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Lil' Boy big power

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Summary: Willow does a spell on Xander that doesn’t go as planned. Now Xander is in a new world and way younger then he was the last time he checked in the mirror. May mention slash. A bit of Spike/Xander.This is a response to the Mommy Anita Challenge

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Anita Blake > Xander-CenteredMerKatFR131014,76727230100,70730 Jun 0610 Apr 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Meet an greet er . . . not


Title: Meet an greet . . . not?

Fandom: BTVS/Anita Blake
Summary: Willow does a spell on Xander that doesn’t go as planned. Now Xander is somewhere else and way younger then he was the last time he checked in the mirror. Spike/Xander going to be child friend thing later though.
Archive: Slash, maybe not. Het, maybe. AU, most likely.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners. Anita Blake belongs to Laurell K. Hamilton and Buff the vamp slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.
Author notes & Warnings: M/M F/M fanfiction. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing. So if you can’t handle that go someplace else! I like slash, but do not worry if I write something spicy I give warning ahead of time.



Jean Claude walked down the dreary hallway of his circus. The work never stopped for the wicked. Two shifters were ill and would not be coming into work and his Naga was in a snit. She would not preform this day either. Jean Claude sighed. He also had a meeting with le loup to attend to. He could cancel it. But no. He was curious about Richard’s cub, the one everyone heard and seen but him.

Entering his office Jean Claude let a small smile alight his pale face. Asher was sitting near the back of the room shrouded in darkness with his golden fall of hair covering the ivory skin of one side of his face. “ Asher. Love, what are you doing here? Surly you are not as curious as I about Richard’s new little wolf?” Jean Claude raised a brow as he glided over to his seat. He knew how Asher loved to tease the big wolf.

Asher tipped his head to the side letting his hair fall more fully in front of his face almost covering it completely “Yes. It is so rarely that something of true interest happens . . . lately.”

Jean Claude had to node at that. It was true. Beside the normal troubles of everyday life had mellowed. It was as if anything supernatural around the city had taken time off, was no longer haunting the circus. It had been a nice reprieve but Jean Claude was sure his fiery, gun welding, hotheaded executioner would come with some sort of trouble that would need the Master of the city’s attention.

Pulling open his well stocked bar Jean Claude got himself a drink. “Would you like one?”

“Non.” Was all Asher said. After that they awaited in silence for Richard to arrive with his pup. Silence seamed to be a big part of what they did together lately.


Spike growled at his useless zippo then looked at Severus who was sitting in the shade with the babies. Little Harry and little Draco were covered in ketchup with what looked like bread clumps stuck to their cheek and fingers, they looked cute in a messy sort of way. “What the bloody hell are we going to do?”

Spike winced at his own voice. He hated it when he was a living human child and hated it now. He sounded like such a poofer! Or a girl like Sev said.

Sev didn’t move or even look at Spike. “I don’t know. I guess we just go and find your friend. I need books and spell ingredients to get us home. I don’t think we can go to the nearest magic shop and ask for blood of a white stag or feathers of a newborn griffon . . .” Severus looked at Spike his eyes wide. He looked cute and innocent with his lip jutted out and his eyes shining.

“They might tell our mommies!” He said with a lot of venom.

Spike scuffed. “ I hate being short.”

One of the little squirts tugged on Spike’s too large duster, a piece of clothing that he was trying to wear even if he disappeared inside it, with a grubby baby hand. The little one gave him a gummy and tooth smile. *He didn’t really like playing mummy either . . . though the munchies were growing on him.*


Anita pulled at her hair. Her day was just going down the crapper! She had stopped at the zoo where the weird earth magic was leading her, but then every animal in the zoo escaped! Escaped and totaled her new rental car! She had a horrible feeling creeping up on her as she parked her newest rental car by the park.

The left over magic was old. It took an old tree, leaving deep hole. But there was an odd residue that kept moving, leaving a trail to be followed. Anita sighed as she lead her team toward the woods. One of the new witches claimed there was moving earth magic around the park. Anita just hoped it was something she could shoot, she needed to let out a bit of steam.


Xander was upset. No, no, he was mad! His daddy had put him in a poofy outfit! He looked like a boy scout reject! Xander sighed as he fingered the shirt. At least it was blue even though it was poofy.

Xander held tight to his daddy’s hand as he and the other wolfies walked though the dark morbid circus. Xander watched everything though wide eyes, the posters were neat, and every once in a while he’d see people in funny clothes. Oh he knew they were more then people. There were other wolves, some kitties, snakes, and a bear or two, and vampires! Lots of vampires!

The sight of so many vampires made Xander miss home. He missed his friend Spike. The vampire got him, understood his sense of humor. Xander missed his only guy friend. He also missed his Willow, even though he was mad at her . . . but he wasn’t sure why he was mad at her?

Xander looked at Jamil and Shang-Da. They didn’t seam happy at all about being at the Circus of the Damned. Not at all.

Xander tugged at his daddy’s hand when they neared a cotton candy stand, but his dad seamed determined to get to a set of elevators. No candy for Xander. *Sigh*

After stepping out of the elevators they went down a long hall and Richard knocked on a large set of wooden doors. The noise it made echoed through the hall loudly into super hearing ears, it made the soft voice that followed almost soothing.

“Come in.” Said a heavily accented voice.


Severus cursed as he wiped the little ones faces off, Harry had held still but Draco wiggled like an oiled piglet. “For the love of Merlin! Draco! How did your nanny ever manage with-”

“Shhhh! Someone’s coming!” Said Spike as he stood up.

Spike and Severus started grabbing the packs, food, and clothes. They didn’t know anything about this new reality, it looked normal . . . But anything could happen here, it wasn’t their reality after-all. A monster or demon of some kind could be coming their way. They needed to hightail it! Fast.

Spike picked up Harry and covered himself with his duster, he was about to follow Sev through the park when a shadow fell over him.

“What are you doing out here without your parents? Not trying to thieve are you?”

Spike mentally cursed as he locked eyes with Severus who was hidden hopefully from sight by the bushes he just entered. He stepped back into the safety of their tree’s shadow and away from the deadly sun, he couldn’t face someone like this. Not when he was trapped by sunlight and small.

Spike turned to the person who spoke, flipped down his duster to drape it around his shoulders, and sneered at the woman. “Ẁot business is it o ỳurs? My ma told me not to talk to strange folk . . . and lady I hadn’t seen one as strange as you in a while.”

Spike looked at the slight dark-haired woman that reminded him of his sweet crazy Dru. This one in front of him liked leather far too much, even for him. How did she stay cool in the summer. She also looked cranky. Very, VERY, cranky.

Spike held the little Potter brat closer to his person and just under his duster. The bint was looking at the babe and him with a little too much interest. “W`ot? Got something on my face do I?”



The rush of wind across thick spotted fur.

Earth under paw.
This is how a pack is supposed to be!

The alpha female yipped at the youngsters flanking her, they wanted to hunt and explore. But they needed to get to the Little Queen’s territory. The large hyena narrowed her eyes. Her pack would become strong. Stronger then they ever were in their homeland.


Power fluxed. Things were in motion. An old one has awakened. An old one from her line. Khaos smiled. He had awoken much sooner then he should have. Closing her pure white eyes Khaos called to her trusted great grand nephew. With a shimmer of power he stood before her.

“Ares did you feel that?” She said softly.

He nodded. “It felt like you auntie . . .”

Khaos stood from her thrown. Her child should not have awaken. Not yet. He still had to be reborn as a mortal three more times.

“Will you do an old goddess a favor . . .” Her voice echoed through the crystal cave chamber, echoing like a dozen people speaking. It was soothing and old sounding.

“You know you can count on me.” It was rare that the old mother goddess asked for anything.

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Most of what I know about Anita Blake is from fan-fiction and that one book I read a couple years ago . . . -_- So if a character is off by too much tell me and I might fix it. I don’t know much about the lovely vampires or most of Richard’s lovely wolf pack so any info would be nice! I know this chapter isn’t great, but the next one will be better. Hopefully the next chapter will be up sooner . . . >_< Muse hates me right now. If someone would like to beta, would like to hear from you. ^_^

The End?

You have reached the end of "Lil' Boy big power" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Apr 07.

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