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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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A Barrel of Monkeys

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Summary: 10 drabbles crossing BtVS and Lancelot Link

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Television > Lancelot Link, Secret ChimpdragonseyFR18111,185021,4092 Jul 062 Jul 06Yes

#0 - Table of Contents

Title: A Barrel of Monkeys
Summary: 10 drabbles crossing BtVS and Lancelot Link
Author: dragonsey
Rated: FR18
Warnings: Character Death; Drabble #8 has its own warning
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all its characters are the property and copyright of Joss Whedon. Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp and all its characters are the property and copyright of Pickwick Group Ltd. None are mine in any way, shape or form.

Response to Stacia’s “Transplanted Scoobies” Challenge (#424)

This challenge was inspired by Kamikazee's "10 Things That Never Happened" challenge (Just giving credit where credit is due.) I suggest inverting that challenge.

Pick ONE fandom and write ten 100-word drabbles using a different Buffy or Angel character for each one. The idea is to utilize the chosen fandom to the max. Use up heretofore unexplored plot bunnies.

Splitting the ten drabbles into 5 of one fandom and 5 of another is permitted, but you still have to use ten different characters.

Bonus points will be awarded for:
using minor characters
having both happy and dark drabbles

A Barrel of Monkeys

#1 Lance – Dead Drop

#2 Andrew – Assault on the School Play

#3 Devon – A New Gig

#4 Marcie – Assassin

#5 Anya – Crime Pays… Or Else

#6 Warren – Correspondence

#7 Buffy – Road Hazard

#8 Parker – Vegas Morning

#9 Riley – New Assignment

#10 Willow – Next Generation
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