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Pretty in Pink

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Summary: Continued adventure of Xander as Turbo Teen

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Cartoons > Turbo TeenTromFR1311,152021,05229 Jun 0629 Jun 06Yes
I do not own any of the Character represented here and in no way affiliated with Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Turbo Teen.

Also I really need to learn how to add to existing stories. Alas if I was not so slothful.

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Pretty in Pink

Hell on Wheels Chapter 2

Sunnydale School library a couple months after the fabled halloween event.

Xander was sitting in the library doing what no slacker has done before actually studying. It seemed that Brett was not only a jock/super car but also on the honors team. A trait which along with being a wereauto (If that is the right world for it?) also passed its way over to him. Over in the corner the three ladies of his life, Willow, Buffy, and new lady/girl friend Cordelia Chase were quietly discussing something which should have been his first indication that something was wrong.

Life sure has changed for the Xanman in the last year. Going from a semi-normal teenager who fought the forces of evil on a weekly basis to some kind of were-car (or is that the right term for it?). Now he was the default mode of transportation for the Scoobies, with thank fully Oz (Willows boyfriend and if he ever hurts her roadkill/werewolf) taking turns on that duty with his trusty van. He still refused to paint the van like the mystery machine; the man had no sense of aesthetics.
He worried at first about maintenance of his auto form, knowing from the television series that it would require regular maintenance. Fortunately for him a family member actually came through for him in the form of his uncle Rory, as long as he got to him during one of his sober periods. His periods of angry verbal sparring with Cordelia eventually leading to many closet experiences which also caused him to carry a bottle of ice water around with him, those teenage hormones really raised the body temp. Much to Willow’s dismay but she seemed to be over him and started dating Oz.
Now other than the whole saving the world and accidentally falling asleep at night on the street and someone trying to steal him all he had to worry about was the grade of fuel he used and regular oil changes. Life was good.

“Xander?” Willow called over to get his attention. Looking up from his school work he noticed the girls getting up and walking over to him forming a seeming wall of feminine beauty.

“Hmm?” He replied warily this couldn’t be good.

“Well we were noticing that you normally wore that red jacket every time you transformed.” Buffy answered. Then Cordelia picked up the dialog.

“So we were wondering,” Putting the feminine act of twirling a lock of her hair around her finger. “If you wore a different color jacket when you transformed would you have a different paint job as supercar?”

“That’s Turbo Teen,” Xander automatically corrected his girl friend, funny it was usually of Buffy that had a problem with names. “I don’t really know.” Which really wasn’t true because one night which wasn’t unusual for southern California to have a sweltering evening. It was so much that he started transforming in his room which would have destroyed his bed not to mention the rest of his room, if he hadn’t awoken as that point and made it outside before his bulk became to difficult to maneuver through the house. As he was wearing a white tee shirt and shorts at the time he found himself a white sports car instead of the usual red. Which was weird for he never remembered an episode in which the character he went to Halloween as Brett Mathews every not change into a red car no matter what he was wearing. Just another happy Sunnyhell twist on an already twisted experience. Needless to say since then he kept a water bottle full of ice next to his bed from then on.

“Why do you want to know?” Raising his eye brow in her hoped a dignified manor but failing completely. This caused some forced giggling from the girls at his lame action. *Uh oh this has to be bad.*

Buffy then brought her backpack over and pulled out a wrapped package and handed it to him. Giving first them then the package a confused look he relaxed a little. *Huh a present? Maybe it’s not so bad.*

“Well we thought we should get you a new jacket so that people wouldn’t start associating the car with you.” Willow started to babble as he face was red with embarrassment.

“Also so that the creepy crawlies won’t know we’re coming by spotting you.” Buffy put in Sagely, it was for the good of the group.

“So you got me a new jacket that’s nice of you.” Xander commented as he began to opening the packet. “A black leather jacket or something?”

“Oh please everyone wears one of those,” Cordy snarked. “Do you want to be mistaken for a vampire?” Which was true, that did seem to be the fashion of choice for the undead elite.

Just as Xander opened the package he dropped it on the table top and backed away like it was on fire. “No. No way in Hell.” There on the table was a PINK! Jacket. Were they trying to get him beat up? His manly dignity would not allow such a travesty.

“But you would make such a cute little pink sports car.” Willow began with her puppy dog eyes. This was followed up by Cordelia’s hurt squawk.

“That jacket was not cheap you know!” She knew a little heated argument along with some closet time and he would do anything for her. Buffy just stood there with a sad forlorn look on her face.

*Defenses weakening, must hold on, need distraction.* Xander thought to himself. What would distract the three determined ladies in front of him? Out of the corner of his eye he noticed his savior, the perfect patsy The G-man himself Rupert Giles come into the room from his office where he had been hiding from the crazy teenagers.

“My God Giles!!” He exclaimed loudly pointing at the tweed wearing gentleman. “What did you do to your hair!?” This caused the three obviously psychotic women in front of him to spin around in shock to see what the elder British librarian could do to his hair that would surprise Xander. Seeing a normal looking Giles the girls knew they were tricked just as the library door slammed shut and the sounds of feet running growing distant.

Yes indeed Alexander Harris has truly mastered the art of hit and run. He then decided to hide in the boy’s restroom until it was time for the next class. That way at least he would be safe. That is until after school.

The End

You have reached the end of "Pretty in Pink". This story is complete.

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