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A Barrel of Monkeys

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Summary: 10 drabbles crossing BtVS and Lancelot Link

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Television > Lancelot Link, Secret ChimpdragonseyFR18111,185021,4162 Jul 062 Jul 06Yes

#6 Warren – Correspondence

“…wish to compliment you on your improvements to my robot prototype. I have some ideas on how to overcome the faults that gave you such trouble.”

“Meanwhile, here is another project that might interest you. An invisibility ray that I have never managed to get working properly. Perhaps you will have fresh insights on the matter.”

Respectfully yours,
Doctor Strangemind

Warren grinned gleefully and looked over the attached schematics. This was just what he needed. He would have to send a thank you card.

Yes, he thought as he finished reading the email, he would make his old mentor proud.
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