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A Barrel of Monkeys

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Summary: 10 drabbles crossing BtVS and Lancelot Link

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Television > Lancelot Link, Secret ChimpdragonseyFR18111,185021,4162 Jul 062 Jul 06Yes

#5 Anya – Crime Pays… Or Else

Giles looked over at the package Anya was wrapping and recoiled.

“Good Lord. Is that a Monkey’s Paw?”

“Don’t worry, it’s not an enchanted one.”

“Good. But I don’t recall ordering any recently.”

“It’s not really ours. It was left behind by yesterday’s gang of Chumps.”

“The ones who tried to shake you down? Why on earth are you returning their property?”

Anya smiled. Had Giles been paying more attention, would have been severely alarmed.

“I’m sending a bill for the damages along with it. Think of it as a token of… good will… to convince them to pay up.”
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