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Unexpected Protection

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Summary: Willow and kennedy are involved in the crash and Kennedy is killed, Willow goes out of her way to find out what happened and why.

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Supernatural > Willow-Centered > Pairing: OtherEsheFR1869,4350156,9652 Jul 062 Aug 06No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing, nadda. If I did I would be rich and not living with my mother.

A/N: Got six stories to wrk on so I may take awhile to finish this one, but it may be finished before all my other ones cause I know exactly how this one is going to go. Thanks to everyone who gave me all the positive feedback on my other stories, it keeps me writing.

Now on to the ficcy goodness.....


“How long till we reach Denver?” Willow asked Kennedy.

They were driving to investigate the possibility of another activated slayer, and had gotten lost on the dark roads at night.

“Let me check the map, I wish you would just float it to my hand.” Kennedy unbuckled her seatbelt and reached to the back seat.

“You know how I feel about using my magic for things like that.” Willow turned to Kennedy as she unfolded the map.

“Yeah, I know and yet I still love you for making me do hard, hard work.”

Willow turned around to look back at the road just before the impact.

Willow awoke with a ringing in her head, and looked at her side and didn’t see Kennedy next to her, she turned her head and saw the gaping hole in the windshield and slowly extracted herself from the car to look for her girlfriend, fearing what she might find. She vaguely noted another car next to hers with people inside but didn’t acknowledge it as she saw Kennedy sprawled on the road a few yards away her body twisted in an abnormal way. Willow ran to her ignoring the pain that shot through her body as she looked down at her girlfriend, broken and dead on the ground.

“Kennedy?” Willow sobbed before collapsing on the ground next to her.

There was a beeping noise, that was the first thing Willow noticed as she woke from her haze, then came the pain and the realization that once again she had lost the person she loved. Willow screamed out just as a nurse came in to the room.

“Do you need anything?” The woman asked.

Willow looked blankly at the wall as she calmed herself down, not trying to lose control of herself and her magic before she destroyed the whole hospital. “Where did they take her?” She asked.

The nurse walked over to Willow and placed her hand gently on her shoulder, “Your friend is downstairs in the morgue. We didn’t know of anyone to call so whenever you're ready you can go se her and make whatever plans you need. But for right now I think you should just rest, you have been through so much already, don’t hurt yourself because of your grief.”

Willow looked up to the woman standing over her and calmed down, “There was another car, there was people inside of it… are they okay?”

The nurse shook her head, “For the most part, I'm amazed they all made it.”

“What about the truck, the one that hit us, did the police find it?”

“Yes, but the truck driver says he doesn’t remember anything. They think he blacked out, he’s in jail, I hope that makes you feel a little better.”

Willow flashed back to the accident, and the truck, she could remember one detail, even in the dark she knew that there was something wrong with the drivers eyes, “Can I use a phone?”

“Yes sweetie, its right here.” The nurse moved the phone from the side table and sat it on Willows lap gently, “Just press nine to get an outside line.”

Willow smiled slightly, “Thank you, but can I have a little privacy?”

“Sure just press the button if you need anything.” The nurse smiled at Willow before quietly walking out for the room.

Willow quickly dialed Giles’ number, after four rings he picked up, “Rupert Giles speaking.”


“Willow? Where are you, you were supposed to check in two days ago.” Giles franticly yelled.

“Not so loud… there was an accident.”

“An accident! Is everything alright?”

“No…” Willows voice broke, “She's gone Giles… Kennedy…”

“Oh dear lord! Willow, its going to be alright, where are you, I’ll come get you.”

“No! It may not be safe, I'm pretty sure that something possessed the driver of the truck that hit us.”

“What makes you believe this?”

“The eyes, I saw its eyes right before the car hit us.”

“You were hit by a car too? This may be serious.”

“There was another car, the truck hit the car first… wait, we weren’t really hit by the truck…” She trailed off lost in thought.

“Willow, what’s going on?”

“I don’t know yet Giles, but don’t come, don’t send anyone here until I find out what’s going on, if there’s something after us we need to act like nothings wrong, just keep everybody on guard.”

“Are you sure? I could call Buffy, or Faith to help.”

“Giles, I can handle this for right now, I’ll call if I need anything. You seem to forget you're talking to the most powerful witch in the western hemisphere.”

“Willow… you haven’t, I mean are you alright?”

“No I haven’t gone evil, I'm gonna get myself out of this hospital and talk to the other people that were involved in the accident. I’ll call you as soon as I can okay.”

“Okay, and please keep yourself safe.”

“I will.”

Willow hung up the phone and pushed the call button, seconds later the same nice nurse walked into her room.

“You need anything sweetie?”

“Can I talk to the people who were in the other car? I would like to see if they remember anything about the crash.”

“Actually one of them is up, the other two are sleep. It was a family, a man and his two sons, the oldest son is up right now, his name is Dean Winchester, he has been asking if you had woken yet.”

“Really?” Willows interest peaked.

“Yes, he seemed devastated about what happened to your friend, he’s a real genuine person, a little rough, but I can tell his hearts in the right place. He didn’t want anything like this to happen to anyone.”

“When can I talk to him?”

“Let me get a wheelchair and I’ll take you to him okay.”

Willow smiled at the woman as she left he room once more, she was anxious to find out if the truck was really meant for Kennedy and her.
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