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Tumbling In

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Summary: It was a routine mission for SG-1 until a broken body tumbled out of the stargate after them

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Chapter Two

In her dreams she fought like a wildcat.
In her dreams she ran with grace and speed.
In her dreams she loved and was loved in return.
In her dreams she was brave and unbroken.
In her dreams she was perfect.

Reality really sucked she thought as she fought through the haze of pain and drugs. Gentle hands touched her with brisk efficiency, hospital, just great she thought briefly. Remain still and relaxed, remain calm, listen, learn, find the patterns before taking action. First could she move? Subtle flexing of arms and legs, cast on the left arm, needles in the right, but no restraints. The sounds were off, hospitals were noisy, people coming and going, doctors and nurses, TV’s intercoms, telephones, cars outside, this place was far to quiet.

“At ease.” came a distant voice.

Military, her heart sank, out of the frying pan and into a military firestorm. Heal her up and torture her all over, cut her apart and see what made her work, see if it could be used to make supermen for battle. Okay so play possum again, stay silent, endure, heal a bit more, then run for it, force them to kill her if she couldn’t escape. And along the way take as many of the bastards with her as she could. She laid back and calmed her mind, cobras had to be very still the second before they struck if they wanted to take the prey unwary.

The girl child dropped the bucket back in the well, her heart throbbing painfully with in it’s bone cage. She had disobeyed and now the monsters would chase her down and rip her apart. She grabbed the basket and ran for home. Mother in the kitchen chided her for running in the heat and took the basket. She told the girl child to sit and gave her a mug of fresh water from their well. She drank it down, but it seemed dry and bitter to her.

The voices were fewer now, yawns could be heard from time to time, a Doctor Jackson was being chided for working too late, a guard shared the scores of that nights game. The voices echoed down the metal hallways as whispers to her. Elevators moved some where near by, doors opened and closed, boots thudded against concrete, a nurse came thumbing the plastic bag, checking machines, scratch of pen against paper, then the raspy breath faded away behind a door.

She sat up ripping the needles from her arm and the wires from her body, alarms blared and a door opened nearby. She bolted from the bed, not caring that she was nude, running toward the sound of the elevator, stairs near it she smiled, they always put stairs next to elevators. A man in camouflage stepped into her path, mouth agape for a single second at the sight before him. The cast made a great shield and weapon she thought briefly as she used it to slam the gun away, right hand coming up to meet his jaw. The soldier’s head whipped back and he fell to the floor. Ripping the stairway door open she leaped over the rail, hospitals usually had parking garages below, parking garages rarely had tight security and always had vehicles.

Voices yelled in the stairwell and she leaped again, until there was no more down. The door was locked but she pulled with a desperate strength, metal gave way and the door warped. She slid through and started running again, past flashing red lights and intercoms screaming about intruders. An arm snaked out and caught her, a huge man, a strong man, a man that had her senses screaming. They had a demon here on a military base? Memories flashed through her mind and she slammed her head back as hard as she could into the man’s face. She would die here and now, but by the gods she would kill this pet demon first.

Father and brothers came home from the field and washed themselves with water from the safe family well. Elder brother brought two buckets of fresh water into the house while younger brother brought firewood. The girl child served the meal along side of Mother and the family said their prayers. The food was sawdust in her mouth and even the water fresh from the well was sand in her throat. Mother said she looked unwell and sent her to bed, elder and younger brother teased her until Father told them to behave. The girl child laid upon her bed in the hot loft and thought of the icy water from the forbidden well.

Jack couldn’t believe it, no that wasn’t true, he believed it. “Daniel we have a mission scheduled for tomorrow and you are going to go to bed and sleep. No tablets, no books, no notes, no…”

“Intruder in infirmary! Lock down procedures!”

“Damn!” Jack pushed Daniel back into his office with orders to lock the door and rushed to the medical lab. First surprise was the empty bed, how had they gotten in and taken that poor girl again? The night nurse stood beside two guards.

“I swear I thought she was still out. There is no physical way she could have woken up that fast in her condition and with that much morphine.” The woman stated.

“Your saying the girl is the intruder?” Jack asked in complete disbelief.

“Yes. She just sat up pulled the IV’s loose and ran.”

Two men brought in an unconscious guard with a swelling jaw. “They have her trapped in the stairwell now, she‘s heading down.”

Jack ran to the elevator swearing.

Night came creeping over the land and still the girl child was awake, her brow was sweaty and her throat dry. She cried softly till her eyes were raw and tears no longer fell. She had done something wrong and now must pay. Would the whispering things creep into the house and grab her now or would they wait till she fell asleep. If she confessed her sin would Father and Mother be able to save her or would they throw her out to the monsters. For after all who wanted a bad little girl?

Teal’c was startled briefly at the power the small form possessed, his hold loosened just enough that she slid from his grasp. Her injuries reopening, blood making her slick. He ducked the kick she aimed at his head, but not the one that came with blinding speed to his middle, fists slammed into him with inhuman strength and speed, but wildly. The girl fought with anger and fear, she fought for her life and made it clear she would kill him.

The mystery deepened and he took more care in his next moves, concentrating on defense, letting her attack. He controlled the fight now, it was safer for all concerned, a human would have been severely injured from a few of her strikes. Even he was being pushed to the limit with some of her wilder moves, training showed and experience in fighting. But fear, pain and growing fatigue also showed.

He saw Jack in the door way and shook his head. The girl took advantage of the distraction and kicked viciously at his head. He rolled back to his feet and lunged at her this time, pressing her into complete exhaustion before capturing her in a secure grip. ”Kill me you bastard, just kill me.” She growled.

“I will not Little warrior. Calm yourself, we are not the ones who harmed you.” Teal’c used his size to bring the girl into a kneeling position, as he held her firmly against him. “We wish only to heal your wounds and return you to your home.”

“I don’t believe you.” She struggled again, but it was useless now, “I will not be a fucking lab rat to be dissected .”

“As one warrior to another I promise that will not happen.” He glanced up at Jack, “I to am a stranger among these people and they have treated me with respect and honor.”

She went limp but he held her firm in case it was a ruse, but the fight didn’t come instead she began shaking and crying. Teal’c held her close until she fell silent then wrapped her up in the shirt Jack offered and carried her back to the medical lab.
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