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A Troll on Deck

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Summary: Just where did Olaf the Troll end up after Willow sent him into the multiverse? An Answer to Faela's Challenge

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Movies > Pirates of the CaribbeanLadyVulcanFR131439051,2636 Jul 066 Jul 06Yes
Pirates of the Caribbean belongs to the Mouse. Buffy and Co are Joss Whedon's brain children. If either is willing to work out a time share, I'll be first in line!

When the puny, weaving human with too much kohl under his eyes returned to the isle, Olaf was surprised. After all, it was well known that the puny one had left to do battle with the undead that had betrayed him. There must be much strength in the puny one for him to have triumphed and returned with such a wondrous ship and bounteous treasure. Olaf quaffed another tankard of ale with a grin before rising to his feet.


On the morning tide, the Black Pearl would be on her way, skipping across the waves just out of reach of Commodore Norrington’s Dauntless, but tonight her Captain was in search of strong rum and pleasurable company deep in the winding streets of Tortuga’s pirate town. He came to an abrupt halt when a wall appeared in his path. He staggered back a bit in surprise as the wall began speaking.

“Greetings, puny one,” the wall boomed. Jack Sparrow looked up and up and up to finally meet the ‘wall’s’ eyes. His eyes widened when he noticed the horns peeking out of the wall’s unruly hair and the over sized forge hammer propped casually on his broad shoulder. “I am Olaf. I live to pillage and raid when not drinking ale and tupping wenches. I will join your crew.”

Before Jack could think of a response that would not end up with him at the wrong end of that hammer, a shrill voice split the air. “Olaf! You great oaf, you’ve not taken the trash to the midden as I asked. You had better not have gone back to that alehouse with that floozy!”

Olaf winced. “She is worse than Anayanka,” he muttered, casting a wary glance over his shoulder. “Have pity, puny one.”

“It’s Captain, Captain Jack Sparrow,” he said severely, “not ‘puny one.’” The wall’s face fell at his tone. He continued blithely, “You keep that in mind. I don’t tolerate insubordination in m’crew. Be at the Pearl at first light.”

As the pirate captain sidled around the now grinning creature, he chuckled to himself. He could not wait to see Gibbs and Ana Maria’s expressions when they caught sight of the newest crewman. Olaf might not be exactly human, but it would be useful to have someone about who could carry cannon by himself. Besides, formerly undead pirate captains could hardly complain about the occasional troll on deck.

But now for that rum and pleasurable company!

The End

You have reached the end of "A Troll on Deck". This story is complete.

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