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The Knight of Amity Park

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Summary: On her fifteenth birthday, Sam receives a letter and a gift...from her deceased biological father. (Danny Phantom/Knight Rider)

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Cartoons > Danny PhantomBushrangerFR1315140186912 Jul 0612 Jul 06Yes
Summary: On her fifteenth birthday, Sam receives a letter and a gift...from her deceased biological father. (Danny Phantom/Knight Rider)
Disclaimer: Danny's agent is Butch Hartman. Knight Rider is Glen A. Larson's.
Rating: PG
Timing: DP, between seasons two and three. KR, post-series, no movies, no TKR.


"The Knight of Amity Park"

My dear Samantha,

Since you are reading this, this means that it's your fifteenth birthday, and that I am dead. I have asked your grandmother to hold this letter until then, so that you would be old enough to understand, old enough to be able to use the gift I have left you, and also for another reason that will become clear later on.

You may be wondering who I am. You've probably seen Star Wars, so I assure you I am not a Darth anything, but I am your father.

Your mother was the most beautiful and most wonderful woman I ever met. I had retired from my job, which I will mention in a moment, to marry her, so that she, and you would be safe. Regrettably I was wrong.

I was a cop at one time, and after that I worked for the Foundation for Law and Government, you could say as a troubleshooter. Unfortunately I'd made a lot of enemies during the course of my job, and at least one of them didn't care that I didn't work for FLAG anymore. Your mother died, three weeks after you were born, when somebody ran her car off a cliff south of Monterrey.

It hurt me even more than her loss to give you up, but I realized that I couldn't guarantee that you wouldn't become a pawn to be used against me by old enemies. The woman you know as your grandmother was a close relative of an old friend of mine, and I knew that the Mansons could be trusted to keep you safe, and to ensure that you had a healthy, happy childhood. I hope that you can understand and forgive me for doing this, but I could not see any other way to keep you from harm.

There is a gift that I wish you to have, and both myself and my old partner have agreed that you are the most deserving person to receive it. In the box this letter is attached to is what looks like a watch. It is, in fact, quite more than that, and is the first part of your gift. The other part is in safekeeping with FLAG. Contact them, tell them who you are, and show them the watch.

After fifteen years I hope that those who would wish to hurt you are either dead, serving life sentences, or have forgotten who I was and who you are. But if they haven't, you can trust your gift and my old partner to keep you safe.

Happy birthday, Samantha, and I love you.

Your loving father,
Michael Knight

In an underground garage beneath the research-and-development division of DALV Corporation, a yellow scanner began to flash.


Author's Note: This is an "Adopt-A-Plot-Bunny Fic". If you're inspired to add to it or write a sequel(s), don't hesitate.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Knight of Amity Park". This story is complete.

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