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A Barrel of Monkeys

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Summary: 10 drabbles crossing BtVS and Lancelot Link

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Television > Lancelot Link, Secret ChimpdragonseyFR18111,185021,4162 Jul 062 Jul 06Yes

#7 Buffy – Road Hazard

Buffy slammed on the brakes of the Doublemeat Palace truck as a small blur swerved in front of her.

She blinked. Had she just been cut off by a small red racecar?

Suddenly the truck shuddered from a massive impact to the rear. With a screech of tires, a very expensive, and badly dented, car accelerated past her door. Inside were two chimpanzees, now buried under mounds of frozen hamburger patties.

“Creto, you fool! We will never catch him now!”

Buffy groaned in dismay. So much for making supply runs. They were never going to believe this wasn’t her fault.
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