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The Replacement

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Summary: Searching for a champion in this day and age is not always easy, as the First Evil is about to find out. Takes place mainly Season 1-6 with various flashbacks.

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Movies > Mummy, TheseanFR1312,030021,8006 Jul 0610 Nov 07No
I don't own Buffy, that honor belongs to Josh, and the Mummy and the Mummy Returns kind of belong to Stephen Sommers and Universal Pictures.

AN: This story will eventually tie into my other story The Passing Storm, however this story will be told almost exclusively through the eyes of the First.


There was not a sudden gust of wind, nor was there a shining light, neither was there a fluctuation in the space time continuum, that would heralded its freedom. But all the same, for the first time in sixty-four years, the First Evil was no longer bound by the manacles of the others. Those same manacles put in place that would serve to prevent the Firsts active attempts to end this world.

Curiosity that could not be contained abounded and the First sought the reason it was no longer trapped. The First expanded it’s senses and felt the world, every petty squabble man had with each other, fueled its growing powers, every hateful thought, every call for vengeance was like sweet nectar on the tongue of a desert nomad. Ecstasy coursed through its veins as it reveled in freedom.

Taking but a moment longer to enjoy it’s freedom the First focused and expanded its senses further, making its way through all of the vileness that were embodiments of the gifts the First had given to humanity at its inception, the First settled on a location. How fitting for the reason it was free to be found at a place like the Hellmouth.

Honing its senses the First sought answers as to why it was free once more. Wonder of wonders, the very reason that it was free was due to an imbalance in the mystical chain of the Slayer. The Slayer line had split, creating a paradox that the First could use in an attempt to gain corporeality, to finally be free to physically affect the world, called out to it like a sirens song.

Searching for the proprietor of its release, the First found itself in the cave of Heinrich Joseph Nest. Nest was a vampire that fashioned himself the Master, and was the leader of the clan of vampires that followed the teachings of Aurelius. These vampires were some of the most vicious creatures let loose upon the earth in several millennia, yet the clan had yet to reach millennia of its own age. This vampire, this so called Master had fulfilled a prophesy in the Pergamum Codex, killing this young Slayer, and in that moment a young girl in the Caribbean was called. But the First was not naïve enough to believe that this was not what it freed it, it was the actions of the previous slayers friend that granted the First autonomy to act. By not allowing the Slayer to stay dead, the slayers young friend had set into motion a bid for this world that would forever change it.

The First knew that it would have to tread carefully, work diligently to keep a low profile, so as not to alert the seers and the others that worked for the Powers That Be. The First knew it had some leeway in its actions, for there were others much more obvious in their dedication in bringing about the apocalypse, well the apocalypse that saw fit onto the earth, that they of course had the attention of those that could oppose them. This would serve the First by effectively keeping the First from the limelight.

Another thorn in the First’s side was the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart, who had managed to acquire a few select trinkets that would be a hamper in the First’s own plans. There was however a small condolence, the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart were also too busy to pay attention to portents that would undoubtedly be unveiled, for their feud with those that called themselves the Powers that Be would serve as the distraction that would keep the First out of the limelight.

Musing to itself, the First also had reason to be weary of the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart, as they had set into motion nearly a thousand years prior their own apocalypse, which if successful would thwart any further attempts for the First to become corporeal. The race to destroy the world was on. Now all Evil needed was an Acolyte worthy of its time, more so than the last one she had.

When she first met him over four thousand years ago he held such promise. His heart held a great darkness long before the First introduced itself. The darkness grew, as did his obsessions, wanting things that were denied his rank and stature, he sought to seize them for himself. It would not be long before he killed his king, and watched as his love sacrificed her self to set him free. Knowing what needed to be done, he had been so willing to accept the powers the First could grant him. But he had been foolish and had gotten himself captured. The First’s rage was something terrible to behold, for its servants would not arrive before the death of this acolyte.

The First however had developed a plan, a select visage, and it could spread its influence among the Mumia, and would do so until Evil found a receptive ear. Whispering vengeful thoughts into the ear of the leader of the Mumia, the First convinced them to perform the Hom-Dai. The First could not physically prevent death from coming to its acolyte, as it would give the others power over it, power to stop its actions. The gamble had worked as the acolyte was not lost to Evil. The priest was granted a measure of immortality when the Mumia preformed the Hom-Dai. If they had only known that they were infusing into him a very fraction of the essence of Evil itself, they would never have attempted this curse. The First had waited an eon to a move against the others, what would be a few centuries more. The Mumia had created the perfect acolyte for the First, Imhotep would be hard to replace. The First had suffered great humiliation at his demise, for the Army it had sought was destroyed with him.

The First stopped it reminiscent thoughts and once again returned its devious mind to the present. There were armies as great and as vast as those of the actual god Anubis all over this world. There was one right at the hellmouth under its feet, an army of Turok-Han, the most ancient form of vampires. They would serve the First well enough, yet the First knew it would have to first find an acolyte worthy enough to mark as the Firsts champion, so that it may seize that army for itself.

Sunnydale, California… March 1998

One year later…

The First had been searching for little over a year, when it felt the stirrings of an apocalypse in Sunnydale. This would not do, if anyone was going to end the world it would be Evil, not some lowly demon with dreams of grandeur. If in order to prevent this apocalypse meant providing the Slayer with assistance, than the First would provide that assistance. Evil coalesced in the mansion on Crawford Street just as the Champion for the Powers sent Angelus to hell, or was it Angel now? Last evil had heard Angel was running around with the white hats, fighting the good fight right alongside the Slayer.

‘Guess she didn’t know that he was the champion destined to fight against the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart.’ The First pondered as it watched the crushed look on the Slayer’s face, as her boyfriend was sucked into hell. The First had no idea what had happened in the last year in Sunnydale, as it had been searching for a champion, one to hold its essence so that the wheel’s that were set in motion one year ago could blossom into the destruction it sought to reap onto this world. So far the First had met an almost crushing defeat. Growling as it realized it was alone the First set out to follow the Slayer.

Seeing the Slayer and not understanding her turmoil, the First Evil trailed behind her as the Slayer made her way home. The First watched shocked as the Slayer packed a bag and wrote a note to her mother. The slayer folded the note over and placed it on the bed, before jumping out the window and taking off. Evil went to read the note and found itself frustrated over it non-corporeality.

‘Stupid laws of physics!’ The First screeched internally.

Deciding instead of staying here where it could accomplish nothing it followed the Slayer to the grounds of the Sunnydale High School. Instead of meeting her friends, the Slayer stayed back a subdued and beaten creature, and just watched longingly.

The First stared at the warrior of the light and grumbled to itself quite petulantly ‘Well if the Slayer is going to stay here and mope I might as well go eavesdrop’ Evil stopped for a second realizing how much the Slayers essence had rubbed of on its thought patterns, as it made its way over to the others.

The brunette, Evil had to think of her name for a moment, Cordelia asked “any word?”

The First looked back at Buffy standing near the tree, just out of their line of sight, and turned back to the assembled group to discern what happened.

Xander paused a beat and asked “You guys haven't seen her either?”

“No.” The sorceress who reeked of magic (and was that vengeance? the First thought as it shivered with bliss) replied.

The werewolf looked around and stated the obvious “But we know the world didn't end, 'cause...” he paused and looked around once more “…check it out.”

The Watcher took off his glasses and began to polish them and began calmly “Well, we, uh... we went back to the mansion. I-it was empty, um... and Acathla was, was... dormant.”

The First grew perplexed at this statement, ‘what had happened in this town over these past few months? Hadn’t the vampire been sent to ensure that Acathla was prevented from ever drawing the breath that would end this world?’ The First wanted to think on these matters a bit longer, but was cut off from its musings as the sorceress began again.

“I think the spell worked, I felt something go through me.”

“Plus the orb did that cool glow thing” Cordelia said.

Xander sounded as guilty as he looked as he said “maybe she had to kill him before the cure could work.”

Oz looked slightly confused for a second before he said “well, then, she'd wanna be alone, I guess.”

The First again pondered the situation, ‘cured, what did the vampire need to be cured from?’ Before it thought began to focus on spells that required orbs, and brought great vengeance.

Willow looked adamant about the spell, “or maybe Angel was saved, and they wanted to be alone together.”

Giles looked both beat and hopeful as he replied “perhaps.”

Cordelia looked nonplussed “well, she's gotta show up sooner or later. We still have school.”

“Yeah.” Willow said as she began to look around for her, “she'll be here in a while.”

There was a bell in the distance and the group made their way into the school.

The First was now confused, and if there was one thing it hated, it was not knowing what was going on. ‘Well there is only one way to find out what’s going on.’ The First thought darkly as it made its way back to the Slayer. It took its natural form and passed through Buffy, causing her hair to blow back as if there were wind. Suddenly the First knew everything that had happened since it last visited the town and than some, and had left the Slayer feeling worse.

The Slayer planned on leaving, Angel had reverted to Angelus, only to be re-ensouled. This left the First to begin planning on a way to get the Vampire back, hell it would have to get Angel back, even if it was only to thwart the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart’s apocalypse.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Replacement" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Nov 07.

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