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Jaws IV:XX

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Summary: Various encounters with the cleverest of all sharks...

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Television > Saturday Night Live(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR133952085,70428 Jun 0619 Jan 08Yes

Return of the Land Shark...

Title: Jaws IV:XX
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: PG/FR13.
Disclaimer: Someone associated with SNL owns our villain. Never quite figured out who owns the Buffyverse, but I know for a fact that it's not me...
Summary: Dawn Summers has an encounter with the cleverest of all sharks...
Joe's Note: I'm JoeHundredaire... and you're not...

     Dawn Summers looked up from her novel as someone knocked on the door and furrowed her brow. Buffy was off with The Immortal and she never knocked anyways. Nobody was scheduled to be visiting and all the others in the building were still scared of them after Buffy had accidentally choked one of their neighbors. Although in Buffy's defense, he was really pale with long black hair and an all-black wardrobe.

     Looking at the doorknob, Dawn frowned. It wasn't too different from any other glass doorknob in the world... except Willow had tied it into the apartment's protective wards as a monitor. It was glowing a bright blue, signaling that there was some sort of supernatural creature outside. Then again, it glowed the same color whenever she was visited by that cute, quarter-demon girl who served as one of their informants. Shrugging, she got up from the couch. Only one way to find out. "Who is it?"

     "Mrs. Ramilarghh?" Even though the thick wooden door had a tendency to muffle sound, what came out was particularly incoherent.

     Dawn blinked. Mrs. Whatnow? Maybe she was the woman who lived here before them? "Uh, who is it?"

     There was a brief pause. "Plumber."

     By now Dawn was starting to get suspicious. "Plumber? I didn't ask for a plumber. Are you sure you have the right apartment?"

     There was another pause. "Telegram."

     "Oh, a telegram. Why didn't you say so? Just a moment." Grabbing a sword out of the umbrella stand, she took a deep breath. After all, this was the twelfth kidnapping attempt since they'd come to Rome and a particularly bad one at that. How hard could this possibly be? Twisting the knob, she yanked the door open and drew the sword back...

     ...only to see a huge mouth full of razor-sharp teeth descending on her.

     Oh. That hard.
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