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Defying Gravity

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Summary: This is a collection of interrelated Faith/Tonks ficlets that I'm writing for the femslash50 over on LJ.

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Pairing: TonksBrightlyFR1321,511042,48924 Jun 0624 Jun 06No

Looking Into Your Eyes

Title: Looking into your eyes
Author: Brightly
Fandom: HP/BtVS
Pairing: Faith/Tonks
Prompt: 28- Kiss
Word Count: 696
A/N: This is unbeta'd. The universe just got a name. This is chronologically the first fic in the series, in practice it was the 3rd one written. They're going to be posted here in chronological order which means there might be a bit of a gap in the postings as I write more ficlets and figure out when they happened.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Faith and Dawn belong to Joss. Tonks belongs to JK Rowling. All of the characters also belong to some faceless corporate entities. The title of the universe comes from my current fascination with Wicked, I don't own it either. The title of this part is somewhat inspired by the song "Your Eyes" from Rent, yet another thing I don't own. Feedback is appreciated

Faith’s kissed a lot of people. Men and women, in pretty much any combination imaginable, and a few most people wouldn’t imagine. She likes to kiss, likes to fuck; and with very few exceptions has never attached much feeling to any of it.
When she has it’s pretty much always been women though, so she’s not surprised to find herself wanting to kiss the purple-haired girl that she sees at the all-night diner.

Faith goes in 3 times a week arriving between 1AM and 2AM. The days vary according to the slay rotation, but no matter the day, she’s there. In a corner booth, facing the door, nursing a cup of coffee and steadily scribbling away in a leather-bound book. The fountain pen she uses on the thick paper makes scratching noises that normally would have irritated Faith’s slayer senses. For some reason now she finds them reassuring.

Faith always sits at a table nearby, in a position where she can surreptitiously watch the girl. She sees a slightly heart-shaped face, and eyes that seem to change color. Faith figures she wears contacts, since she’s seen the eyes go blue, grey, brown, green, and oddly enough a yellowy color that reminded the slayer of Oz. The girl is taller than she is, but of similar build with slightly larger hips and smaller breasts.

The guy who runs the counter says that the purple-haired girl is there until sunrise pretty much every night, so it surprises Faith that she begins to gather up her things one night while Faith is still there nursing a cup of coffee.

Dismissing the odd feeling she gets from being drawn to actively try to protect someone she doesn’t know for the first time since… a while ago. Faith walks over.

“Can I walk you home?”

“A bit forward aren’t you,” the girl replies in a quiet British accent that reminds Faith of Spike more than Giles.

“I’ve been told that before. But if it works why fix it?”

“And confident. I’ll add that to my list of things I know about you.”

“There’s a list?”

The purple-haired girl gave a little half-smile (and her eyes are grey today), “Mostly it consists of forward and confident, but lets see, graceful, night owl, and observant.”

“Observant?” Faith asked.

“Maybe that should go on your list of things you know about me then, since you were so caught up in watching me; you didn’t see me watch you back.”

Faith grinned, this one had spunk. “So can I walk you home?”

“Persistent,” the British girl pretended to note.

“It’s not safe in Cleveland at night.”

“And you’re going to protect me?”

“Safety in numbers and all that. I’m Faith by the way, if that helps.”

“Knowing my stalker’s name is good, makes it a bit easier if I ever need to go to the cops.” The hesitant smile on her face belies the words. “They call me Tonks.” She pushes open the door and Faith follows her out.

“Who’s they,” Faith asks as they walk.

“The only ones that have ever mattered,” and that familiar ‘do not pursue this line of questioning’ tone is in Tonks’ voice.
They walk in silence until Tonks steers them onto a walkway leading up to an apartment building. Faith walks her to the door, the incongruously chivalrous action making Tonks smile.

“This is my stop,” she says. “Thanks for the escort. We’ll have to do this again sometime.”

“I’m sure we will,” Faith replies and intends to leave, but the question slips past her lips before she can stop it.
“What color are your eyes really?”

Tonks stops fiddling in her pocket for her keys and looks up sharply.

Something in Faith’s upturned face must have convinced her because she answers, “Blue.”

Which they are now, the same shade as Dawn’s, and Faith’s too shocked by that to realize that they were grey before, and she’s placing a gentle kiss on the lips of a girl that might as well be a stranger before she catches herself.

“Goodnight,” she whispers as she turns and disappears into the night, leaving Tonks staring after her, fingers absently touching her lips.
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