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Long the Bridges Falling Down

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Cradle Will Fall". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: After battling a demon Faith and Willow are transported into another universe and end up over ten years younger!“Who are you?” he asked curiously.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered(Past Donor)lckybrFR181644,42433160121,76430 Jun 0627 Jul 06Yes

London Bridge is Falling Down

I was going to just wait a while to post this last chapter but...i didn't. Thanks to my Beta's and everyone who stayed with the story. Here is the last chapter and i hope you all enjoy it.


Chapter Fourteen: London Bridge is Falling Down

(Nathaniel’s POV)

We were going to keep them- all of them, it hadn’t been said out loud but it was pretty definite. They were in the room painting at this very moment that had to mean they were staying didn’t it?

Faith got out of the hospital almost two weeks ago. The doctor’s wanted to run some tests, she had healed as fast as a shifter but there was no trace of lycanthropy in her blood, Anita had slammed her foot down then, Faith wasn’t a lab rat and she wouldn’t allow any tests done to her that didn’t have anything to do with her getting better. Her shoulder had healed and so had her ribs but still they were a little sore. Her leg had healed but there was a limp in her step. She said it made her look ‘bad ass’. Since she’s been out Anita doesn’t let any of them out of her sight. Willow confided in me that it was paranoia that had her keeping an eye on them so closely but none of them argued
with her.

Faith had nightmares, sometimes when they got too bad she would come in and sleep with us leaving in the morning before any of us got up. She was seeing a psychiatrist about what happened, she wouldn’t talk about it with any of us and sometimes it was like it never happened.

But other times it was hard not to notice. When we go to the circus she doesn’t like it when one of us doesn’t hold her hand or if we leave her alone.

Other times she won’t let any of the guys touch her besides Jean-Claude for some reason she’s confided to him more than she did to us. The doctors were baffled at how fast she healed, she didn’t even scar physically.

Emotionally is another story.

At times I’d find her in the yard just punching and kicking the tree in the back with such speed it amazed me. Micah would have to bandage her hands or make her ice her knee if someone didn’t stop her before she got carried away.

Anita still blamed herself about what happened; she had a break down not to long ago when Richard came to see Faith. I was sure she would have permanently harmed him if Micah hadn’t made him leave. I think maybe this thing with Faith has really damaged their triumvirate.

“What are you thinking so hard about?” I looked down at the newest addition; Cordelia.

There was a smudge of purple paint across her forehead and the white shirt she was wearing. Her thick dark wavy hair was pulled into a messy bun on top of her head.

She was more relaxed than Willow or Faith, in fact she kind of reminded me of Micah.

She didn’t take offense at anything and most comments said about or to her just rolled off her, like water from a duck’s back. Not very many things bothered her and she seemed to be always living in the moment. The small brunette seemed to take an
instant liking to Damian, sometimes I’d come home to find her with Damian on his days off. She was teaching him how to play Goldfish this week.

“Nothing Delia,” I finally answered she rolled her eyes then tugged at my braid, “When I grow my hair this long will you braid it for me?”

Smiling I nodded and she grinned, “I’m going to be a mermaid!”

“Are you?” I asked taking her hand and walking towards the kitchen she nodded empathically, “Yes and Faith’s going to be a tiger and Willow’s going to be a vampire.”

She sat at the table taking a cookie off of the plate in the center of the table. I took out a cup and then filed it with milk setting it in front of her.

“How’s the room coming along?” I asked sitting next to her.

“It’s coming, we’ve finished painting-“

“We?” I broke in with a small smile, the smaller girl grinned impishly.

“Okay - Okay, I watched and instructed while Faith, Willow and Anita painted.” She waved me off and I rolled my eyes. Wherever she came from Cordelia didn’t much like cleaning or getting dirty; unless of course it was to ‘train’ which Anita didn’t approve of. They were careful not to do it when she was here; but when she wasn’t I’d often find them outside with Faith leading the other two through defensive moves.

Anita came around the corner and fixed eyes on Delia, the five year old gave a little wave.

“Willow’s asking for you, brat, “she took a cookie off the table and then took a drink of the milk set out on front of Cordelia.

“Why don’t you take them some cookies for all their hard work?” The animator suggested, she nodded and grabbed the plate. Just when she was at the doorframe she turned back and whistled at the cup. It levitated towards her and then she was gone.

“I’m never going to get used to her doing that.” Anita laughed and I laughed with her.

Cordelia was a touch clairvoyant, as well as telekinetic. She said her powers changed when she transferred planes, it got harder to control because they grew.

Before she only got visions of people in need, now sometimes if she wasn’t careful all she had to do was touch someone to get a vision of their past or present or future, we weren’t sure if that was all of her powers either, the thing with Bruno I only heard about and it’s never happened again, she said it happened once when she was in her world. Except instead of blistering the bad guys she made them evaporate. She had a tantrum a couple of days ago because Micah was taking forever using the big bathtub, that’s when we learned about the telekinesis. She’s been practicing to control it and so far she’s getting pretty good at levitating small things but if she did it for to long then-

The sound of glass breaking then-“Cordelia!” made me cringe
Stuff like that happened, I shared a look with Anita, and then shook my head.

Willow’s power I think might be the hardest to control out of all of the girls. Anita said she had done some stuff to the bad guy before she arrived but she wouldn’t elaborate, Willow wouldn’t talk about it either. One time Cherry caught her in the bathroom trying to scrub dirt off her hands but they were perfectly clean, she had been scrubbing so hard they were starting to bleed. Anita was looking into a coven we could take the girls to that would help them control their powers and just learn how to deal with the things bubbling inside them.

“You sure you want to keep them?” she asked and I smiled.

“You know you don’t mean that” I asked, she nodded; “You’re right...”

Laughing I swooped down and pulled her into my arms kissing her soundly, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She replied grinning, it was the first time I’ve seen a smile on her face in days.

“How are we gonna do it?” I asked, “Have you told Micah and Jean-Claude and Asher and-“

“Yes.” She broke in with a laugh, “It was Jean-Claude who suggested it actually. He’s gotten really attached to Faith.”

She pulled away, “I wanted to check into it without telling them but since they aren’t in the system-“

“You can’t do it?” I asked my heart sinking. She gave me look.

“I can do it but it wont be a surprise... it seems Willow was quite the hacker in her world.”

Just then the redhead walked in, she was messier then Cordelia had been. The overalls she was wearing had spots of paint all over it; there was even some on her hair.

“What?” she asked with narrowed eyes, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Do you think you’d be able to hack into the system and create some identities for you guys?” Anita asked; “It’s against the law, and I could never encourage illegal activity... but if my eyes were shut, or I was out... could you do it?”

The redhead only grinned.

(Faith’s POV)

Willow was gone. Anita and Micah had taken her to god knows where this morning after we woke up and they haven’t been back, it was nearly seven o clock I was starting to get worried.

We were underground at the circus. Cordelia was braiding Stephen’s hair. He was a wolf, his twin brother Gregory was a leopard who at the moment was at work. They were both strippers, so was Nathaniel. They worked in Guilty Pleasures a club owned by Jean-Claude, he seemed to own a lot of stuff.

“They’ve been gone a long time.” I stated twisting my hair nervously; it was a habit I only recently picked up.

The nervousness part, ever since THAT night, I guess a part of me was still feeling unsafe in my small little body. Jean-Claude made me feel safe and I was okay if Anita wasn’t here, but sometimes even he didn’t help and breathing would become an issue.

Anxiety attacks I think they called it.

In the mornings when I forced myself not to think about it I would be fine. But at night it would catch up with me and it would be the only thing I would see in my dreams.

When Anita does that thing she does when she runs her fingers through my hair and I wrap myself in their smell they chased away the bad thoughts. Willow wasn’t going to try and find a way home, I think maybe she would have if Cordelia hadn’t talked to her and told her the full story.

“Anita’s here!” Cordelia yelled making me jump, the hot coco in my cup spilled over the rim and I glared at the other girl.

“You made me spill Delia!”

“Sorry.” She used her sweater to wipe my hand off and I sighed. Jean-Claude took the cup from me setting it on the coffee table and examining my hand. Sometimes when it

was just me and him he’d tell me about his life growing up-the parts he could remember anyway and I’d tell him some of our saving the world adventures, but Anita wouldn’t approve so it was our secret-she says it’ll give me nightmares. She still treated us like kids-technically we were, but I think maybe she forgets there are twenty year old minds in these small bodies... but I guess that’s okay since most of the time we forget

I messed up my leg real bad, and though I had healed nicely the nerve damage left me with a limp. My ribs were still sore and sometimes if I moved my arm a certain way it gave a twinge of discomfort. The limp would be a permanent reminder of what
happened to me, and sometimes it made me angry that I couldn’t protect myself. Jean-Claude said it would be a reminder that I won. I wasn’t dead and the bad guy was, wasn’t that a victory?

Cordelia plopped herself back by Stephen acting as if she hadn’t been waiting for them. Willow was the first to come through the curtain grinning like the cat that ate the canary. It was a welcoming site to see, she hasn’t smiled in a long time.

“Hey guys.” She greeted cheerfully, I frowned at her brightness.

“Where have you been?” I asked and if it was even possible her grin got even wider.

Anita smiled at me, even Micah was smiling. What was with all the smiles?

Willow handed me a folder that she took out of her tinker bell backpack.

It had my name across it in neat hand writing.

Cordelia was given a folder to and with a frown I looked up at Anita.

“Open it.” She urged almost giddy with excitement. I did as she asked and my eyes fell upon a birth certificate. It wasn’t an original, but it was one none the less.

My mouth opened a little in shock and my heart actually skipped a beat.

Faith Callahan, parents Anita Blake and Micah Callahan, birth triple...

“What’s this?” I asked looking up,

“It’s your new birth certificate, there are two one has our ‘parents’ on it and the other is the one you have in your hand.” She replied.

“It was easier then creating a whole set of different parents for all of us and it would have taken longer. As it is, it almost messed up and THAT would have been bad. I mean jail time and a fine then maybe someone named Big Mamma who’s your cell mate who would have-“

“Willow!” I broke in fighting not to smile, she blushed.

“We’re all the same age and triplets aren’t always identical... we should be safe- unless someone tries to give us all a blood test.” she shrugged and I smiled looking back down at the birth certificate. “Since we’re ‘adopted’ Anita and Micah are on our recent one, the date on the bottom is the date it became legally theirs. Not that it was ever really legal but no one knows that but us”

There were adoption papers, social security number even documents from the hospital where I was supposedly born at!

“How did you do all of this?” Cordelia asked and she had tears in her eyes.

“Well we had some help and then with the hacking and I had to use some magic for signatures and stuff... I haven’t finished everything but now we’re in the system...” she grinned almost nervously.

“You’re going to be our mom?” I whispered looking up at Anita; she kneeled down next to me reaching out to pull Willow and Cordelia into a circle with me.

“Do you mind?” she asked.

We all shook our heads and she pulled us into a big hug, whispering against my ear, “I promised.”

Laughing I hugged her back, something I wouldn’t have done if I was my old self. It was a nice safe feeling.

“Were you in on this?” Cordelia asked looking over at Jean-Claude the vampire gave one of those amazing shrugs of his, but I could see the smile playing on his lips.

Squealing Willow ran over to him and he easily swept her up into his arms, she hugged him for all she was worth.

Delia danced over to Stephen waving her birth certificate at him happily.

“That’s only a copy!” Willow called “The real one will come in the mail.”

Smiling I looked back at Anita who was still kneeling in front of me. “Thank you.”

She smiled leaning in to kiss my forehead and then my cheek. It was a very motherly thing to do and I let her, because I was five and it was okay for me to want some motherly attention.

“We have to tell Nathaniel!” I exclaimed happily. Micah nodded “Go get your things he’s waiting at the house.”

I scampered out; I didn’t have to be told twice!


(Nathaniel’s POV)

Cherry sighed staring around the room with a satisfied look on her face. Zane was lounging on the bed half asleep. We had finished painting the room early this morning then bought a princess border to go around the walls. The room was purple because Delia said Purple was a royal color and Micah called her his little Queen C so it was perfect. Faith had seen the border at the store a few days ago and though she hadn’t said out loud that she liked them I could tell just by the ways she had longingly stared at them as we passed them in the store.

Cherry had picked out three white dressers for the room; there was one in each corner except for the corner nearest the door. There wasn’t enough space for three beds so I bought a queen sized one fitted with a white and lavender comforter and sheets that Willow had picked out.

“It looks nice!” Cherry squealed in delight and I nodded.

“I hope they like it.”

I heard the slam of a car door and quickly shoved Zane in the foot.

“They’re here!”

The neon pink haired leopard slid from the bed and slinked out the room, Cherry followed covering her mouth to stifle her giggles.

After I closed the door I made sure the sign on the door was straight before causally walking down stairs and into the living room right as the door opened.

“Look Nathaniel!” Delia held up a paper for me to see but she waved it around so much I couldn’t really focus on it.

“We’re gonna be a family!” she jumped and I either had to catch her or let her fall.

“We got a surprise for you Brat.” Cherry ruffled Faith’s hair with a smirk.

Willow took the backpack off while yawning widely, I frowned at her and she blushed.

“My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.”

Laughing I set Delia down on her feet, “Go check out your new room.”

The three set off at a run towards the stairs, “Don’t fall!” Micah cautioned.

His warning was met with only laughter.


(Cordelia’s POV)

There was a sign on the door! It was a hot pink star with all of our names in the center.

Willow bit her lip, “It’s funny...”

“What is?” Faith asked the witch shrugged.

“I don’t want to be a grown up.” She admitted Faith slowly grinned and the Slayer took her hand, “Me either.”

Laughing I turned the knob, “Well now we don’t have to be!”

(Willow’s POV)

Faith picked up Fangalicious who was sitting on the center of the bed with my leopard Leo. There were a bunch of stuffed penguins in the corner near the window, Cordelia went over to the penguins and picked up one with a purple scarf. She looked at us out of the corner of her eyes and I could see her wondering.

“What do you want to name it?”

The seer looked at us almost embarrassed, “I used to collect penguins as a kid... does he look like a ‘Chilly’ to you?”
Nodding I hopped onto the bed and stared up at our purple ceiling with its glittery stars.

“It’s not too girly for you is it Faith?” I asked, she shook her head; “It’s perfect...”

Sighing I looked at my two companions, “Does liking that we don’t have to go back and worry about the bad things make me a bad person?” she asked.

The Slayer didn’t answer, “They were going to be taken care of weren’t they?” she asked.

“Yes.” Delia answered sitting on the floor, her thick hair fell in front of her face and absentmindedly she pushed it back.

“We lived our lives with them,” the seer finally said after a second of silence, “This is our home now.”

‘I’ve never had a family before.” Faith admitted without looking up from her teddy.

“I had a ma who wasn’t the best and I never knew my dad....” she looked up then looking uncertain, “I screwed up things with you guys... I don’t want to screw up this

‘You won’t.” I replied, “You’ve got us, and Anita and Micah and Nathaniel. We’ve got so many people who care about us; too many to name!”

We smiled at each other; it seemed like the only thing we’ve been able to do all night.

Anita came into the room she looked around nodding her head in satisfaction.

“You girls like it?”

“Yes!” we replied in unison, she sat next to us on the bed.

“Here’s the deal, “she swallowed, “I’ve never had kids before... in fact I never thought I’d end up with one let alone three little bodies that I would have to take care of. I know my living conditions aren’t the most ideal-“

“Do you mean all the guys?” Cordelia cut in, “Or the police work and the zombies?”

“All of the above,” she replied, “But I’m going to try my best to keep you guys safe and be a good... parental figure...” She trailed off almost uncomfortably.

“None of us have ever really had functional families.” I replied comfortingly, “I raised myself from the age of six on in our world-“

“I was rich but I didn’t have love or comfort. After high school I didn’t even have security because the IRS came and took everything away.” Delia supplied.

“My childhood wasn’t very nice either.” Faith reported grimly, “Maybe you can be our happily ever after...”

“I’ll try, for you I’ll try.”

And that was all that we asked for, she got off the bed, “Get ready for bed it’s been a long day and I need to look into getting you guys in school.”

“School?!” Faith exclaimed with a face, “I knew this was too good to be true.”

“Sleep.” Anita replied with a laugh.

“Night!” I called; she smiled at us over her shoulder then closed the door softly.

Faith got up grabbing Delia’s hand, “London bridge is falling down, falling down falling down-“

They started dancing around in a circle laughing, “London Bridge is falling down, my fair lady!”

Laughing I joined them, not bothering to point out to Faith she FINALLY got the words right.

“Take the key and lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Take the key and lock her up; my fair lady!”

Giggling I joined hands with them, “Is there another verse to this song?” Delia asked and I shrugged as we twirled around.

“I don’t know...”

“We should make one.” Faith announced.

“What will it say?” I asked.

She thought a moment;”Maybe we should sing about wolves and zombies!”

Laughing I fell to the floor grinning impossibly wide.

“What will we do tomorrow now that we don’t have to save the world every Tuesday?”

“I’m thinking... bubbles?” Faith replied.

Delia nodded, “Sounds good...”

And it did sound good. It sounded perfect.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Long the Bridges Falling Down". This story is complete.

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