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Go Tell The Spartans.

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Summary: A different SG1 investigates the aftermath of a battle. Yet another story about death and destruction.

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Stargate > General > General: SG-1(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR1513,23711436,7083 Jul 0621 May 07Yes
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or Stargate SG1. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: BtVS with Stargate SG 1.

Spelling and Grammar: Written in glorious English, English!

Timeline: For BtVS, well post Season 7. For Stargate SG1 this is very ‘Alternate Universe’, about equal to Season 8.

Words: 2500+.

Warnings: Character Deaths.

Summery: A different SG1 investigates the aftermath of a battle.


Colonel Kawalsky walked down the steps from the Stargate and looked around the clearing in which the gate was situated. As usual there were a large number of trees, however there was no welcoming committee. The local government people knew he was arriving today; he checked his watch, he was on time; he looked around at his team.

“Lieutenant Hailey!” He called.

“Sir!” Came the instant response from the short blonde Lieutenant.

“With me Lieutenant,” He ordered, “Gunney; you and Doctor O’Neill stay here and secure the gate. First sign of trouble you head on back to the SGC.”

“Sure thing Sir.” Replied Gunnery-Sergeant Siler the veteran Marine non-com.

“What’s going on?” Asked Dr O’Neill as she walked over to where Kawalsky was standing.

“Nothing or something Sam…no welcoming committee. I’m just playin’ it safe. Jack’d skin me if anything were to happen to you!”

“I’ll skin Jack if he continues to insist on wrapping me in cotton wool!” Replied Sam O’Neill hotly.

Kawalsky just smiled and shrugged his shoulders, gathering up Hailey with his eye he jogged off down the track that led to an abandoned village close by.


Kawalsky and Hailey had run for about two hundred yards when Hailey stopped and called out. She crouched down by the side of the track and cocked her rifle, Kawalsky hunkered down next to her. Hailey signalled that she had seen something just off the track in the woods, cautiously they moved off the track.

Hailey spotted the Jaffa first and knelt down next to the body, she felt for a pulse.

“Dead Sir,” She announced, “Looks like his neck’s been broken.”

“How long ago do’y think?” Asked Kawalsky.

“Less than twenty-four hours I’d say, Sir.” Came the reply.

Kawalsky stood and looked around, “Over there!” He pointed.

The two officers moved a few yards further into the forest and found another Jaffa lying face up with what looked like a knife hilt jutting out from his chest.

“Stabbed him straight through the heart.” Kawalsky pointed out.

Hailey bent down and scrutinized the wound.

“Wait a minute Sir.” She said.

Then grasping the knife by the hilt she heaved it from the Jaffa’s chest. She held up the weapon to let Kawalsky examine the ‘knife’.

“Damn!” Exclaimed Kawalsky, “That must’a taken some strength to ram that through his armour and into his chest like that!”

Hailey dropped the wooden knife next to the body and looked into the forest again.

“Notice something Sir?” Asked Hailey seeing Kawalsky hesitate by the body.

The Colonel looked around for a second.

“Yeah both of the Jaffa’s are missing their Staffs and Zats. Could be someone was picking them off to get their weapons.”


Willow, Kennedy and their girls stood around looking at the weapons they had just captured.

“What’s the universe coming to,” Said Willow, “Demons with ray-guns!”


“But Sir,” Pointed out Hailey, “Don’t the locals have breach loading rifles powerful enough to take down a Jaffa?”

“Sure do Lieutenant…so why are they messing around breaking necks and stabbing people with wooden stakes?”

Kawalsky radioed Siler and Sam back at the gate to keep them apprised of the situation. As neither he nor Hailey had actually seen a live Jaffa, so, Kawalsky decided to carry on with his mission and not order Siler and Sam back to Earth.

The Colonel and Hailey made their way back to the track and started off towards the village again. After another hundred yards they came around a blind corner and found the track littered with Jaffa dead. Several had been shot by either Staff blasts or Zats. Others had been killed by what looked like sword or axe blows, yet others looked as if they had their necks broken. All the Jaffa had had their Staffs and Zats taken.

Kawalsky stood amid the scene of death while Hailey took pictures. He caught a glimpse of something bright lying in the undergrowth about six yards away. He walked over and looked down into the undergrowth.

“Hailey!” He called, “You’d better come look at this.”


The two Earth officers studied the body of the young woman who lay face down in the grass. She had been hit in the back by a staff blast and had been dead for some hours.

“Sir,” Said Hailey uncertainly, “Her clothes Sir.”

“I know.” Replied Kawalsky.

The girl wore jeans and what looked like ‘Cowboy’ boots. Her bright red blouse was covered in dried blood and mud, but it was easy to see that it was not of local manufacture.

“The local women don’t dress like that Sir.” Hailey stated flatly.

The Colonel knelt down by the body and searched the woman’s pockets. As he did so he turned the body over. Kawalsky gently brushed the woman’s long brown hair away form her face. He was shocked to find himself looking into the face of a girl who could not have been more than seventeen or eighteen years old.


“We must’a killed a dozen of ‘em!” Called June as she and Susan jogged down the track to where the others waited.

“Where’s Patie?” Asked Kennedy looking back down the track.

“Demons got her!” Announced June simply.


Kawalsky found a wallet in one of the girl’s pockets. He went through the contents; he passed a drivers licence to Hailey.

“Ohio Drivers Licence in the name of Patricia Wolfe!” She said slightly shocked.

“Yeah,” Confirmed Kawalsky, “There’s about twenty Dollars and what looks like a photo of her friends.”

He passed the photo to Hailey. The younger officer took it from her CO and studied the picture of the girl surrounded by other happy teenage girls smiling out of the photograph at her.

Kawalsky activated his radio.

“Siler you there?”

“Right here Colonel” Came the immediate reply.

“Get the gate open I need to talk to the General. Then you and Dr. O’Neill get down the track and join us, okay?”

“Roger that Sir.” Replied Siler, “Open gate, then join you.” Confirmed Siler.


Kawalsky had a long radio discussion with General O’Neill before proceeding. At first Jack O’Neill had insisted on Kawalsky sending his wife back to him. This idea was soon squashed by some choice words from Dr. O’Neill herself. General O’Neill did however arrange for a squad of Marines to join them as backup; then he gave Kawalsky permission to carry on with the mission.


When Siler and Sam caught up with Kawalsky and Hailey they continued along the track; every ten yards or so they would find dead Jaffa, sometimes in ones, sometimes in two’s and three’s.

“Rolling ambush.” Announced Siler, “Just what I’d have done.”

The Colonel nodded his head in agreement. A little further on they found the second girl.


“RUN TINA! RUN!” Someone screamed as the girl tried to catch up with her friends. Willow’s confusion spell was preventing the Demons from acting in a concerted manner. However, it did not stop them from firing wildly at the Slayers, with so much fire going down it was only a matter of time before someone was hit.

Three Staff blasts hit Tina in the back as she ran. The deluge of fire sent towards the demons by the remaining Slayers cut down at least eight of them. Kennedy signalled her surviving Slayers to move back to the next ambush site.

“Why do they just keep coming like that?!?!” Gasped Willow as she ran beside her partner.

“Don’t know,” Replied Kennedy, “Hope we run out of demons before we run out to Slayers!”


Sam sat on the track beside the girl’s body tears rolling down her cheeks. Kawalsky came up behind her and Sam passed him the girl’s purse. The girl has wearing jeans and gym shoes her white t-shirt was scorched and bloodied from the multiple Staff blasts that had brought her down.

“She couldn’t have been more than sixteen Chuck.” Said Sam as she stroked the girl’s blonde hair, “Who’d send young girls into battle like this?”

Kawalsky opened the girl’s purse, it was not even a proper wallet, it was something you would expect a schoolgirl to have.

“No drivers licence,” He said, “But there’s an address in Seattle.” He placed the purse back in the girl’s pocket. For the first time he noticed the Zat still griped in the girls hand, at least she had gone down fighting.


By the time they had reached the outskirts of the village the Marines had caught up with Kawalsky’s party. The Colonel ordered his reinforced team into an arrowhead formation and prepared to advance into the village.

The Colonel knew from previous visits that the locals had abandoned the village as soon as they had found out what the Stargate was. They normally left a small guard in one of the abandoned houses to keep an eye on the gate, but today no one was to be seen.


“Village Ken!” Willow panted.

“Looks abandoned.” Replied Kennedy as she scanned the woods for signs of the pursuing demons, for the moment none could be seen.

“Ken honey I can’t keep this up much longer I’ve got to rest!” Pleaded Willow.

“I know baby,” Replied Kennedy as she held on to Willow, “We’ll make a stand in the village. I’m fed up of running anyway!”

They started to walk quickly towards the houses.

“I’m tapped out of magic too.” Admitted Willow, “You should leave me behind and keep going.”

“Never going to happen.” Replied Kennedy fiercely.


As they advanced in short rushes across the open ground in front of the village Kawalsky noticed thin spirals of smoke still rising from the derelict buildings. When they entered the village, they found the main street was littered with Jaffa dead.

“Those girls must’a really made the Jaffa pissed at ‘em to make them keep coming like that.” Observed Siler as he stepped over a Jaffa’s corpse.

“Okay!” Called Kawalsky, “Break up into teams and search for survivors.”

The Marines broke up into four teams of three and started to root through the chaos the battle had left. SG Team Alpha gathered around their commander.

“Sir,” It was Siler that spoke, “Over there.”

He pointed over to a particularly heavily damaged house. Dead Jaffa lay thickly all around its walls.
“Last stand?” He asked.

“Yeah, looks like,” Agreed Kawalsky, “Follow me.”

He led his team towards the house.


“COME ON!” Screamed Kennedy as she dragged Willow along the street, she pushed Willow ahead of her and turned to fire the Staff Weapon at the advancing demons. Susan appeared next to her and added her fire to that of Kennedy’s. Amie ran passed the pair and grabbed hold of Willow, running with her to the house at the end of the street.

Kennedy and Susan took turns firing as the other retreated; the demons pressed them closely, but fell victim to the Slayer’s deadly fire. Eventually Willow and the three remaining Slayers crashed into the house and started to barricade the doors and windows.


The Colonel and Gunney Siler both had to put their shoulders to the door to get break it open. Once inside they found that the doors and windows had been barricaded with old furniture. Several Jaffa lay sprawled on the floor along with the bodies of four more women and girls; they all still held their captured Staffs or Zats.

The two teenage girls had fallen defending the windows; the two older women had obviously died when the Jaffa had finally got into the building. Hailey and Siler examined the bodies. The women were both in their twenties making them older than any of the girls they had found, ‘Officers or Leaders’ thought Hailey.

There was a red-haired woman propped up against the back wall of the house; a Zat still in her hand. A dark haired woman lay with her head in the lap of the redhead as if she had fallen asleep there. They had both been hit by close range Staff blasts. Hailey gently started to search the pair for some form of ID.


Bolts of energy flashed against the stone walls as the demons kept up a continuous fire on the house. Amie was the first to be hit, the energy bolt striking her high in the chest. She fell back into the room and crashed to the floor.

Kennedy spun and fired at a demon who tried to climb through the window that Amie had been defending. Another demon rushed into the room from the back of the house; he fired killing Susan instantly. Willow shot him with her Ray-gun, but, he was replaced almost immediately by another demon that fired at Willow and missed. Yet another demon climbed in through the window as another one came in from the rear of the house. There was a furious exchange of fire. All three demons died, but Kennedy lay sprawled at Willow’s feet as she slumped against the wall sliding slowly to the floor.

“Ken honey!” Wheezed Willow, “You okay?”

The brunette looked up at her lover with pain filled eyes.

“I’ve been better.” She croaked as she crawled to where Willow sat.

No more demons tried to enter the house.

“Maybe we got them all.” Muttered Willow as Kennedy laid her head in Willow’s lap.

“So tired Will.” Whisper Kennedy.

“Rest easy sweetie,” Said Willow softly as she stroked Kennedy’s hair, “Rest easy…I’ll wait to make sure we’re okay…”


Hailey screamed as the red-head’s eyes opened and the woman clutched at her arm. In an instant Both Kawalsky and Sam were at the woman’s side. Siler started to open his First Aid Kit, as Sam gently disentangled the woman’s hand from Hailey’s sleeve.

“Everything’s going to be alright,” Soothed Sam, “We’re here to help.”

The woman held on to Sam’s hand with a surprisingly strong grip considering her injuries.

“Too late.” She whispered to Sam.

“No you’ll be okay,” Reassured Sam, “Just hold on a little longer.”

Kawalsky and Siler started to treat the woman’s wounds.

“Nothing left now,” Gasped the woman, “All gone now…all my girls…gone…I waited to see if anyone would come.”
Her words rasped in her throat.

“No!” Pleaded Sam as the woman started to slip away, “You’ll be alright…we’ll get you to hospital in no time.”

“No…time.” Said the woman smiling weakly, she coughed and bright red blood stained her lips, “Got a message…please tell…”

“Look you’ll be fine…” Sam looked at Kawalsky silently begging him to say everything would be okay.

He shook his head, “Too late.”

He mouthed the words so the woman would not hear. The woman grabbed hold of Sam’s jacket as she brought her head closer to the woman’s mouth.

“Tell…” She croaked coughing up more blood, “Tell Buffy how my Slayers died…”


Extract from Colonel Kawalsky’s After-Action Report.

…unfortunately we were unable to save the last survivor. I can’t help but feel if we had moved a little faster that day, we might have been in time to save her. We can, at least, take a little comfort in knowing that she didn’t die alone.

After the Investigation Team arrived and the bodies of the seven women were removed to the SGC it quickly became evident that they were not from our reality. Doctor O’Neill has speculated that they must have come through something like a Quantum Mirror or that their own Stargate malfunctioned in someway.

We found ID on all the women and a search of data bases around the world has shown that; Patricia Wolfe, Kennedy DeSilver, Amie House and Susan McBride all have identical ‘copies’ living somewhere on our Earth. June Fletcher’s ‘copy’ died when she was a child. Unfortunately we have been unable to trace any ‘copies’ for either Christina Tyler or Willow Rosenberg. It is believed that they never existed in our reality.

Who and what these women were has, and probably will, remained a mystery. Autopsies have shown that all except Willow Rosenberg had unusually dense muscle and bone structure, which would suggest that they were extraordinarily strong and agile. DNA tests lead us to believe that they were gifted with enhanced healing capabilities and resistance to disease.

Willow Rosenberg however showed none of these traits and apart from some unusual brain chemistry appeared to be a perfectly normal woman in her mid-twenties. Were these women some kind of genetic experiment to breed super soldiers? Or were they completely normal for their own reality. We may never know.

Eventually they bodies were buried. They were laid to rest with full military honours on a hill top inside the base perimeter. This way if we ever make contact with their people it will be easier to return their remains without causing too much public comment. Most SGC personnel thought it was more fitting for them to be laid to rest near the Stargate.
General O’Neill has authorised a small monument to be raised and inscribed with the following lines:

Great Goddess, take these flowers of the forest;
Kennedy DeSilver,
June Fletcher,
Amie House,
Susan McBride,
Willow Rosenberg,
Christina Tyler,
Patricia Wolfe,

Into Your keeping. Lead them home,
That they may find sweet rest,
Until they return, as all things are reborn,
Through the Goddess.


A search was made for any references to ‘Buffy’ and ‘Slayers’. So far the only references we have come across was for a Teen-horror show that was broadcast back in the late 1990’s. It was cancelled after only two seasons due to poor audience figures. Former cast members were shown photographs of the women’s ‘copies’ and artists impressions of the girls with no or dead copies. Not unsurprisingly none of the women were recognised.

At this point I would like to make mention of the unstinting efforts made by Ms Charisma Carpenter who played the title role in the ‘Buffy’ TV series. Her efforts in contacting former cast members was deeply appreciated.

Why these women choose to fight the Jaffa instead of retreating into the forest where they would never have been found remains unclear. Maybe they instinctively knew that the Jaffa and their Gou’ald Masters are evil incarnate. We will never know for sure, but fight them they did and killed over fifty Jaffa.

Finally, I would like to think that one day I will be able to tell ‘Buffy’ how Willow’s ‘Slayers’ died. I will be able to tell her that they died bravely.

I remain Sir, your obedient servant.

Colonel Charles Kawalsky, Officer Commanding Stargate Team Alpha.

Royal American Flying Corps.


Words written on the memorial to the Spartans who fell at the Battle of Thermopylae 480BC.


In our reality Charisma Carpenter did in fact read for the part of Buffy but ended up playing the part of Willow. I in NO WAY mean to suggest that had Charisma been cast in the part of Buffy that BtVS would have failed and would have been cancelled after only two seasons.


The End

You have reached the end of "Go Tell The Spartans.". This story is complete.

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