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Long the Bridges Falling Down

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Cradle Will Fall". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: After battling a demon Faith and Willow are transported into another universe and end up over ten years younger!“Who are you?” he asked curiously.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered(Past Donor)lckybrFR181644,42433160121,71530 Jun 0627 Jul 06Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Long the Bridges Falling Down


thanks to rachel who edited for me!

Anita Blake/BtVS crossover.

At some well-established point pre-Chosen, one of the major players in the Buffyverse is, for reasons that are up to you, sucked into the alternate dimension of Anita Blake. Unfortunately, cross-dimensional travel has its side effects, and aforementioned character undergoes age reversal and some additional power attributions while crossing over, so that they arrive in St. Louis as a young child with a lot of power. One of the Anitaverse characters finds the child and takes him/her in.

Hello All! i seen this challenge and i just couldnt resist! now i would love if you reviewed to tell me what you think please, good bad, love, hate anything please.

So I'm in the process of re editing this story if anyone at all would like to help me please feel free to email me! Thanks to those of you who are taking the time to read my story thank you and also thank you to my original betas who helped me with the story!


Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing, the characters belong to joss whedon and laurell k hamilton.

Long the Bridges Falling Down

It was dark where I was, that kind of darkness that was soft around the edges which let me know we were inside, and it was really, really quiet.. My chest ached and I think I may have broken something even though judging by the feel of the floor, we landed on a nice and fluffy carpet. I just wanted to lay here for a while and not get up.


I think that was Faith though her voice sounded odd. I couldn’t find my voice so I settled for a painful moan as I tried to sit up.

“Are you okay?” The question was whispered loudly and somehow childlike.

“We got sucked into a portal fell out of thin air and landed gods know where and I think I broke something, my chest hurts, I can’t see, and you ask if I’m alright?” I said from flat on the ground, the pain in my voice obvious. I set up the ache in my chest fading a little with each breath though my leg was now throbbing.
Her hand touched my back and then my face, I moved away from her before she accidentally poked my eye out, “Seemed like the right thing to do, you know?”

Grunting, I tried to make out anything; there was a window that was covered with blinds, a small sliver of light led from the window to the foot of the large bed in front of which we were sitting, everything was outlined in a soft shade of gray.

“I’m going to find a switch, stay here.” the Slayer said getting to her feet, I frowned trying to figure out why she looked so small moving in the dark.

“Like I’m going to go anywhere anyway,” was my dry reply. I knew going out to that club would just lead to badness, but nooo, I had to listen to Faith.“This is entirely your fault!” I spoke loudly, she just laughed.

“I’m sure it’s not that bad,” she retorted, “We’ll just call Giles and-aha!”
Light filled the room so suddenly it left me blind for a moment. I was left blinking foolishly for a few seconds.


Oh no.


“What?” I asked weakly, my eyes shut tightly, “Are there frogs? Demons?”

“No,” she whispered, “Worse.”

Cautiously I opened my eyes and came face to face with…Faith?

“Faith?” I whispered with large eyes.

She stood in front of me, hands on her hips looking positively ill.

Thick hair fell in chocolate waves over her shoulders to her waist; the black t-shirt she started out with now hung loose on a too small frame. Her boots lay in a corner as if thrown, her skirt I didn’t see at all.

The Slayer did not look amused.

“Oh my goddess…you’re a kid!” I squealed before smiling softly, “You are so cute!”
Cole lined eyes narrowed at me, it seemed odd. The makeup on her small face now looked like too much. Especially the red lip stick cause it was all grownup looking on her, and before kind of sexy and now as she was you know a kid it didn’t look all sexy just a little smeared and…not sexy…She looked so cute!

“What about you?” the brunette crossed her arms and smirked; I frowned and looked down at myself. The halter she had forced me into was barely hanging on, the edge of it pooled in my lap. The leather pants I started out with fell off when I stood up, and I squeaked trying pull them back up. My flats were sizes too big and when I took a step, the pants and shoes fell.

Oh great…I bent and tried to pull the pants back up, my eyes widening when my hair slid forward, much longer than I had it before. I gained my footing momentarily, but once again went down when I pressed my weight on my left ankle. Faith caught me around the waist.

“First we need to find a phone then call Giles and have him come get us,” I started my brain kicking into gear.

“What kind of demon was that?” Faith asked smoothing her hair away from her face.

“I’m not exactly sure,” We started to wobble towards the door nearest to us and upon opening it found a bathroom.

“We’re kids, Faith,” I whispered in horror as we found ourselves in front of a mirror.

She gently touched her face in disbelief. I watched her smile, then frown. She pulled at her cheeks turning her head from side to side.

“I think I’m five, maybe a little younger…I look awful!”

I looked around the same age, too. My hair fell pin-straight to my waist, my red hair color had disappeared, and now I was faced with my natural auburn color. My eyes were greener brighter and my face rounder, what boobs I had before were now gone.

Faith must have been thinking along the same lines because she was pouting in the mirror, faced side ways and now looking for her nonexistent breasts.

“This is bad.” I whispered, she nodded and then straightened her eyes going wide.

“Someone’s at the door!”

Before I could even reply, the Slayer streaked past me and was gone for a minute before she came back with our clothes. The sink was my friend as I waited for her to finish stashing them in a cupboard.

“We have to hide!”

“But-“ before I could even get the words out my mouth the dark-haired woman-child-person-Slayer grabbed me around the waist and was heading for the door. I waved my hand intending to turn the light off but nothing happened. I did it again, my heart hammering.
What was wrong with me?


“Sssh!” she ordered slapping the light switch off and opening the door. We ended up in a dark hall, at one end there was a window and the other end stairs but right in front of us was another door. We entered it to find another room.

“Shit!” she cursed again and her body went tense right before the lights came to life and we were staring up at a nearly naked man with long auburn hair.

“Who are you?” he asked curiously.

He looked decidedly yummy standing there with his eyes blurry with sleep and his hair all sleep tousled…Hair that went all the way to his ankles…Wow.

“Nobody,” Faith started backing away, “go to sleep…it’s all a dream.”

The man raised an eyebrow and then looked up, “Anita!”

Mentally cursing I tried to back away but ended up falling, the door opened a moment later and we were facing a woman with dark curly hair wearing a short skirt and lavender colored blouse holding a gun.
There was a man behind them looking ready to pounce, his tense form straightened when he saw me and Faith. The Slayer was in a fighting stance body tense. My eyes tearing as the pain started to reach a new level. Maybe I did break something.

“Who are you?” she asked then looked at Mr. Almost naked, “Who are they?”

“I don’t know! They just ran in here,” he retorted with raised hand, Faith still was in fight mode.
“Put the gun away.” The dark haired man finally said touching who I’m guessing to be Anita’s shoulder. She did so reluctantly and Faith finally dropped her stance though her body was still tense to fight.

The guy at the door came forward even from my vantage point I could tell he was short for a man. He had curly dark hair that was pulled into a ponytail at the nape of his neck; he wore soft looking worn jeans and a fitted forest green shirt that made his eyes an abnormal shade of green. I could tell just by seeing his eyes he wasn’t human.

“What’s your names kid?” he asked softly, gently. He was using his ‘I don’t want to scare them’ voice.
Faith looked guarded at him as she inched closer to me, “I’m Faith. That’s my sister Willow.”

They all exchanged looks, “Your sister?”

“Did I stutter?” the brunette asked with a scowl, “Ma said the stork got mixed up at houses when he dropped her off, only she doesn’t know it.”

“Right,” Anita said, she clearly didn’t believe us, “I’m Anita Blake and you’re in my house. How did you get in here?”

She wasn’t the friendliest of people…

“We don’t member,” Faith answered after a moment, “Just woke up here, but since we shouldn’t out weigh our welcome and all that Jazz we’ll just be going.” She pulled me to my feet and I whimpered as pain shot up my leg.

“Are you okay?” the man with the curly hair moved to help me and Faith actually growled at him, he stopped looking faintly amused.

“I think I hurt my self when we…fell,” I answered weakly holding onto my injured leg.

“What are you wearing?” Anita asked staring at our shirts. I don’t think it was directed at us just a thought said out loud, she wasn’t even looking directly at either of us.

“Uh..well..I-“ I broke off shared a look with Faith and then we both burst into imaginary tears.

“Don’t know!”

“Ma left us!”

“I’m scared!”

“My foot hurts!”

“I’m naked!” Faith cried louder covering her face with her hand shoulders shaking. Sniffling I let myself fall back down and cradled my leg, feeling tears burn my vision as the pain finally caught up with me.

“It hurts!” I cried dramatically with a large sniff.

“We should take her to the doctor,” the one with auburn hair said hesitantly looking down at me.” Or the Police Station…”

“No!” Faith objected, the doubtful looks were back, she gave me a look, “Uhm…our Ma-we ran away. If you call the Police they’ll give us back. Our Pop used to hit us real bad…Ma dropped us on the side of the road and told us to run and not ever come back because he’ll kill us.”

I tried not to let my face give away the lie, Faith looked deadly calm as they stared at us. The guy with the not so human eyes gave the woman a look, I had a feeling that the look was one filled with all those kinds of secret messages couples can have sometimes because her defensive stance relaxed and when she looked back at us, there might have been some sort of sympathy.

“What about Lillian?” the curly haired man asked leaning down next to me, he grabbed my leg gently and felt my ankle I winced jerking away when he hit a real tender spot. “I don’t think she broke it but it’s swollen,” he looked up at Anita, “They’re kids, let’s get her fixed then go from there.”
She gave us both looks that said she didn’t like it, but she nodded.

“Come on.”
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