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Jaws IV:XX

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Summary: Various encounters with the cleverest of all sharks...

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Television > Saturday Night Live(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR133952085,69128 Jun 0619 Jan 08Yes


Joe's Note: It's a giant floating city. Of course Atlantis would have sharks!

     "C'mon, Rodney! It's got an entire bay full of Puddlejumpers. Puddlejumpers have drones. Therefore, the bay will have drones." John Sheppard rolled his eyes as he led the way down the hallway, the rest of his team following behind. "I thought you were the smart one."

     Rodney kept tapping away at his tablet as he walked. "Yes, I'm smart enough to realize that the bay had been exposed to water for who knows how many years before we used it. The drones are probably corroded to the point of uselessness. Meaning I could be in my lab right now doing something more useful than helping you with this. And I'm sure Ronan and Teyla have better things to do as well."

     Grunting, Ronan fiddled with his gun. "Not really."

     "...thanks for your help. Really." Rodney sighed and tapped the tablet. "Okay, the inner doors separating the airlock from the bay room are working properly and so are the main exterior doors. Looks like the engineers around here are good for something." The door in front of them sprung open and the quartet ventured inside. It hissed shut behind them and there was the loud thrum as pumps turned on. "It's emptying the jumper bay so we can enter without, you know, being drowned." After a few minutes, silence descended. "And... done. Now I just..." Rodney frowned and punched a few more buttons. "Huh. The door doesn't want to open."

     Before John could offer a snappy retort, something rapped against the door and he jumped. Then, to his disbelief, he heard a voice. "Pizza delivery."

     Had the engineers still had a man in a dive suit working in the bay? No, they'd forwarded him a report saying work was finished two days ago. John drew his service weapon as Rodney slid behind Teyla and Ronan. "I didn't order any pizza."

     "Girl Scout cookies?"

     "Tempting, but no." John turned to Rodney, intending to ask about the door, when it hissed open of its own accord. He saw a mouth full of sharp teeth coming at him and heard the whine of Ronan's gun firing, and then nothingness.

The End

You have reached the end of "Jaws IV:XX". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking