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Life's Little Hardships

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Summary: W/Legolas, Response to Jinni's Worst Day Challenge

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Lord of the Rings > Willow-Centered > Pairing: LegolasEenaAngelFR1512,803152,65025 May 0325 May 03Yes
Title: Life's Little Hardships
Author: eena_angel2001
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: W/Legolas
Disclaimer: Don't own any of them.
Spoilers: None really, maybe some season seven.
Summary: Willow has the worst day . . .


1) Main character #1: Willow.
2) Main character #2: Legolas, Aragorn, Logan, Remy, Julian, Richard or Jean-Claude.
3) Willow has had a trying day at work/home/therapy/school. She needs to let off some steam. How does she do this?
4) Include one random act of violence towards any household appliance – stove, dishwasher, blender, etc.
5) Include one of character #2's articles of clothing being dyed a very impressive shade of neon pink.
6) Willow doing some sort of spell that completely and utterly backfires, making her day that much the worse.
7) Character #2 making willow feel better.
8) Can be G-NC17. The higher rated the better at this point.

The ListMum Who Has Lost Her Muses

Her life insisted on sucking.

There was no way around it, it was determined to suck. Nothing she did was making it better, nothing could make it better. Every action taken only led to more suckiness. And today was a prime example of it.

She was going to have a nervous breakdown. It was finally happening to her. After years and years of facing demons, being in danger, and averting apocalypses, she had had it. Today was the day that just tipped the iceberg and she just could not handle it anymore.

It started off not too badly, luring her into a false sense of security. She wasn't exactly cheerful when facing the day, but it wasn't that big of a deal. There was a minor problem that needed to be fixed, but before it could, research had to be done.

And so she had gone off to Xander's apartment, the place that hoarded much of the demon texts and such since the destruction of the Magic Box. As Spike had pointed out more than once, it probably would have been more convenient to have all those things at the Summers' house since they were all always there. However, the risk of a social worker popping by during a research session proved to be too great of a chance. There was no way Buffy could logically explain to anyone why she was allowing her younger sister to read books on the black arts. It was a struggle in itself to keep all the weapons out of
plain sight, but the huge and massive amount of demon texts? And so by default, they had ended up at Xander's.

When she got to Xander's apartment, she wasn't surprised to find the man had gone. It was a weekday after all, he did have a construction company to run. And it wasn't like she didn't have a key, right?

Wrong. Well, she had a key, but she had apparently left it at home. In her hands were the keys to Spike's old crypt, not the apartment. Instead of trying to deal with the headache of driving back to the zoo that was currently the Summers residence, she had opted to use
her magic. One little lock, what could it hurt?

A lot apparently. The spell had backfired, most likely due to her lack of emotional focus. To make a long story short, she burned down Xander's front door. The superintendent had not been pleased with her, or impressed by her rather lame explanation of spontaneous wood combustion.

He had in fact, kicked her out of the building. Luckily she was able to grab most of the important texts before he did so and then scuttled off to the local coffeehouse to pour over them in detail. A small detour was taken to a pay phone to let Anya know that the
meeting place for the research session had been changed. That was when the former demon told her that she wouldn't be coming. Apparently some of the more wild potentials had played hookie from training today, so Anya was out with Buffy searching the town for

Fine. She could handle that. After all, it wasn't like Anya had planned this. If the brunette had a choice, she would be with Willow researching instead of hunting down lost Slayers-In-Training. No offence to the girls, but Anya had had enough of hyperactive and bored fifteen year old girls running about. Willow could sympathize with her, often finding herself at the end of her rope with the SITs. Poor girls, all left stuck lying around the Hellmouth until Giles could find some Watchers for them. There wasn't even any danger anymore, now that the First had been duly defeated. Basically, they were all just lying around, waiting for something to do. Bored out of their minds, the SITs began to try Willow and Anya's patience, and now Buffy's as well . . .

But it was of no matter, because she was going to sit here, in this corner and research. It was going just fine for about three hours, except for the fact that she hadn't found the solution to their current problem. And then IT happened. The final straw.

The clumsy and rather rude waitress dumped hot coffee all over Willow's newly bought peasant blouse. Not only was her shirt ruined, but she was now in a lot of pain. After rushing to the bathroom to wipe most of the scalding liquid off, she had been forced to endure a rather insincere apology from the waitress before being able to just leave. It seemed that there was no haven for her today, no place where she could just sit and read her texts like a normal person. The day was jinxed and Willow had had enough.

And that is how she ended up here, at the Summers house. No haven outside, so she would have to try for inside. And that meant barring all others from her bedroom so she could get some work done. She would padlock her door if that's what it took, but it would happen.

Thinking that had cheered her up, though the feeling was fleeting. Because the minute she opened the front door, their current problem was flung right back in her face.

"Willow!" Dawn came rushing out into the foyer. "Thank God you're back! It's a mess in here!"

She felt the corner of her eye give the slightest twitch before she was able to recover her composure.

"Really?" she managed to choke out, noticing that in her distress Dawn didn't even register the redhead's ragged appearance, ruined shirt, and arm loaded with heavy texts.

"Uh-huh," the teenager nodded, ushering Willow in while looking towards the living room anxiously. "Well, some of the SITs were bored while Buffy and Anya went out looking for Chloe and Amara, so they decided that Lego-Elf needed to give them archery lessons-"

The moan left her lips before Dawn could finish. The younger Summers gave a grimace and then continued.

"And the little guys were hungry, so I decided to let them at the kitchen," she continued in a rush. "And they started eating, and just didn't stop! There's like no food left in the house, they even eat all those cans of sardines and stuff we had. We're cleaned out, and they're still hungry!"

The twitch was back, right at the corner of her left eye.

"And since the Elf was giving archery lessons, the dwarf decided he wanted to give axe lessons, and you probably don't want to see the backyard right now," Dawn ranted. "And you know how all their clothes were filthy and stuff? Well, we gave them a bunch of Xander's clothes and decided to wash all of theirs, but something really weird happened, and all their tunics are pink!"

"Pink?" Willow repeated.

"Pink," Dawn confirmed with a sharp nod. "And then one of the human guys heard the radio and decided to slay it because it was evil. It was not a pretty sight, considering how many sparks and stuff flew out. And then there was the issue of the small house fire that
started as a result of that."

"House fire?" Willow felt as if she was about to faint.

"We put it out," Dawn assured her, not even noticing how pale the redhead had gotten. "But that's not the worst, considering how some of the SITs got into the magic stuff again, and did another little spell and well-"

"What well?" Willow demanded icily. Dawn looked a bit nervous, biting her lip.

"There might be some fictional characters running around out back along with the portal hoppers," the young girl finished weakly. "Fictional characters like Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, who totally panicked, thought we were working for someone named Vault of Worts and then proceeded to blast things. Um, you weren't all that attached to your laptop were you?"

"They pulled fictional characters out of a book?" Willow repeated in a strained whisper. Dawn nodded, and then immediately looked guilty.

"I might have helped a bit," she confessed. "But not intentionally! Anyway, it's been a crazy day here and it would be great if you had the solution. So maybe you should make with the mojo and send everyone home."

But Willow was silent, stalking into the living room to see the extent of the damage. The radio, like Dawn said, was ruined, split in two with a sword still stuck in it. It looked like the sword that Boromir guy had had, so she knew who the culprit was. And just like
Dawn said, the patch of burnt carpet gave evidence of the small house fire.

The couches were a mess, with heaps of pink clothes strewn about and pillows lying all over the floor. There were food wrappers everywhere she looked and she could hear the faint sounds in the kitchen, indicating someone was still looking for food.

Passing by the dining room table, she looked at the smoldering remains of her laptop. It was beyond ruined, it was in pieces.

Walking rather jerkily to the kitchen, the redhead didn't even pause to look at the small people, hobbits they called themselves, who were watching her progress with wide eyes. She knew that her eyes had bled black ages ago, but didn't care to fix them. Inside, she moved to the window, pulling aside the curtain to check on the status of the backyard.

It was in shambles. There were arrows protruding out of every inch of fence and tree in sight. There were quite a few axes as well, along with what looked like a few swords. Her eyes raked over the people in the back, glancing at the dwarf, Elf, and two men dressed
uncomfortably in borrowed clothes before switching her gaze to the giggling SITs, and then finally to the two boys in black robes. There was one SIT on the ground next to them, Emily, who was looking like she was puking up . . . slugs?

Stiffly, Willow pulled away from the window, letting the drapes fall back. She had yet to say a word as she turned, eyes falling on the overloaded dishwasher that someone had turned on despite seeing the door was not completely closed. There were suds bubbling out of the corners, water all over the floor.

Willow approached it rather calmly, not once paying attention to Dawn's calls, the whispering of the hobbits, or even acknowledging when the back door opened and the people outside started trickling in. Her eyes were only on the dishwasher, which she regarded oddly. Her hands were twitching at the sight of the mess, eyes traveling to
the counter and seeing it. The mace.

Before anyone could stop her, she had it in her hands and was swinging at the dishwasher. All her rage and frustration from the day came pouring out as she demolishing the appliance, stopping only when the door fell off.

She ignored the shocked people around her, angry to find despite her outburst, she didn't feel any better. She laid the mace down on the counter, turned on her heel, and made her way to her bedroom.

Once inside, she laid herself on the bed, gazing up at the ceiling. Tears started trickling out of her eyes before she could stop them, and pretty soon, she was crying freely but not trying to hide it.

The door to her room opened and she heard the cautious footsteps taken to her side. But she didn't care to see who the visitor was, just starting her rant as soon as the door closed.

"I'm losing my mind," she started off plainly. "I can't handle any of this anymore. Dealing with the First was enough work, something I hadn't wanted to do, but I did. It seems that's all I ever do, things I don't want but have to for others. And no offence to you guys, but you're all driving me insane. Bored SITs doing spells everytime I dare to close my eyes, pulling people out of other dimensions and bringing fictional characters to life is not good for my mental state. Not only do I have to put up with all of you, I have to find a way to send everyone home while I'm doing it. And as if that wasn't enough, apparently the universe doesn't want me to get any work done today. I forgot the keys to Xander's apartment and then burned his door down. Anya abandoned me to research on my own
because SITs can't be left alone for one minute without someone running off. Then the stupid waitress dumped coffee all over me, burning me and ruining my shirt and then proceeds to laugh about it. And then I come home, find the place in shambles, Emily is puking up slugs, and everyone else goofing off and having fun while I'm going out of my mind trying to fix everything!!!"

There. It was all out in the open. No doubt everyone in the house had heard her screams, and maybe they would understand her emotional state right now. And screaming it all out helped, returning her eyes to their normal green colour. But she still felt like crap.

The bed dipped to the side as the person decided to join her on the bed. She turned, surprised to see the Elf Randa and Amy had pulled from another dimension sitting there. He took her hand in his and gave her a deep look.

"If you would like," he began. "I will slay this evil wait-dress for you."

It was too much, the sincerity and resolve in his face. She laughed, brushing away her tears as mirth overtook her. He frowned, waiting patiently until her display was over.


"Sorry," she managed to gasp. "I'm not laughing at you, it's just that you can't really slay a waitress for being stupid. Trust me, because if you could, that one would have been dead long ago."

"Well, perhaps I can slay something else for you?" he suggested. She shook her head, sighing as she sat up and gave the surprised Elf a hug.

"Thank you," she told him. "That was sweet, in a weird sort of way. But I don't think slaying anything will fix my problems. I still have to explain to Buffy why I killed the dishwasher."

"But do you need anything?" he pressed. "Would you like anything? I am not sure what it is that would make you feel better."

She gave a hollow laugh.

"I think maybe a vacation," she muttered. "But you don't get vacations here on the Hellmouth."

"Than I shall search the earth to bring you one," he announced triumphantly, heading to the door. "You shall have your vay-kay-son, have no fear."

"Wait, Legolas-" but he was out the door before she could explain. Sighing, the redhead got to her feet and trudged to the door hoping to stop him from doing something strange. But it was apparent she wasn't needed.

From here she could hear Dawn trying to explain to the Elf that a vacation wasn't a physical thing you could get for a person, and him promptly demanding that she find a way to make it so. A glance out her window showed slightly chastised SITs running around, prying axes and arrows out of trees and fence posts, while she heard others cleaning up the mess downstairs. Harry and Ron had managed to drag Emily outside and were pointing what had to be their wands at her in what she hoped was an attempt to stop the slugs.

A small smile came to her lips and the redhead made her way back to her bed. Crawling under the covers, she allowed her tense body to relax, the stress of the day rolling off her as she listened to Legolas badger SITs on the status of vay-kay-sons.

It had been a bad day. But at least, it was over.


The End

You have reached the end of "Life's Little Hardships". This story is complete.

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