from my musings at the sight of my new home…Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.





The End?

You have reached the end of "Clearing His Name" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Jun 06.

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