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Little Gift

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Summary: Anita's pregnant with....Buffy?

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Anita Blake > Buffy-CenteredDeepRedFR1812,3222494,0275 Jul 065 Jul 06No
Little Gift

Spoilers: NIC for AB and Season 5 Buffy

Rating: For now PG, but its going to get interesting later

Pairing: Anita/Jean-Claude/Richard as for Buffy, it's a secret.

Disclaimers: Neither BtVS nor Anita are mine. Wish they were,
especially those long cold nights where I could be curled up with a
vamp and cat of my own.

Summary: Anita's pregnant with....Buffy?

On a side note this story was actually written aroung 4 years ago but with the latest book I got the itch to bring it back to life and post it once more.


"Welcome, Buffy Summers, Vampire Slayer." She stood motionless in a marble throne room. Blinking wildly as she process how she got here after jumping off the tower. "Yes. You died." White columns lined
the walls leading her eyes towards a dais where three people robed in gold sat on raised thrones. One male, one female, and the third....well the last could be either or both. Very ambiguous.

"Who are you-" Buffy asked her hands propped on her hips, gearing herself for a fight. It was easier than acknowledging her death.

"Powers" the male started, pride holding him upright.

"That" the female continued nobly.

"Be" the gender confused deity finished.

"You're the Powers That Be?" Buffy incredulously asked, her mouth gaping like a guppy.

"Well actually my name's That," the woman said smiling gently, "the one of indeterminate sex to the left of me is Be. And the male testosterone induced idiot to my right is Powers." she spared him a menacing glare before continuing. "Combined we make up the Powers That Be." she finished with a flourish.

By that time Powers was ready to explode and Buffy half expected to see cartoon smoke coming out his ears. "I AM NOT AN IDIOT YOU......GIRL!"

Be turned and looked condescendingly at the now red faced Powers, "That was the best you could do? Girl?" Be turned conspiring to Buffy whispering, "They've been fighting ever since Powers created the whole subtext between Xena and Gabriel. That blames him for the show's cancellation and lack of Aries in the series finale. You
should have seen the fireworks that day." Be concluded chuckling amusedly.

"Ok," Buffy said rather warily, "but are they supposed to be arguing like that?" She really didn't think all-powerful deities were supposed to fight, at least not about something as trivial as Gabrielle hair. Maybe world hunger or the superbowl but hair? It seemed a little odd.

Be leaned forward sparing the arguing deities only a passing glance. "You know, I think the world would actually end if they weren't arguing over something. It's that whole man is from mars, woman is from Venus thing. Which by the way is completely false. Mars is inhabited by little dust bunnies and Venus.... well Venus really is inhabitable. Besides, they are nothing compared to the dark side." seeing Buffy rather amused look and her mumbled comment about Luke's parentage, Be figured he'd better explain his comment. "I meant the three ruler's of hell, Glory, whom you've just
met, Strength, and Honor. Of course its only two rulers now that Glory and Honor had their huge falling out. Glory just got way too powerful during the whole woman's liberation movement. Oh, did you know Susan B. Anthony was really a Parisiantuc demon?" he added gossiping like an old woman.

"Anyway, Honor got royally pissed off, ripped all Glory's clothes to shreds when she began refusing to cook for him. You should have heard the ruckus. It was like one huge catfight, with Strength trying to play referee. Well finally Strength just got fed up." Be's hand flutter over his crossed legs. "Personally, I think the only reason he agreed to kick Glory out of hell was to have a shot at Honor." Be paused thoughtfully, "And probably to get Glory's shoes. I have to admit, even I'm envious of that girl's shoes." Be finished glancing briefly at his red sparkly shoes, wishing the heel were a
little bigger.

"I see." The other deities coming to blows over Aries diverted Buffy attention for a moment. "So why are the rulers of hell called Glory, Strength, and Honor?" she asked politely trying to ignore the feuding pair.

"Well can you think of any three other words that have caused as much damage? People start wars over them all the time." Be said casually leaning back on the padded throne.

"Ok, I can get that. But what about love? People do terrible things in the name of love."

"Yes. Yes, they do. But love is the most powerful emotion there is. It can cause someone to give their life for another," Be said pointedly looking at her. "it can turn even a demon noble, willing to sacrifice their very existence for that same emotion." Be paused before continuing softly, "Just look at Spike, what he did for the love of you. We were very proud of him." he said smiling gently at her.

Buffy glanced away hiding her shining eyes from Be's probing gaze. The other two deities were finally settling down as they reached an agreement over the stupidity of the Xena daughter plot line. They turned in unison satisfaction and victory highlighting both their eyes, as they asked what they missed?

Be turned to them, giving them a parental smile. "Are you all finished now?"

"Yes." they mumbled hiding blushing faces.

"Good. We are ready to explain why Buffy is here instead of in heaven." The approachable figures of before were gone, leaving three statuesque people speaking in unison, in their place. "Your work is not done, you are needed elsewhere." they stated.

"Excuse me?" anger snapping in Buffy's eyes. "My work isn't done? I just died, I gave my life to save the whole fucking world. Don't you -"

"NO." they interrupted her tirade. "You didn't die to save the world. You died to save your sister. The world's continued life was a side benefit. Regardless of the reason, you are still needed."

Buffy's eyes fell closed, sucking in deep breaths as she tried to reason with them. "Haven't I done enough? For five years I fought for you. I gave my life for you. Isn't that enough? Can't I rest now?" she asked her voice breaking.

"Its not that we are unaware of your sacrifices. You have given more than any slayer has before you, you've had to sacrifice more than we had right to ask. You have saved the world even at the cost of yourself. But that isn't the only reason it has to be you. Out of all the Slayers you are the only one that could see the "monsters" as
individuals. As men. It is this very reason it has to be you." They leaned forward a moment of compassion lingering in their eyes. "You're more different than even you can imagine. The other slayers did their duty, fought the fight, but they didn't live the fight."

"What about Faith? She lived for the fight. Nearly killed her, but she lived for it." She asked hope hovering in her eyes.

"The fight was an escape for Faith. She walked the edge and fell. She is healing, but she can never be the Slayer she was meant to beā€¦the Slayer that you are."

"I didn't fight alone. I had help. Giles, Willow, Xander, Angel," she glanced quickly at Be, "even Spike. I wouldn't have lasted so long if it wasn't for them."

"We understand that, and have taken it into consideration. Where you're going you will have help. People that would give their life for you."

Buffy shook her head, "That's not something you can force. You can't wave a magic wand and make someone care."

"We know this. This is why you will be going not as yourself as you are now, but something else.... yet still the same."

"What do you mean, something else, and something the same." she asked rather panicked.

The Power's That Be merely smiled ignoring her question, "You will start over in a world populated vampires, shapeshifters, creatures foreign even to your experienced eye. This world is different from yours, yet in many way still the same. Similar in something of a parallel universe kind of way. There are people there willing to fight. But they cannot prepare themselves for what is to come. Darkness. Demons. The opening of a Hellmouth."

"Great you want to send me into a world where I won't know anyone, and tell them that the mouth to hell is going to be opening in their backyard? Yeah I can see how well that will work." Buffy said sarcastically.

"We agree. That is why we will send you to someone who is beyond the normal herself. She will be with you from the beginning, giving you life."

Something wasn't right about that sentence, giving me life? Oh no. "I'm going to be a baby!" Buffy hit the floor unconscious.

The Powers That Be sat stumped uncomprehending Buffy's state.

"Did she just faint?" Be asked That.

Powers hesitantly moved towards Buffy's prone figure, bumping her with his Nike covered toes. "Are Slayer's supposed to faint?" he asked over his shoulder.

The others sat thoughtfully, trying to remember the last time a slayer fainted in their presence. "I don't know." Be said sharing a perplexed glance with his fellow deities.

On the ground Buffy began to stir, her eyes opened and she found herself staring into Powers' golden eyes. "Did you just say I'm going to be turned into a baby?"

Powers glanced quickly at the others before worriedly saying, "If I say yes, do you promise not to faint?" Buffy stared up at his weak smile before nodding. "Well then yes."

"That's what I thought." she replied moaning and rubbing her sore head as she pulled herself off the ground. "Can I ask why?"

"It will" Powers hurried up the dais regaining his seat, joining them as they finished, "give you time and allies." Powers spared That a little glare for starting without him.

"I get that really I do, but...a baby? Wouldn't I be more use to you guys like this?"

The deities paused thoughtfully considering the merit of her suggestion, "Actually, no. As the slayer you will have access to only the powers gifted to you for your world. In the other world even the weakest werewolf can bench-press a car. This way we can fiddle with your aura, using the gifts of both your new mother and fathers. Our way is much better. But if you like we can give you the same outward appearance."

That turned to Be whispering softly in his ear, "She's not a natural blonde. If we make her blonde there might be paternity questions. And you know how Jerry Springer that can get." Be nodded in

"Alright, you won't get to be a natural blonde. You'll get the color you were born with, besides you can always die it back later." Be said encouragingly to Buffy.

"Ah, thanks. But would you mind answering a question?" She waited for their approval before continuing. "Why did you say fathers? Last I checked it only takes two to tango."

Powers took over answering this question, "The person who will bear you is mystically bound to both a werewolf and a vampire. While the vampire can't give you life, we can still call on his connection to give you attributes. Therefore he too will be a father"

"She's connected to a vamp and a werewolf? How did she manage that? What kinda world are you sending me into?"

"So you admit you are willing to go?" Be jumped up doing an abbreviated form of victory dance.

"WAIT! NO! I never said I'd go." Buffy shouted.

"Yes you did." Powers said nodding sagely before his voice shifted mimicking her perfectly, "What kinda world are you sending me into?" he smirked preening a little under her glare.

Suddenly, That moved towards Buffy. Looking deep into her eyes, reading her soul. "You're not ready to give up. You embrace life. Death is a gift you will embrace only when you are ready. And you
are not yet ready."

Buffy nodded defeated a single tear splashing against her cheek. "Will I remember?" she voice asked in the faintest of

That pulled her into her arms, soothing her with gentle strokes, "That's up to you. Let yourself decided later, the option
will never be closed to you." she reached down brushing her away her tears. "We can send someone with you, someone to join you in your new world. Just think on the person you need the most, the one person you can rely on without question." she waited for a moment, peering into Buffy subconscious, divining the answer. "It's done." That
said, softly kissing Buffy's forehead.

Buffy glance up confused, "But I didn't say anything."

"The answer was there, floating on the surface." she said running a hand over her brow.

"Who is it?" she fearfully asked, afraid of losing anyone she loved.

That smiled swiftly, her mouth quirking at the edges, "I'll let you figure that one out for yourself."

Powers and Be flowed gracefully towards them, swaying with an unknown beat, "Its time." They embraced her, cocooning her in their arms. She felt a light running through her body, seeming to grasp her very soul and her last memory was falling into darkness.

"It's done." The Powers That Be floated mid air suspended as they shifted through dimension, until they found the woman meant to give life to the slayer. They hovered unseen above the mating couple, allowing his seed to take root.

He pulled back as he felt the condom tear, but it was too late. "Anita..... the condom broke."

Anita stared up at Richard, savagely stunned by the impact of his words yet strangely hopeful at what it could mean, even as her heart beat in panic.

Well, looks like I'm back. I'm doing some minor rewritting to the original story but mostly I'm going to be working on later chapters/sequel.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Little Gift" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Jul 06.

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