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Stargate SG-X

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Summary: Stargate SG-1/X-men crossover. A new team comes to the mountain.

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RiversongFR1587,79712920,95612 Jul 0626 Oct 06No

You Can't Keep a Good Soldier Down

"I'm not getting a pulse," Daniel said as he checked Logan over. "I'm sorry," he continued, looking at the Kitty and Pete.

The group had pulled back to consider their options, as well as check the wounded.

"I don't understand, he should have been dead before the staff blast hit him," Sam said, frowning.

"It's part of his mutation," Kitty said. "Wolverine can heal pretty much anything that gets thrown his way. I've seen him bounce back from worse."

"We must split up," Pete stated, not pausing from scanning the trees for potential problems.

Jack shook his head at that suggestion. "If we split up, there's still no way to get to the gate, and we'll be easier to capture," he said. "Might as well just surrender and let the torture begin."

"Jack," Daniel chided.

"Daniel, he's right. We're already sitting ducks," Sam said. "We can't get to the gate, and the goa'uld in charge must know that. All he has to do is continue sweeping the area."

"I would like to volunteer," Kurt said, appearing from the shadows.

"No," Kitty said, quickly. "SG-1 is right, if we split up, we're more vulnerable, not less, and there's no guarantee you could make the gate safely."

"Together…" he began, but the death-glare Kitty was giving stopped Kurt there.

"We stay as a group until Logan is up again," she stated, in the kind of command tone she rarely used. "The pair of you on point is more than any of us can make up for, and you know it, Kurt."

"You can teleport through a barrier?" Carter asked, clearly intrigued.

"Ja," Kurt said.

"Miss Pryde?" she continued, looking at the younger woman.

"I should be able to phase through it," Kitty replied. "Won't the enemy expect something along those lines?"

"They'll expect us to find a way to break for the gate, yeah," Jack said. "But if they get a hold of you, they'll try to see how you do…" he made a hand gesture. "All that stuff."

"Pete's the only one who can carry Logan," Kitty said. "No chance of building a strong enough litter with what's around. I say we should try to find somewhere defensible and hole up for a while."

"Katya, Kurt has a good point," Pete said.

"I won't leave you to be tortured again," Kitty said, pain evident in her voice.

"I'm not a big fan of it, either," Jack said.

"I believe someone should attempt to send word to Stargate Command," Teal'c intoned.

"We still need to find our missing people," Jack said.

"It is quite obvious what has occurred, O'Neill."

Silence crept in for several minutes while those with differing opinions tried to stare down each other, until Daniel finally raised his voice.

"Um, guys? Have any of you seen Evans?"

"Damn," Jack cursed, and looked around. "Ok, kids, here's what we're going to do. Nightcrawler, I want you to get me numbers and locations of everything larger than an ant in this area, especially between us and the gate. If you can find out where the controls, get us that intel immediately.

"Carter, you and Shadowcat put your heads together on ways to bring down that shield. If the solution involves anything beyond the normal for humans, you ok it by me. Otherwise, don't explain, because I won't be listening.

"We're going to find a place to hole out for a while until we know what we're up against. Daniel, no rocks. Teal'c, with me, everyone else, stay together. Stay in contact, no exceptions. Now, is there anything I need to know before you leave?" The last was addressed to Kurt, who had been exchanging glances with Kitty, though hers was more of a scowl.

"It might be better if I remain with the group until the new position is established," Kurt said. "I cannot simply appear in a place I have not seen."

"Any other excuses?" Jack asked, with a roll of his eyes, though he didn't seem to object to Kurt's limitation.

Pete knelt beside Logan's body, checking his injury and vitals as best he could. The charred hole in his side seemed to be a couple shades lighter, and somewhat smaller, but he still appeared to be dead, or close to it.

"He heals, but there is still damage," Pete said. "Perhaps at the new camp, he will rejoin us." With that, Colossus lifted his team-mate back into a fireman's carry, ready to move as soon as the others did.

"He should be up by now," Kitty murmured as she walked beside Pete.

"Logan will heal, Katya," Pete replied.

"Maybe the weapons interfered somehow? Two shots from a zat are supposed to be instantly fatal."

"I have an idea about that," Carter said, joining them, her eyes still scanning for another ambush. Moving away from the gate decreased their chances of meeting another Jaffa patrol, but it was still risky. "As I understand it, mutants with accelerated healing are just doing what our bodies would do under optimum conditions, though the cell division rate is increased. Any living tissue, with the right nutrients and energy available would heal perfectly every time, if it weren’t for damage from things like pollution or solar radiation. But the zat fires a blast that overpowers the nuclear bonds between atoms. So none of the molecules are quite at their peak condition. Clearly, Wolverine's mutation allows him to recover faster from the disruptive affects, or the second shot would have resulted in death, but it may still be affecting his tissues and their ability to repair injury."

"How long do the effects normally last?" Kitty asked.

"Normally? Being hit with a single blast wears off in a matter of minutes. The initial effects are painful, but it is possible to overcome the paralysis that generally results."

"Just great."


"Ok, people, here's the plan," O'Neill said as they stopped to take a break. "We're cut off from the gate and down two people, one of whom, I'm told, should be back any time now. The other would be our dear Dr. Evans, who we must assume has been reunited with the rest of his team."

"So we can't call home, and we can't find the guys we were here to rescue?" Kitty asked. "I love this job already."

"Listen, kid, can the attitude, because we're in this together, and if we don't stay on top of things, we'll be in just as much trouble as Evans.

"So, the plan. We stick together as much as possible, but try not to leave any sign of our being here. We can't stay near the gate because that's where they'll expect us. Carter, can you tell me anything about that shield doohickey?"

Sam shook her head. "Not really. I didn't see a generator, but then we weren't there for long. If I knew how big the field was, I might be able to extrapolate its location…"

"Not now," O'Neill replied.

As everyone waited for Jack to continue, Logan groaned and started to move. Kitty knelt next to him, concerned for her friend and mentor.

"Don't move, Logan," she warned. "You took one hell of a beating back there."

Sam and Daniel were exchanging glances. "He was dead," Daniel said.

Logan looked at them, then shook his head. "Never lasts."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Stargate SG-X" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Oct 06.

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