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Summary: After Chicago revelations make Sam reevalute his life and those in it.

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Dean got both flamethrowers together in his pack and turned to watch his brother finish smearing himself with the beef livers. The blood soaked his skin and for a second Dean couldn’t breathe as the fear that that blood would soon be his brother’s rather then a cow. Shaking the momentary paralysis off Dean sent up a silent Hail Mary to keep his precious brother safe from evil.

Sam finished preparing to be bait and turned to look at his brother. “All set?” he queried.

“Yep gottem go gettem tiger.” Dean answered back with forced confidence.

“See ya in a few bro.” And Sammy climbed out of the car and started walking towards the troll’s lair. The hairs on the back of his neck began to rise as he could feel the evil oozing from under the bridge. The night vision goggles hung loosely in his hands ready to be put on, as the darkness seemed to engulf him. Quietly Sam slipped them on his head and got ready for the run of his life.

Watching Sammy slip into the darkness Dean put on his own night vision goggles and tried to slow his already racing heart to a more manageable level. It wasn’t working however; cause every step Sammy took towards where the troll was resting was causing Dean to damn near have a heart attack. The blood rushed through his veins and his thoughts whirled with nonsense thoughts of “Please please please anything but Sammy. God protect fools and children cause this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. How the fuck did I let him talk me into this. Dean you’ve completely lost your mind.” Then in one brief second everything stopped, time, the sun, and Dean’s heart. There at the edge of the ravine going under the bridge was a claw. The troll was taking the bait, “Oh this bitch is going down. No one or thing goes after my family and gets away with it. Prepare to meet your make fugly cause this shit’s about to get real fucking ugly.” Dean thought as he prepared to leave the car and get set up once Sammy began to lead the troll down the proverbial primrose path straight to hell.

Meanwhile Sam was more then aware of the presence of the troll, through sight rather then sound, as he couldn’t hear anything over the blood rushing through his veins at the upcoming battle. “Come on come on, come and get me you dumb fuck. I’ve got plans and a brother to vacation with, and some telepathy to get under control. Get your groove on bitch and let’s get this over with.” As if the troll heard Sam’s mantra the claw began to move and Sam froze in place ready to fly any second. Then in a split second the troll was visible and staring straight at Sam. It was even uglier in person, and stunk much worse. It’s eyes glowed red and its fang dripped with saliva. It let out a low growl of hunger and then pounced. Sam was ready though and took off straight into the surrounding woods on the pre-approved path and hoped Dean got set up quickly as the troll followed Sam. Dashing over the first of the bear traps he heard it clank on to the troll. Not bothering to see if it had done any damage Sam just kept running. The howl of rage behind him did make a smirk cross his face that if anyone had scene would have thought that Sam and Dean had been spending way too much time together. “That’s 2.” Thought Sam as he dodged the second bear trap. “3,4,5,6… I hope your ready Dean cause here I come.” Sam said to himself has he approached the 7th trap. The troll’s howls of fury and anguish still following closely behind Sam as he approached the clearing from another angle. Then there he was bursting out of the woods going straight towards his “Thank God ready” brother who looked about as pissed as Dean had ever seen him. With that thought in mind Sam dived to the side and let the troll see what was awaiting him in the clearing rather then a late dinner.

As soon as the troll cleared the tree line Dean let loose a stream of fire that would have made the Devil sit up and take notice. A cold fury on his face that this thing thought he could eat Dean’s family. The troll tried to back away, but Sammy was ready with a burst from the other side that effectively pined the troll down.

Getting desperate as the troll began to realize the sun was about to rise it began to lash out in a fury trying to get to the safety of its lair. It was no dice however as the bear traps though not really doing much damage to the troll were acting kind of like mittens over the troll’s claws. The traps and cinched tightly around the paws of the troll and it hampered the maneuverability of it’s claws as in the need to feed he hadn’t bothered to try to get them off. Letting out a howl of pure fury the troll made one last desperate attempt at freedom as the sun rose over the horizon. It was too late and the sun effectively sealed the troll in a frozen state that could be easily destroyed with a couple of sledgehammers, which our two brothers just happened to have on hand in the trunk. Gotta love those lucky coincidences.

Standing over the corpse of the troll Dean Winchester could help but let out a laugh of pure relief. Everything had worked out and no one got hurt. “Thank you God” he thought and went to the trunk and got out the sledgehammers.

Sam was just standing there still trying to get his breath back after the trek he had just made. His thoughts were the same as his brother’s thought. “Thank you God” and he waited Dean to get back to finish the clean up. When Dean came back in sight Sam shouted to his big brother “Hurry up jerk I want to get this bitch taken care of so we can start our vacation. I don’t know about you but I’ve always wanted to check out the North Carolina beaches, they’re supposed to be spectacular.”

“Hold your horses bitch I’m coming.” Dean snarked, back to his usual self now that the danger had passed. As he gave his brother the sledgehammer and then took his first swing at the troll he added. “Now tell me a little more about these beaches. What kind of women to men ratio are we talking about here, cause I’ve got some serious tension that needs to be relieved.”

Rolling his eyes at the typical Dean Winchester reply Sam didn’t even bother to answer his brother just focused on doing as much damage to the troll statue as possible.

Bang, Bang, Bang rang out through the clearing as the boys took alternating swings at the troll. The banter swung back and forth between the brothers like the blows they were landing. Each brother feeling almost giddy with relief that the job was over and a real vacation was in the distance. Both knew that the downtime was needed badly as they both had thoughts they needed to share with each other. But for right now nothing mattered but the verbal teasing that flowed between them strengthening and reassuring the brothers of the bond they shared and that nothing would tear them apart again.

The End!!!

OMG!! I can’t believe I finished it. Okay be serious who wants to hear about what the boys talk about on vacation? You have to review if you want me to do a sequel.

The End

You have reached the end of "Moments". This story is complete.

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