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Tumbling In

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Summary: It was a routine mission for SG-1 until a broken body tumbled out of the stargate after them

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Chapter Eleven

There was a boy child with a quirky smile. He lived with a dad and mom. He was their only child so he should have known nothing but love. But if he had lived such a life he may not have become the man he needed to be. No he grew up with fear and pain and a strong desire that no one should ever feel that if he could help it. He grew up with loss.. and a desire to hold tight to those he loved. He grew up knowing that dark things existed and sometimes.. were human.

He ran hands through his shaggy hair and took a deep breath. He could do this. Willow knew what she was doing. Question was.. what had they seen? Another place? Another planet? Heaven... Doorway to the Heavens.....Okay so she was alive. She was on a world of sun and grass, trees, no town that they had seen.. so maybe not really a heaven. Wasn't heaven suppose to be about being exactly what you wanted it to be? Or.. being at peace. He frowned in a memory he wished he didn't have. If it was heaven, they had no right.....

Doorway to the Heavens....Heavens was another word for stars.. stars were out there.. and maybe they had places people could live. And little green men. Had to be another world. A nice one maybe? No green men with probes kind of world. He could do this. He looked at the ring on his hand four bands of silver braided together. One to call, one to be called, one to locate and one to open a Doorway to the Heavens. She had used it. She was alive even after all these long weeks. They were arguing still. What had the vision shown them. Where was it? Could it be trusted? Who would do it.

He checked the note he had written and made damn sure he knew the proper words. He could do this... speaking the words soft enough to not be over heard. Okay.. so it was like water.. only it was standing upright. He walked around to the other side of the shimmering perfect circle of water. This thin he should be able to see through it not the deep blue nothing. He poked at it with a finger. Freaky... his hand entered but was dry. He looked to the other side of the water. Wiggled his fingers. Way freaky... no hand on this side.

Doorway to the Heavens, so.. he opened it.. now he just had to step into it? Maybe? Rubbing at his hair again he grabbed the second ring and slid it onto a chain about his neck. He was going to get her back. Another deep breath, backing up a few feet.. racing forward with a war-cry... and.. OH gods why? He felt like he was on a roller coaster for a moment... then dim room.. cement.. not grass and trees. Not his idea of a heaven either. Loud noises, alarms a clang of metal.. looking behind him as what looked like hundreds of steel blades made a wall behind him. Oh gods what if he had gotten caught in that?

A gulp and turning to the men in uniforms flooding into the room with guns. "THAT is not safe!" Whoa...




"Aw fuck you mean to tell me you guys are experimenting on demons again? Didn't you learn anything from Adam?"

The wall of knives slid open again with a rasp. He looked at it wide eyed and the gray wall behind it. FLOOOSHH... the sound made him step off the platform.. tumble down the ramp and stare in disbelief as a little.. Gray!? Alien stepped out of the water. The alien blinked and looked at him then up at a man in a generals uniform.

"I apologize General Hammond. I was not aware you were expecting other visitors at this time."

"We weren't Thor. He isn't with you?" The balding man asked looking like he could use a bottle of Tums.

"No." The alien blinked and walked forward calmly ignoring the drawn guns to stand in front of Xander. "Only Loki still engages in the kidnapping of random human."

Guns coming up and laser dots dancing all over his chest. Xander raised both hands, "Umm.. look I just came to find a friend.. who.. may have you know.. came though the wall of swords you got there. Just want to find her.. take her home. Don't want any.."

The single brown eye focused on Thor, "Ummmm this Loki doesn't you know.. have a fetish for .. "

Thor looked at him passively, "We have far more efficient ways of gathering data than invasive probes."

Xander sighed in relief, "Well that is good.."

"Invasive probes are only used for pain conditioning and questioning by one rogue member of my race."

"What???? "

General Hammond cleared his throat, the silver ring on the boys hand caught his attention. It was a larger version of one that was in the lab safe.. the only thing that had been on Athena when she came through the Stargate barely alive.

There was a girl child who had always listened to her parents. She had lived a good life and been loved. She had tried to always obey them, but then she had listened to the whispers of the well. Now she cried till her eyes felt on fire and her heart ached. She had sinned and would lose everything. If she had been a better daughter and listened....

Heaven.. this was heaven... well if you didn't count bugs that wanted to eat you or rabbit things that purred and got underfoot. Sun on her face, fresh air, room.. they raced in a loping easy stride across the plains. The creatures did not burrow so no worry there, burrows would be death traps and with no other predators they nested in the edges of the plain. No crawly bugs out in this sun.. they had moved on by morning and vanished into.. well she didn't know. They would not be back until the population of ant-chow was threatening to overwhelm the area again.

When they got back she wanted to swim again. Maybe she could find another lake without weird ruins in it. Maybe she could find one somewhere secluded... a glance to the man running at her side. He looked back and she grinned. They were at the top of a rise.. head downward.. water was mostly in valleys. There was a forest below them.. and they were a fair distance from the camp. Just how much self control did the warrior at her side have?

She laughed, shoved him off step with her shoulder and took off at a dead run. This was Heaven.

Jack grumbled and tossed the line back into the water.. not a bite. What did he expect? The fish had probably packed bags and traveled to somewhere else far from strange probes, swimming.. rabbits. At this he dislodged the one that crawled into his lap. "Your not a cat. And I like dogs." It blinked up at him and purred. "I think I liked you better when you were scared of us."

Daniel was torn over how many things he had found to study. The ruins, the tablets he had come for, the Demon ants as Jack called them ...Athena,... She had spoken, warned them. Then lapsed back into silence, she had also noticed something they had missed. That there was a predator, Precautions would have to be taken with return visits to the planet. Daylight arrivals, extra lights, ant proofed campsites. He wondered again how such a creature had evolved and managed to wipe out almost all other life on the planet.

Sam had gathered every stick of dead wood she could find. Making several piles around their camp, the thought was the creatures would have moved on. But to where? For how long? They should just get pictures of the tablets, take the jar they found and the samples and get back. Although convincing Athena to cut short her freedom would be a task she didn't want to think of. And to be honest not one she liked. The girl was glowing with life, even a disturbed night and all the exercise had not worn her out. If anything she was stronger by the minute for the freedom.

They needed to know who she was. Where she had come from. Why she was as strong as she was. She looked between the two men and sighed, one was half asleep a greenish ball of fur cuddled to his chest and fishing pole neglected to the side. The other seemed to have three separate sets of notes going, working on all three at once. Still no Teal'c or Athena...where were they?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Tumbling In" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Mar 13.

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