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Do the right thing

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Summary: Dawn tries to be a good citizen and it lands her in a whole world of trouble…Dawn/Dean

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterEmeraldEyesFR212622,10057734,58127 Jun 0629 Sep 09No

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Disclaimer:I own nothing.. If I did would I be writng this?
Summary:Dawn tries to be a good citizen and it lands her in a whole world of trouble…Dawn/Dean

Startling awake I lay frozen with fear and really hoped I hadn’t made a noise. Careful to keep my eyes closed I tried to asses my situation.

Alive? Check.
Injuries? My head, neck and upper back were sore – if truth be told - really sore however not life threatening.
Do I know who I am? Dawn Summers, Key, Watcher. Check.
Do I know where I am? Not a frigging clue, I was in Mystic, Connecticut so I guess that counts. Check.
All other mental faculties present and accounted for? Check. Check.

Slowly opening my eyes I notice that I am in a hotel room and I am tucked into the middle of the bed sans shoes and jacket. Tentatively push off the covers, raise myself into a sitting position and swing my feet over the edge.

Could this room be any tackier? My brain seems to be channeling some of my sisters more shallow observations…Although I have to agree. The sea motif was really overdone. I mean come on, naked mermaid lamps?

Just as I was contemplating the purpose of the sand on the night stand the door opened and silhouetted within that door way was a very large person. Maybe silhouetted was not the word – perhaps engulfing?

I quickly rolled off behind the bed attempting to get into a defensible position and regretted it just quickly. My vision began to fail and there were black spots swimming in front of my eyes. I started to fall and braced myself for the impact but it never came. Just as my eyes started rolling I was quickly pulled against someone and swung into their arms… my vision had already failed but just before my conscious slipped completely I felt a deep warmth and smelled soap and cinnamon.

Several hours later……

I was on a bed, again, and again I am tucked in, right up to my neck.
I had on a long t-shirt and not much else. So now not only am I missing my shoes but I’m almost naked?!?!?!

Swallowing slightly I listened closely trying to hear over the low playing infomercial proclaiming that, “if you call right now you’ll get not one but two for the price of one!”

I heard a slight creak as someone sat next to me on the bed. Someone hesitantly touch my shoulder so I opened her eyes. No point in pretending right?
Once they adjusted to the darkness I saw a young man about my age leaning over me slightly. He had a dark grown out haircut and dark eyes - he also seemed concerned so my apprehension dissipated somewhat. After all why would he worry about me if he was gonna kill me?

“How are you feeling?” He attempted to clear the scratchiness from his voice, “You’ve been out for a few hours.” The voice was still sleepy.

“Hurt.” My one word answer seemed to bother him so I smiled faintly and that seemed to mollify him slightly.

“Do you remember what happened?” He asked as he sat back. For the first time I noticed that his chest was bare and he was wearing a simple pair of shorts. Despite the situation I wasn’t afraid – he was too – wholesome I guess.

Okay what to tell him…. Ah ha! I know…
“I remember walking home and hearing something in the alley as I walked by. When I looked I could see someone getting mugged by some big loony. I drew my sidearm and told the mugger to drop the man and back away.
He let go of his victim and the man dropped to the ground – not moving. The mugger started for me, I gave him one more warning but he didn’t hesitate so I shot him…” In my head I added, ‘a lot…’
“I must have missed because he grabbed me by the neck and lifted me off of the ground. Then I remember waking up… I think… earlier…I don’t…I don’t remember anything else until a few minutes ago. What happened? You aren’t from the alley. Did you find me? Never mind…where is the other guy? Was he ok?” Then nervously I realized that normal people would have… “Did you call the cops?”

“Woah, Woah, Woah, calm down I’ll answer your questions. Yes, I found you in the alley. My brother was the man you saw being attacked, he’s bruised but okay. (Sam silently thought his ego was bruised more than his body.) We didn’t call the cops because they wouldn’t have been able to help us.” I just looked at him, he wasn’t telling me something and I knew it.

“The man you shot wasn’t a mugger but he was a killer. He came after my brother and he would have died had you not intervened. So thank you.” He paused for a moment then asked, “Would you trust me if I told you that I can tell you much more?”

Umm. Ok where in hell did that come from? I eyed him warily. “You have posed no immediate threat to me as of yet, so I’d be willing to go on a little faith,” as an after thought I added, “for now.”

He reached for a bottle of water on the night stand and offered it to her, holding her head up slightly as she drank. “Where is your brother?”

“He went to get some things at the store. I think he was antsy and needed something to do. Would you like some more?” She nodded and he lifted her head again. He put the bottle on the nightstand and continued to hold her head up high as he propped the pillows up behind her. Just as he was laying her down again on to the bed the door opened and a man stepped into the doorway it was the same hulking figure from earlier.


Dean looked at the scene before him, said nothing and just walked to the table placing the bags down. Sam removed his hands from the girl quickly after that and for some reason felt as if he had done something shameful and seriously couldn’t fathom why.

“Sammy, go ahead and get showered and then get some sleep. I’m not going back out.”

Sam glanced at the girl in the bed and nodded before retreating to the bathroom and shutting the door quietly behind him. His brother was behaving strangely, well, more so than usual at any rate. First he had gone out of his way to personally make sure the girl was alright, refusing to just bring her to the hospital then by bringing her to their hotel room to fix her up himself. He was Mother Henning her and if he didn’t see it himself he would never have believed it.

Turning on the shower water Sammy mused over Dean’s protective nature. Sure, Dean gets protective of what he considers his like Dad and his car but they have literally never spoken to one another. It was like an episode of the twilight zone. Shaking his head he stripped and stepped into the warm water and tried to relax the tension from sitting up in a chair all night.

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