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A Sun and An Angel...

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Summary: A Tara/Trance ficlet...Could this ray of light be her savior? Could this be the Goddess she had been praying to all these years?

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Television > AndromedalovetruthbellaFR1511,276011,0559 Jul 069 Jul 06Yes
Disclaimers - None of the characters are mine. They belong to their respective owners. And I have no money if you sue ;p

This fic is not mine, but was written by naughtyspacemonkey. She said that I could share it with all of you...

A Sun and An Angel...

When Tara finally opened her wide eyes she felt as if she was floating. The pain she had experienced moments before was gone and she found herself staring up into a bright blue, clear sky. She had never believed much in the aspect of a heaven or hell, which left her wondering where the Goddess had decided to place her. She knew she was dead, there was no doubt that crossed her mind and her head hurt as she thought of Willow.

Tossing that thought aside, as much as it pained her to do so, she finally convinced herself to try and move and as soon as she did, she felt a hand placed on her own. And it was wet. How could it have taken so long for her to notice that she had been floating in water? She probably was recovering from shock of dying. But then who was touching her?

“Don’t move.” A voice that would calm a stampede of angry, wild bulls advised her and Tara complied, but couldn’t resist turning her head in the surprisingly warm water to see who had found her. What met her eyes was a truly beautiful sight. A woman of gold and glitter. Eyes that shone just as bright as a sun. Brown hair that skimmed the surface of the blue-green water. A slight smile that seemed to know exactly what Tara was going through.

Could this majestic ray of light be her savior? Could this be the Goddess she had been praying to all these years?

“Why not?” Tara finally gathered strength to swallow and question the golden woman’s order.
“You fell from the sky. My friends saw you fall from the beach and I saw you as well. You landed here, in the water while I was swimming. I want to make sure you’re not hurt.” The woman explained slowly, but not like a mother talking to her child, but as if the two of them were equals. Tara felt the warm hands trace her body, looking for injuries, searching for something Tara knew was not there.

“Am I okay?” Tara said in her natural soft spoken voice and the stranger turned to her and nodded. Glad she knew how to swim, Tara pulled herself up and, if she stretched, her tip toes just managed to reach the sandy bottom. She stuck to treading water. Now face to face with this new person she could really take in all her beauty.

“How did you get here? Where did you fall from?” the golden woman paused. “What is your name?” she furrowed her brow slightly, but only for a minute. She asked the questions as if she already knew the answer, but wanted Tara to speak for herself.
“My name is Tara Maclay. I’m from Earth. I was standing a bedroom and I got shot. I died and when I opened my eyes, I was here.”
“You died.” The woman tread the water across from Tara and said the two words as more of a statement than a question. “I’m Trance Gemini.”
“You’re beautiful.” Tara couldn’t stop herself from whispering the words she so desperately tried to keep inside and couldn’t help but feel bad, knowing somewhere in her heart she still loved Willow. Trance smiled gently.

“Thank you. You’re quite pretty yourself Tara.” Trance made no movement to get out of the water so Tara did not make the suggestion as she blushed at Trance’s words. She cleared her throat and looked to the sky before asking her next question.
“Are you the Goddess?”
“Yes and no.” Trance responded and swam slightly closer to Tara to hear her better. She spoke so softly. She wasn’t from this time. So why was she here? Could she be a dream? Nevermind those questions, Trance was rather drawn to the feeling of protecting this newcomer.
“Then what are you?”
“A sun.” Trance answered simply. Tara was confused, very confused.
“ s-o-n or s-u-n?” she spelled each word cautiously.
“But how?”
“It’s the way the universes made me.” Trance finally replied and Tara decided that was the best answer anyone had ever given to a question like that. “If you died, how are you here?”

“I wish I knew.” The two women stared at each other in silence, Trance wanting more and more to protect Tara and Tara wanting more and more to kiss this gorgeous stranger to see if her warmth was other places than her eyes and hands. “Can we get out of this water?”
“Of course.” And Trance helped to pull Tara along until they crawled up onto the pleasantly warm sand. The two of them sat quietly, letting the sun warm and dry them. The feeling of sun made Trance smile widely and Tara loved that smile immediately. She was never usually one to move in first, but she couldn’t stop herself. Before anyone had a chance to speak, Tara tenderly placed her lips on Trance’s, letting them linger for only a moment, before pulling away.

Trance turned to her, her eyes wide and her smile not gone but fading. She blinked a few times slowly, like a cat which, where she was from was a sign of affection.
“I’m sorry.” Tara blushed again and gazed at her lap. There abruptly was a hand resting on her cheek. It was so warm and calming and gentle... Tara sighed.
“Don’t be. I’m not mad.” Trance lifted Tara’s head up by her chin and leaned in, the two kissing softly again and again, none of the kisses getting much deeper. They finally stopped and Trance looked at the sky and smiled again.

“What is it?” Tara looked up too, but saw nothing but sky.
“You’re time here is up. Apparently your Goddess got you slightly mixed up with someone else. But she’s coming to get you.”
“Who told you that?” Tara questioned, still searching the sky for something, anything. Trance just simply pointed at the sun in the sky. “Oh.” The two women looked at each other slowly. “Am I ever going to see you again?”
“Probably not.”
“Oh. Just to let you know… I’m never usually so… forward and such. You’re just so warm and beautiful.”
“I know, I know.” Trance nodded, her knees hugged up close to her chest. Tara leaned in and planted a kiss on the golden hand closest to her, taking in the last bit of warmth she could.

Tara was suddenly surrounded in a white light so bright she could hardly see her own hands in front of her. She felt at peace and felt her Goddess calling for her at last. After a flash, Tara had turned into a ball of perfect, glowing, white light.

‘Goodbye Trance Gemini’ the ball whispered before drifting up to the skies.
“Goodbye Tara Maclay.” Trance sighed heavily and started faintly when her comms device beeped. Opening it, she heard the gruff voice of Rhade on the other end.
“Ready to come back?”
“Yes, I am.” Trance stood. There was a pause on the other end as if someone was asking him a question.
“So, who was that girl?” he muttered out. Trance looked up and then out to the water and smiled knowingly. She paused and touched her fingers to her lips for but a moment.

“An angel.”

The End

You have reached the end of "A Sun and An Angel...". This story is complete.

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