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A Wish in Time

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Summary: The spell creating all the Slayers backfires, leaving Buffy the only slayer. She makes a wish and is sent back in time

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Comics > League of Extraordinary GentlemenkecharaashkeFR1846,18022310,8503 Jul 0615 Mar 07No

Feeling the Rage

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Any direct quotes from the movie are simply for effect to show how I think Buffy would fit into that world. They are not mine.

Pairing: Buffy/?

This is my first fanfiction story, so please review!


"I CANNOT BELIEVE THS IS HAPPENING TO ME!" Buffy Summers raged as she stormed through one of the many cemeteries littering the Cleveland hellmouth. Fury so palpable it could almost be tasted clung to the Slayer. She glared into the darkness, silently daring anything to cross her path. Finally, one hapless fledgling vampire emerged. It grinned leeringly at her.

"Slayer," he drawled. "We heard a slayer had come to Cleveland. I'm just the lucky one who gets to taste you first."

Buffy's eyes narrowed to slits and she smiled. Deliberately she dropped her loaded crossbow to the ground and just as deliberately shed her leather jacket, leaving all her stakes behind. She stepped back into a fighting pose and gave the vampire her best "come hither" gesture. "Bring it. If you think you've vampire enough to take me."

What followed were probably the worst moments in the young vampire's life. Not once did he even manage to land a single blow as a whirlwind of fists and feet launched at him. A vicious blow to the face caused his head to snap back so hard he was surprised it didn't take his head off. She spun a leg and suddenly he was on his back, gasping as he felt ribs crack. He wasn't left there for long as he was suddenly grabbed by the front of his jacket and thrown several feet backwards into a nearby tree. Dazed, he tried to regain his balance, but was lifted again and thrown back the way he had come. Bruised, cracked ribs quickly became broken shattered ribs as she continued throw him back and forth for what seemed like hours. Finally, she left him lying on the ground, bleeding and broken. She loomed over him, breathing heavily and still glaring furiously at him.

"Pitiful!" She spat at him. "Not even a little bit of a challenge. Oh well, at least I got to hurt you a little bit. Time was, I wouldn't have even considered torturing you. I'd have just staked and been done with it because I felt sorry for you, for the life you could have had. But now? Now I just want to make you all hurt. I want every fucking vampire to suffer!"

She began stalking around him, still ranting. "After all, if it weren't for vampires and demons and hell goddesses and the Powers That Be, I wouldn't have this life, now would I? I'd get to be normal and actually even have a say in that life. I was supposed to you know. We made it so that I wasn't the only slayer. There were hundreds, even thousands created when we faced the First. I wasn't alone anymore." She laughed bitterly and kicked the fallen vampire in the head, grinning in angry satisfaction when he cried out in pain.

"And then, then I get a visit from the most stupid, sanctimonious, demented, cruel, stuck-up pricks that this world has ever seen. Damn fucking Powers That Be. And you know what they told me?" She stared at her victim with a raised eyebrow; growing angry when his answer was only a slight moan of pain, well, it made her angrier at least. "Answer me!" She screamed and kicked him again.

"P-Please." He whimpered through a bloodied, split lip. "Just kill me now."

"No. You don't get to die yet. You don't have a choice. Know why? Because I don't! Now answer me before I pull out what's left of your ribcage and where it as a hat."

"What....what d-did they say?"

A glimmer of almost maniacal delight shone in her green eyes. "They told me that there's is only supposed to be one slayer. Only one. They told me that I violated every magical law that had ever been set down since the beginning of time. They told me they were going to backfire the spell and every slayer who had been created would go back to being a normal girl and their strength would be transferred back to me. And then they told me I was to be punished!"

Furious tears began to course down her cheeks. She stared down at the bleeding broken figure at her feet. She grabbed her stake from the ground and quickly dusted him. "They told me I’m immortal now." She whispered brokenly to the dust swirling around him. She grabbed her weapons and started to walk away.

"I wish I didn't have to be the good guy. I wish that I could be away from here, away from hellmouths, away from everyone telling me I have to be true to my destiny. I wish I didn't care!" She sobbed as she turned a corner and walked out of sight.

Slowly, a figure emerged from behind a mausoleum where Buffy had been beating the fledgling. Glowing white eyes gleamed in the moonlight. "Your wish is granted Slayer. I only hope you don’t regret it. Now forget until you are whole enough to remember” A voice whispered and the figure vanished from sight.
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