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May you live in interesting times

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Summary: Buffy/Supernatural. Things get interesting. Story is now complete.

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Chapter One

Chapter One

Well here is Chapter One redone, and revised. I hope I’ve found some of the grammatical errors, but I know I haven’t found them all. Feel free to point any out and I will work on getting them fixed. The whole story hasn’t been revised, yet I’m working through the story a chapter at a time. Mostly in the first 9 or 10 chapters. They feel really short and disjointed to me, so I’m trying to flesh them out and make them better. Thanks to everyone who’s reviewed this story. You have all been my inspiration and I can’t be more grateful.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I’m broke and making no money from this. If I owned Jared and Jenson I wouldn’t need stock in Duracell. If you don’t get that your to young to read this story.

Chapter One

John Winchester rubbed a hand over his face and let out a deep sigh. It was the sigh of a man who was bone tired. The separation from both his boys was taking a toll on the weary hunter. It had been bad enough when Sammy had gone to college, but at least he’d still had Dean. The decision to leave Dean behind had been the right move at the time, but it didn’t mean that he didn’t miss his son’s presence in his life. Then there was Sammy. John’s whole heart ached with the pain his baby boy was now going through. The agony of what Sam had witnessed was all too familiar to John and it reinforced his desire to kill that fucking demon. “You should have never gone after my family you son of a bitch. No matter how long it takes I’ll wipe you off the face of the earth. I’m going to crush you out of existence.”

It was not the first time that John had made that vow, but he was closer to fulfilling it then he’d ever been in the past. John finally had the trail of that demon and it was leading him straight to Sunnydale California. “This presents a problem.” Thought John with some irony. Sunnydale California. Home of the slayer. John had never met the infamous warrior, but anyone with their ear to the ground knew about her and the battles she’d fought. It wasn’t that John was against the idea of a little slayer help, but he also knew that people in his line of business weren’t exactly trusting either. John also knew there was no way in hell he was setting foot in Sunnydale without letting the slayer know that he was coming and why. While John Winchester had never backed down from a demon the thought of facing a slayer had him in full-blown retreat mode.

The problem was that John needed and in. Just walking up to her and saying “Hi I’m John and I kill demons” didn’t seem like the best idea. Luckily Pastor Jim was an old friend of Buffy’s watcher Rupert Giles and could arrange a meeting. John picked up his cell and dialed the familiar number by heart.

“Pastor Jim speaking.” The old priest said as he answered the phone.

“Devil speaking.” John replied his voice laced with humor

“Devil long time no hear, still evil?” Pastor Jim queried back in a perfectly conversational tone of voice

“Yep, business is good.” John’s smirk could be heard echoing through the phone.

“Well the world’s going to hell in a hand basket.” Pastor Jim theorized.

“Free will, it is a bitch.” John finished the routine.

Laughing loudly at that last remark Jim worked to gain control again before asking “So John what’s up? You said you were going to ground awhile ago, so I wasn’t expecting to hear from you so soon.”

“I know Jim, I’ve got a bead on the demon. I’m finally closing in on the bastard.” John’s voice was laced with pain and determination. “There’s just one problem. The damn things heading towards Sunnydale, and there is no way I’m going in without an invite. Think you can arrange a meeting between me and the slayer, or at least her watcher?”

“Anything for you, you know that John. Give me a couple of hours and I’ll get back with you. I haven’t spoken to Ripper in awhile, it will be nice to catch up with the reprobate.” Jim agreed easily. “I know he’ll be happy to help. I’ve mentioned you to him a few times in the past.

“Thanks Jim.” John hesitated about asking the next question. “Have you heard from the boys recently?” John’s voice was tight with concern and guilt that he couldn’t find out directly how his son’s were doing.

Pastor Jim hesitated unsure of how to reassure his old friend.“They’re okay John. Struggling, but okay. Going back to Kansas wasn’t easy for either boy, but Missouri helped as always. In fact she’s still mad this was the first time they’d ever heard of her, so I hope you’ve got and apology for the next time you see her.” Jim only half joked.

“Don’t worry I’ve already had an earful from that woman about my recent decisions.” John spoke wincing as he remembered Missouri’s verbal lashing.

"That is not a woman to be trifled with, half the time I can’t figure out if she’s actually god, and just fucking with us.” Jim spoke confidentially. At John’s bark of laughter Jim continued. “Back to the boys they’re still trying to work through what’s going on with Sam, but they’re together so they’ll be okay.” Jim responded kindly, knowing how difficult it was for John to not contact his sons directly.

”Jesus Jim, what do you mean what’s going on with Sam? What’s wrong with him?” John voice rose with fear.

“It’s okay John it’s nothing bad, or at least I don’t think so. Sam’s a special person you’ve known that from the day he was born. Well it seems he’s got some abilities, what they are exactly and what they’ll become are still up in the air.” Jim finished knowing that, that wouldn’t be enough to satisfy his old friend.

“Damn, damn, damn.” John practically shouted. “When did this start?”

“Look John I don’t have all the details, didn’t Missouri fill you in?” Jim asked concerned at his friends reaction.

“NO! She didn’t! Damn it I’m going to kill that woman.” John continued to rant.

“John calm down what’s going on?” Jim was nearly shouting as well his concern going through the roof.

“I don’t know and that’s the problem. Look Jim we’ve always theorized that the demon was after Sam, if he’s getting abilities like you said, then it would draw the demon to him like a moth to a flame.” John voice was laced with panic. “Look the sooner I kill this thing the better, so just go ahead and set up that meeting and I’ll take care of the rest.” John finished with conviction.

“Done and done, give me an hour I’ll call right now.” Jim said already searching for the number.

“Thanks Jim. I’ll be waiting to hear from you soon.” John said with heartfelt gratefulness.

“Talk to you soon.” Jim replied before he hung up.

Hanging up the phone John began to mentally prepare himself for the days ahead. To find and kill this demon before he went after Sammy again. Not to mention getting to meet the infamous slayer. “Well May you live in interesting times.” Thought John as he began to clean his weapons and organize his notes for his upcoming trip to Sunnydale.


Meanwhile in Sunnydale California

The Scooby gang was gathered in the Magic Box for some apocalyptic research as per usual. Glory was becoming and unmitigated pain in the ass and all hands were on deck to figure out how to defeat her. When the phone rang Anya answered and then called to Giles over the store. “Giles phones for you it’s some Pastor Jim. He needs to speak with you, says it’s urgent.”

“Good Lord.” Said the dapper Englishman already removing his glasses for cleaning. “I haven’t spoken to Jim in ages I wonder what he needs? Please tell him I’m coming Anya; I’ll take this call in the back. Excuse me all I will return shortly.” Giles said to the Scooby’s as he rose to go into the back of the store to take the call.

“Okay, curious now.” Said Xander as they watched Giles retreat.

“I know I’ve never heard him mention a Pastor Jim before. Have you Buffy?” queried Willow with a speculative look on the redhead’s face.

“Nope not ringing any bells over here.” The slayer answered. “Oh well Giles will fill us in soon enough. Back to research guys it’s going to be dark soon and I’ve got to patrol.”

“Aye aye captain.” Xander said with mock salute.

In the backroom Giles picked up the phone. “Anya I’ve got it you may hang up now thank you.” Waiting for the resulting click before addressing Pastor Jim. “Father how are you it’s been a long time.” Giles said warmly.

“Too long old man, too long. How are things there? Still keeping the forces of evil at bay?” Pastor Jim asked.

“Yes evil never takes a holiday I’m afraid. I’m assuming this isn’t a social call, how may I help you Father?”

“You remember me mentioning a hunter to you by the name of John Winchester don’t you Rupert?” Pastor Jim queried.

“Yes, once or twice. You hold him in high esteem I believe.” Giles answered

“He’s a heck of a guy. Look here’s the deal he’s tracking a demon that killed his wife and went after his son twenty-two years ago. He recently got a bead on the thing and it was heading towards Sunnydale. John wants to kill this demon himself but he doesn’t want to step on the slayer’s toes so to speak. He’s looking to come Sunnydale and take care of this demon once and for all.

“Of course I understand his desire to take out the demon himself. The only problem is that we’re in the middle of a potentially explosive situation here with a hell-goddess. Tell him he’s welcome to come, but I don’t know how much help we’ll be able to give, or to guarantee his safety.”

“Don’t worry about trying to protect the stubborn old fool. He’s capable of taking care of himself, most of the time anyway.” Jim added on at the end. “Here’s the best advice I can give you Rupert. Fill him in on the situation so he doesn’t get in your slayer’s way, and then stand back and let him do his thing. The man’s a machine, and he stops for nothing. I have no doubt he’s going to finish this demon once and for all, and knowing John he’d be happy to stick around and help you out with your hell-goddess once he’s done.”

“ He can stop by the Magic Shop when he gets into town and we’ll go over details then. I’m sure Buffy and the others will be willing to help him in return for his help with Glory.” Giles answered intrigued at the thought of meeting the infamous hunter. “Will he be bringing his boys with him? They are hunters as well I do believe?”

“That’s a story for another time, but no the boys won’t be coming with him. There’s some stuff going on there I can’t talk about without breaking a confidence. John will tell you if he wants to, but whatever you do don’t push. I’ll give him the go ahead he should be in Sunnydale by tomorrow knowing how the maniac drives.” The last was said with a chuckle from Pastor Jim.

“It must be a hunter trait, because Buffy is as dangerous behind a wheel as she is in a fight.” Answered Giles with his own chuckle.

“It’s like riding in a car on the last trip out of Saigon.” Jim grumbled having said more Hail Marys in a car with John then he did during Easter service.

Giles chuckled “I’ll let everyone know to expect him sometime tomorrow. Have a good one father, and please keep in touch it’s been too long.”

“Will do. May the lord bless you and keep you in your fight against the goddess Rupert. My prayers are with you and yours.” The priest prayed solemnly.

“Anything and everything in the fight against evil.” Rupert answered grateful for the blessing and prayers.

Hanging up the phone Rupert Giles felt a thin fission of excitement run through his body at the upcoming meeting. Suddenly there seemed to be hope on the horizon. With that thought firmly in mind he began to review what he knew about John Winchester to answer the myriad of questions that were about to be thrown his way.

To be continued.
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