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Tumbling In

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Summary: It was a routine mission for SG-1 until a broken body tumbled out of the stargate after them

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Chapter One

Author's note. If you recognize it, then it doesn't belong to me. I'm just borrowing them for a few minutes and will return them unharmed after.

There was a deep well that sat upon a hill top, beside it was a path and on that path a girl child traveled every day at noon. She took the basket of food to her father and brothers in the field and brought back fresh vegetables to her mother for the evening meal. Every day the sun shone she walked past the stone walled well, and every day something whispered in the darkness. She heard the whispers but never stopped for she was an obedient daughter and both her father and mother had forbidden her to go near the well upon the hill top. But the story would be short if it wasn’t for the fact the girl child was human and human will can be made weak.

Her world was pain, blood, silence broken with screams and cold metal now. Her body was nude beneath the crust of blood and sweat, only a ring of four woven silver strands graced her hand. They had left her that and she knew why. It glowed softly with magic, four spells woven into it, and they wanted her to activate one of them. She was bait, her agony the siren song to bring the others, magic bound in silver the method for the others to find her, to walk into the trap blinded by the need to rescue.

She couldn’t allow that, so she didn’t activate the spells, they got mad and added a few more cuts and bruises, a little bit more cold and a lot more pain. She was at her limit and knew it now. Four spells, one to call, one to be called, one to locate and one to open a doorway to the heavens, poor Willow hadn’t been to sure of that last when she handed the rings out. So far none had been brave enough to test it out, for all they knew it was a one way trip to heaven via the grave! But if she could just get away from here, she would try it.

The whole day she was completely still, at least she thought it was a day, maybe it was more, one came in kicked her, another sprayed her with icy water. She remained absolutely still, her temperature dropped, her body seemed to be growing stiff as if death approached. More came, they argued, they dropped their guard, she rose and ran with the last of her strength. Out the door, down the hall through the window and dropping down into the alley, forearm snapping like a twig on impact.

New pain demanded her attention, but she couldn’t give it more than the passing thought that at least it wasn’t her right arm. She ran toward an open area, shouts and footsteps behind her she whispered the words to activated the ensorcelled ring. A watery gate opened explosively in front of her, she was going to fast to stop and fell into the shimmering blue, it flashed brightly and she vanished from the park.

The sun was high in the sky on this the longest day of summer, the hill seemed high as a mountain and her basket filled with every stone from the field rather than bright vegetables. The only shade to be found along the path was in the shadow of the well, she sat down as far from the well as she could. Her mother’s words echoing in her mind, “Stay away from that well, it is deeper than you can know and things that live in deep, dark places are not friends to little girls.” The girl child looked fearfully at the hard gray stone that made the wall of the well and wished for a moment it was soft browns stones of her parent’s well, with cold water rather than whispering words within.

“Retract the iris.”

The metal flowered open and the revealed the shimmering blue wall behind it, seconds later the Daniel Jackson stepped out holding a stone tablet to his chest as if it were a newborn infant. Samantha Carter was next with Teal’c beside her, Jack came out last all four were covered in gray dust and looked exhausted, but whirled about in perfect alertness as the gate flared up and a fifth body dropped on to the platform. Horror griped Daniel and Sam at the thought that they were seeing a human form laying there, Jack knelt down next to the blood soaked form and Teal’c stood guard against anymore unexpected visitors. The iris slammed shut as Jack felt the tiny thread of a pulse and yelled for a medic.

Female, he briefly noted, unconscious which was a mercy, young if the size was any clue, and dying before his eyes. Dr. Fraiser pushed him aside and whispered a prayer before barking orders to get the girl to a med lab. The guards seemed uncertain for a moment, but then jumped to the Doctor’s aid as Jack growled at them.

Hammond rushed down from the control booth unwilling to believe what he had seen was real, it had to be an illusion, but the scent of blood and sweat took that hope from him. “What the hell happened O’Neill?”

“Sir I haven’t a clue.” The other three member’s of SG-1 looked just as confused as they watched the stretcher carry the broken body away.

The girl child looked at the well with longing, hearing the sound of water drops, a faint breeze carried cool damp water scent air to her nose, her throat felt dry and scratchy. The day was so hot and the fresh cold water would feel so good sliding down her throat and cooling her off from within. But her mother said not too go near the well.
“Your mother worries to much.”
“ She’s old and superstitious. “
“The water is sweet and cold.”
The girl child bit her lip at the whispered voices and stood up looking at the dark circle in the center of cold stone.

Jack stood behind the glass and looked at the pale form on the bed, two green bands of paper cloth draped across the other wise bare body, offering a bit of dignity to a body that had suffered far to many indignities. Burned, slashed, bruised, tortured over and over until her throat was bloody from screaming. He shifted uncomfortably, the girl was too damn young and he knew there was little chance she would be sane if she woke up. Bags of saline hung beside the bed, tubes and wires assaulted the fragile form in an attempt to bring life saving fluids and drugs to her, as well as pain killers to numb the agony of the girl awoke.

Dr. Fraiser stood between him and General Hammond, “Human, early twenties, apparently healthy until this, one ring, silver, on left hand nothing else to give any clue who she is or where she came from.”

General Hammond sighed, “Nothing on her fingerprints but didn’t expect anything. Any you are positive there was no life on P30-255?”

“Lot of dust, a mostly empty temple, one tablet that Danny is drooling over at the moment and more dust, planet had no viable water source. Sam has spent the past 24 hours going over everything in the computers she found an odd surge the moment the gate engaged but hasn’t figured it out yet. “ He looked back at the girl, “Who the hell did this to a little girl?”

Dr. Fraiser shook her head sadly, the child was a mess, there wasn’t a square inch of flesh that wasn’t burnt, ripped, or bruised. That the girl had survived was shocking, she thought of Cassie and shivered. Did that poor child have someone out there missing her?

Father had told her that little girls who disobeyed where taken away by dark things and never saw their families again. Still what harm could come of just pulling the bucket up from the depths and seeing if the water was even drinkable. She grasped the rough rope and pulled with all her might . Slowly the wooden bucket appeared, water dripped down, liquid diamonds shattering against the hard stone. The girl child looked into the bucket the water was clear and smelled sweet and inviting, the coolness radiated from the bucket. She dipped one hand in and shivered at the cold. There was no danger that she could see, she brought the cupped hand to her lips and drank the sweet cold water. Closing her eyes in pleasure, lost to the delight of the water tumbling down her throat.
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