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A Barrel of Monkeys

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Summary: 10 drabbles crossing BtVS and Lancelot Link

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Television > Lancelot Link, Secret ChimpdragonseyFR18111,185021,4162 Jul 062 Jul 06Yes

#3 Devon – A New Gig

Devon happily packed his instruments. He knew Oz wouldn’t let him down.

Two weeks ago it looked like the Dingoes were history when Oz left town. Life was bleak.

But now Oz had called. He had hooked up with an older band that was planning a reunion tour. The opening act was the Dingoes, if they wanted it.

It could be the break they needed to make the big time. The expected audience size they were talking was huge, even if it was likely to be a bunch of old timers.

After all, who ever hear of The Evolution Revolution?
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