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Summary: Xander decides on a different form of revenge on Cordelia and opens a whole new can of worms. Mind Control! X/Multi

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other HetLucifaelFR21515,575175149,10324 Jun 0620 Nov 06No

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Chapter 01

DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere just let me know ‘K
DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Whedon and M.E. All other belong to their rightful owners.
SUMMARY: A what if kinda story
FEEDBACK: The more I get, the faster I write, and the more often I'll post.
RELATIONSHIPS: X/Am, X/Various (Multiple at times)
SPECIAL NOTE: All participants are 18+ for the sake of this story.
BEWARE: A *Lot* of sex. Mind Control.
DATE: Started: 24/03/2006 - Completed: xx/xx/xxxx.

This fic came about when I was thinking about other ways in which to do a BMR 'like' story. In other words a Xander gets a harem type story. It's one of the two main ideas I came up with. It's also a fairly similar idea. It starts of in a different way entirely though and I think it's got enough zing to stand by itself. Let me know what you think.

Also, Just because it fits better and I honestly forgot the chain of events. Valentines Day happens before the nasty events of Angel going bad! But Spike and Dru are most certainly around.

Mind Control, Not rape in this story. I walk the line but try never to cross it. Like BMR, but perhaps a little closer than some would like. So be warned.

Most likely some crossover's in later parts.




"Blackmail is such an ugly word...."

Amy looked at the man she had been crushing on since he had helped subdue her mother. He looked so angry, she knew why of course. Everyone in school knew why. Cordelia had dumped him, HARD, on Valentine's night; of all the horrible times to do it. Not that she had much to do with the event herself. A Horrible Card maker's sponsored event to make more money... Plus guys were scared of her, but it was really the card maker's fault really.

"Who said anything about Blackmail?" she asked, reining in her thoughts.

Xander grimaced, a hard look entering his eyes. Those normally expressive eyes that she had become so damn fixed on of late. Though she had to admit that hardness was making her heart beat that bit faster. She always had liked a bit of danger in her men. Seemed like Xander had more than she had ever dreamed.

"I am" he said bluntly. "You do a little... spell for me and I will have conveniently gone blind earlier"

Amy looked at him shrewdly, "What sort of spell?"

Xander paused, he hadn't really considered past the revenge aspect. An idea DID occur though, "I want her to feel like this. I want to crush her like she crushed me. For her to know what it feels like. I want... I want a love spell."

Amy breathed in hard, damn but he was sexy when he was feeling vengeful. "That's dangerous and very powerful magic to play with Xander"

Xander looked into her soul, or at least that was how it felt to Amy. "I know"

Amy nodded and thought about her options. The actual spell that came to mind firstly would be fairly easy she just needed some sort of magical focus... but there was another way. A way that she could get a taste of this dark haired man for herself. Perhaps even gain repeat performances if she did it all so he enjoyed it so much he had to come back for more...

"There's a way, it's a really difficult spell..." Amy trailed off and faked a slight blush. It wasn't hard, she just had to think of something that she WOULD find embarrassing. This wasn't for her. She had grown up with a bitch for a mother, a bitch that was also somewhat of a whore. Talking about, thinking about and generally witnessing sex wasn't that bad for her. She was used to it. No she used a thought of turning up to class naked and various other like minded thoughts.

"Go on" Xander said his voice firm, "You can't back out on me now."

"This is a LOT to ask Xander." Amy said quietly, "This spell it requires a certain..."

"What?" Xander asked.

"Look come with me, somewhere private where we can talk this through properly." Amy said.

Xander nodded but said, "I won't change my mind."

Amy looked as timid as she could. The truth was she was fairly comfortable with her looks but the guys really were freaked out by her. It was like in some base way they KNEW what she could do, or what her mother had done and it scared them. "You might"

Xander shook his head, "I won't"

"Wait until I tell you the specifics of the spell then you might."

Xander looked at her curiously but followed her as she walked out of the room.


They ended up in a comfortable little nook that Xander had no idea existed in the building. Down in the boiler room but well off the beaten track. The place looked like it had been slept in though.

"I've stayed here a few times when mom was being too..." Amy said by way of explanation off of his expression.

Xander held up a hand, "I get it... I really do... sorry"

"It's okay. I never got a chance to thank you for your part in that."

"I didn't do much, just got knocked out as usual."

Amy looked at him for a long moment, "You did more than you think" was all she had to say on the matter before pressing on. "The reason I wanted to do this in private was because this will shock you."

Xander fished in his pocket and pulled out a small pendant, "I gave this to Cordelia the night she dumped me. I got it back earlier. I knew you'd need some sort of focus."

Amy was momentarily stumped but quickly reworked her plan, "Good, but there's more." she said taking the heart shaped necklace and looking at it for a moment. It must have cost Xander a fair bit to buy. More than she would've thought he had to spend.

Xander appeared to read her thoughts, "I rob the vamps crypts once they're cleared out. Sell their stuff and keep the money. It comes in useful and hey... why not get something yeah?"

"Good idea" Amy told him with a slight smile, "Does ..."

Xander cut her off, "Hell no, she'd skin me alive. They all would. They seem to think I'm totally useless, telling them I go back to a crypt even when it's been cleared..." he trailed off with a comic shudder, "Not of the good"

"Isn't it dangerous" Amy said putting of the moment a little longer. She wanted this, but at the same time it scared her.

"Yeah sort of. Had a few scrapes but I'm not as useless as they think."

"I know that" Amy said truthfully.

Xander looked at her and then smiled slightly, "Thanks. So what else is bothering you about this spell?"

"Apart from the morality?" she asked, honestly interested in his answer.

"Morality is a fluid concept" Xander said slightly bitterly. "Revenge is more certain."

Amy flashed him a dazzling smile. "That's an interesting theory" she said amused.

Xander snorted a laugh, "Come on Amy we grew up, I think, in similar ways. You know what it feels like to be on the wrong side of morality."

Amy nodded, that she most certainly did. "In a way I'm glad you said that because this spell has another very important component."

"Her eyes, lung or maybe her heart (if such a concept isn't idiotic)?" he asked.

"No, the spell is Tantric" she said in a slight rush.

"Okay, what-trick?"

Amy sighed slightly, of course that would've been too easy. "It's sex magic" she said bluntly.

Xander's mouth worked a few times, "Who what how?"

"You me, straight sex, unless you want something else. As for How..." she trailed off with a coy smile, "We'll think something up."

Xander did a full body blush. "Woah"

Amy looked down, "Is it me. Don't you find me attractive?"

Xander floundered at sea as Amy pressed, "Don't you Xander?"

Now he was trapped. He could tell her he had changed his mind, or say he didn't find her attractive. Both would hurt her. Plus he really did want to do that spell. But sex, this suddenly. It wasn't as if he didn't find her attractive. When her mom had been cheerleading it up he'd certainly been watching the bounce of her uniform closely. She had come a long way since the plump kid she'd been. Hell they all had. They'd all just turned eighteen by his count, ready for graduation in the near future. He'd grown up with her, Jonno, willow and ... and Jessie.

"Xander?" Amy asked in a hurt voice. Pushing him a little bit more. It was almost funny to watch him trapped in a corner like this.

"O..O.. Of course I do Amy" Xander said with a croak in his voice.

"Then have you changed your mind?" she asked, her voice dropping in register. Xander suddenly saw her as a sexy woman, and not the girl he'd grown up with. It was almost shockingly quick that change. It was in the way she held herself, the way her voice had dropped. Her eyes were lidded and she had just wet her lips with her tongue.

"No" he said simply. "I just don't want to force you into doing anything like this. It's not what I had in mind. I won't force you to do that." he said firmly, his jaw set.

Amy smiled sexily, "Believe me Xander it will be my pleasure."

Xander blinked at her, "Are you so sure of that?"

"I am" Amy said moving forward slightly. Xander held himself in check and didn't back away like he had wanted.


Amy held a finger to his lips, "No strings, call it an enjoyable spell for us both" she said, them put on Cordelia's necklace. It was unimportant to the spell, as far as she knew, but it would keep up the image of being so.

Xander blinked at her for a moment longer.

Amy decided it was time to take the initiative and placed her hand on his crotch and gave him a slight squeeze.

Xander jumped at that but a new feeling was entering his body. A need, passionate deeply sexual need. "What do I need to do?" he asked his voice low and sexually charged.

Amy smiled triumphantly. "Leave it all to me baby, I'll lead the way."

"Okay" Xander said after another moment's pause. Apparently making up his mind. His anger and hurt fueling him, lust driving him and pure need steering him on this course.

With that Amy pulled her top over her head in a sudden movement that made Xander jump.

His breath caught in his throat as her top floated to the floor and her bra encased breasts were before his eyes. Then a twist of her hips later and Amy was standing before him in bra and panties and a smile. "Touch me Xander" she said taking one of his hands and pressing it into her breast. "Touch me all you want"

Xander shivered slightly with nerves, repressed passion and a swirl of other emotions and feelings. He and Cordy had gotten a fair way along in their relationship but he'd never seen her like this. Amy was there, in front of him, wanting him to touch her. Cordelia had always stopped him. He respected that, he really did, but this beautiful willing woman was in front of him in white bra and panties. He just couldn't quite get over that fact. His heart was hammering in his chest and his palms were sweating. Or at least one was, the other was currently cupping soft material with even softer flesh beneath it.

Amy smiled at him sultrily, "Do you want me to take it off?" she asked him, "I'll do ANY-thing you want me to Xander"

Xander blinked a few times and was just about able to rustle up a nod.

Amy moved his hand to her hip where it stayed. He was almost frozen in fear or something. She wasn't sure exactly what. For her part she was hot and getting hotter by the second.

She quickly shucked her bra and dropped it to the floor at her feet. Then she held still just waiting for Xander to react. She had to admit that at that moment in time she really was nervous, her pulse firing along at break neck speed.

Xander seemed to suddenly snap out of whatever funk he was in and his eyes went into total focus. A slow sexy smile crossed his face and he looked Amy in the eye. "You're beautiful"

Amy felt her knees go weak. She wasn't normally like this, but for this man she would do anything. She knew that now. It was as plain as that rapidly growing bulge in the front of his jeans. Oh how she ached to get at that bulge.

Xander's hand slid slowly up her side making her shiver in anticipation. This would a defining moment in her life, she could feel it already. Something in her magic was telling her this was going beyond having the man she wanted, beyond a simple spell.

Xander's hand finally reached her breast and he cupped it as he had done before. His thumb brushing over her nipple. Amy bit her lip her eyes closing as she moaned. That deceptively small movement had driven a flush of lust through her body. Xander watched in amazement and total fascination as her nipple grew hard, flushing darker as it did so. His thumb flicked over it again and he got another moan of appreciation from Amy. So he knew he must be doing something right. He decided that he wanted to feel them both and his free hand moved to his minds bidding. Amy almost melted into the feeling of Xander holding her breasts in a gentle but firm grip. She could feel the strength of his hands, the roughness from hard work and fighting. She felt small and frail at his touch.

That wasn't something that she normally enjoyed, right at that moment she couldn't imagine something making her feel more aroused.

She almost groaned in annoyance when Xander moved his hands away, but her disappointment was quickly shunted away. A hot mouth clamped around her nipple and sucked on it. Softly at first but with growing urgency Xander sucked on her nipple while toying with the other one. Amy's legs were trembling now. She wanted this man so badly it was amazing. From slight, and annoying, crush to full on lust in a heartbeat. Then to a feeling of total submission to his wants and desires shortly thereafter. It was all a roller coaster of emotion for the normally tightly controlled Amy, but she didn't honestly care. She wasn't uncomfortable, she had never felt so right in her life. "oh baby, that feels so good" she breathed, her hand gripped Xander's and made him squeeze her harder, "I won't break, just don't leave bruises" she told him with a throaty chuckle that made Xander harder than ever. It was becoming uncomfortable in his jeans.

Amy held one hand in place and then used the other to hold Xander's head to her breast, flooded in total desire and pleasure. "I'm so wet" she said huskily.

Xander growled low in his throat at her voice and her words.

"Oh like that do you?" she asked him breathlessly.

Xander's reply was to bite her nipple softly but firmly, making her moan in pleasure. His tongue flicked over the very end even as the nipple was trapped in the grip of his teeth. Amy's leg's bucked slightly as the pleasure started to become a little much to bare standing.

Xander broke off and looked her in the eye, his gaze hungry and dark. Their eyes met and locked and Amy felt like she was being pulled into a whirl pool. There was such passion in his eyes, such depth of feeling.

"My turn" she said with a dark twinkle in her eye.

Xander was momentarily confused as she sank to her knees. Then she yanked at his belt and fly and he realised something. He was about to get something he'd only dreamed about, read about, never really expected to happen to him.

Amy licked her lips as she freed him from his jeans and moaned in appreciation. "ohh baby" she said with a saucy smile.

"A..." Xander managed to say before Amy licked the length of his cock sending all thoughts scattering to the four winds.

"A..." he tried again. Amy pushed his cock into her mouth and sucked as hard as she was able.

Xander's eyes rolled up into the back of his head and he let out a long moan of pleasure. "Oh fuck" he groaned as Amy pushed herself further down his shaft taking him surprisingly deeply into her mouth. He could feel the heat of her mouth like a fire on his cock. A very pleasurable fire though it may be. "Oh god that's good" he said lustily as Amy pulled back and swirled her tongue around the head of his man hood.

Amy pulled off of him with a soft wet noise then smiled up at him with a sexy look in her eye. She tortured him for a teasing time with small kitty licks along his length. Then finally taking him deeply into her mouth again. Her hand working what was left in a pleasure overload.

Xander felt HIS knees getting weak and slumped backwards slightly against the wall, Amy still knelt before him. He looked down to watch the hypnotic sway of her breasts as her head bobbed up and down his cock. "Jesus" he said suddenly, "Amy" he added warningly, "Stop, please"

Amy hummed a chuckle against his cock that only served to push him closer to the edge and continued to blow his mind. Xander's teeth clenched as he tried to hold off. He didn't know how quickly he'd be able to 'reload' as it were and they had aways to go before the 'end' so he did the only thing he could think of. He grabbed Amy by the hair and pulled her off of his cock.

Amy looked up at him with such a charged, almost animal look in her eyes he almost lost it there and then. "Stop, for second" he said, rubbing her head to take away the sting of his sudden movement. "I don't want to finish too early." he said in a shaking voice.

Amy smiled, "That's a good point" she said and stood up, taking a grip on his shaft she looked him in the eye and chanted in Latin for a moment.

Xander felt a warm flush run up his cock into his body and looked at Amy in shock. "What the fuck was that?"

"Tantric Magic requires that both parties can... fulfill the requirements. It's not a shock there are spells to shall we say ensure that ability for men" she said with a somewhat mocking grin.

"Hey give me a break. This is my first time" he said slightly embarrassed.

"Wow; I'm impressed. It's my first time too. Well for the sex bit anyway" she rubbed her hand up and down his cock while she talked, "I've practiced a few things before now though."

Xander took a breath, realizing she had his life in her hands as it were he decided to ask something anyway. "Normally when a girl is willing to... " he trailed off his meaning clear. "That news spreads kinda fast in the locker rooms. It sucks I know but..."

Amy smiled in a conspiratorial manner, "I know that. Which is why I wipe their memories when I'm done with them."

"Are you going to do that to me?" Xander asked, no reproach in his voice, just curiosity.

"Hell no. I'm praying to my goddess you'll want to do this again." Amy told him honestly. This seemed like the time for it. She was also happy to note that Xander was still steely hard in her grip. So this talk of mind control didn't seem to bother him. She shouldn't be surprised she supposed, he was after all here to perform a spell to do that to someone. She paused, mentally speaking a thought occurring to her.

"What is it?" Xander said feeling that something had changed in her grip.

"Just a thought about this spell of ours." Amy told him then looked at him very seriously, "Would you like to be able to control more than just Cordelia?" she asked him.


"Just answer me" she said seductively as she restarted her masturbation.

Xander was finding it harder and harder to think but managed, "Of course, who wouldn't?"

"Moral people would."

"Sanctimonious Assholes" Xander said.

"Big word"

"I have a word calander"

"You can even quip while I'm giving you a hand job?" Amy asked with lifted brow. "I must be doing something wrong."

"Not from where I'm standing" Xander said with a growl of pleasure.

Amy stopped suddenly, by time Xander had opened his eyes again her hand was already back on his cock. He did however note she was sans her panties now. "I'm going to fuck you into next year" Amy informed him stepping into his space and pressing his cock against the heat of her moist sex.

"Oh god" Xander breathed.

"Lay down for me" Amy asked letting him go.

Xander did as he was asked, dropping down onto the blankets that had been strewn around. Amy stood astride him and looked down with a hooded gaze. She slowly kneeled so her knees were either side of his body, her pussy inches away from his cock.

"Make me one promise and I'll fulfill your dreams" Amy said in a throaty voice.

"What?" Xander asked his throat constricted with need.

"Promise me you won't just forget me after we're done."

Xander snapped into focus and looked her deep in the eyes. "THAT I can promise" he told her, "You're an amazing woman Amy and that I'm here with you now has everything to do with you and not the spell, not anymore."

Amy melted inside and as she did she slowly lowered herself down onto Xander's willing erection.

Xander's eyes virtually crossed, "Oh god, so hot" he breathed.

"So hard" Amy replied.

"So good" they said together.

Magic built in the air around them both as Amy sub-consciously began chanting the Tantric spell. As they began to move together the air became charged with energy and swirling colors. Red's and gold's created an ever changing patten that flowed over the coupled pair. It lowered as the gently sway of Amy's hips became more urgent, as the groans of desire became more animal, more base. The blanket of magic wrapped them up in it's embrace just as they both climaxed together. Magic and passion combining to make them both scream out in pure blissful orgasm. More intense and powerful than either of them had experienced in anyway before. Then the feelings and power flooded their systems and rendered them both unconscious.

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