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Bourne again

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Summary: This a cross with the Bourne movies, Not the books. Xander has a run with Walsh and ends up as Bourne.

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Final Part

Bourne Again – final part

The mess hall of the school rang out with the noise of feeding Slayers and Bourne grinned a little.

Sixth months.

He had a home for six months.

The only snag had been Alex. And he was slowly coming around. Although he still didn’t fully trust Bourne.

Not that Bourne blamed him.

But with Willow and Faith’s help he was slowly becoming more and more accepting. And he would at least talk with him.

Bourne didn’t think that he and the boy would fall into any father-son embraces, at least not anytime soon.

But it was looking up.

He had taken a job with the Council, training the Watchers-in-training in unarmed combat and working with Faith’s retrieval teams and some of the younger Slayers, adding more of a edge to both.

He also worked with Landy. She could smooth over travel arrangements from time to time, so a team could get to places faster, and sometimes that was important.

It had come in handy just last month, in fact, when the Council had learned about an assassination planed out for a holy man in Iran. The holy man was one of the few that preached about non violence and talking with enemies to make them friends. And while his death would not have effected the world one way or the other, the identity of his assassin would. She was a Slayer.

The Slayer wasn’t really a rouge. She was simply lost - born in a small village with no one to tell her who or what she was she was, and had been taken in by a local cleric. The cleric had used her to enforce his will on his followers. She had killed and would do it again.

Unless someone stopped her.

With the help of Landy and the CIA, Faith and her team were dropped deep in the mountains and, along with Bourne, they had moved in deeper. A few days later, the lost Slayer was in Cleveland and the holy man preached on about peace and love, never knowing how close he had came to death.

And the Cleric was gone, disappeared into the night.

That had been one of many jobs that Bourne had pulled for the Council. But he pulled them not because they wanted him to do them, but because they were right. Or at least more right than the ones he had been sent against earlier in his life.

The only snag he had lately was his son, Alex. Alex just had this grand ideal of who Bourne was supposed to be. And he really didn’t match up. Real life never did.

It was slow going. But with a lot of help for the others, Alex was coming around. While they never had father-son things to do, they had started on possible friends things. But simply because of how their lives were, it was not the normal things. Instead, it was things like weapons training, hand to hand combat, evasions and observations training.

Soon, Alex was trained enough to take on a Slayer in hand to hand and at least break even. At least until he pissed her off, anyway.

But with ad-lib weapons training, he could win at least against one Slayer. Well, every now and then, he could. Against the young Slayers, anyway. Most of the older ones learned that anything was a weapon, but the younger ones would react with whatever training was worked into their muscles.

But they’d learn soon enough. And Bourne had taken it upon himself to train them. So every time his son would win, the girls had a little harder training the next day. And a few more girls would join his class.

So his life was better. He had a family. A lot more than he had expected a year ago. He had a mission that he believed in, and one that would help the world. Not just a country, or a few people in power. But everyone.

But, at the end of the day, he still didn’t know who he had been: killer, assassin, father.

Now, though, he knew who he was.

And it wasn’t just a name.

Jason Bourne, or Xander Harris - both were gone, but for differing reasons.

Harris had been murdered by the Government, while Jason Bourne was killed by a family’s love.

And the world came to know the new man. One that took from both the past and present to make the future.

Xander Bourne.

Bourne looked across from his seat. There Willow sat with a smile on her face, and to his right sat Faith. With a mumbled hello, Alex joined them, his dark eyes looking over at his father.

The trust still wasn’t in them.

But he knew it would come.


The End

You have reached the end of "Bourne again". This story is complete.

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