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My daughter....the what?

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Summary: A year after Joyce Summer's death, Buffy comes across a letter that changes her life. With Dawn as her sidekick, she heads to New York City to find her birth father. Will the Stabler's accept the slayer and how does Dawn fit in?

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Television > Law and Order: SVU(Past Donor)sevangelFR1837172,4462421335674,06313 Jul 0617 Jun 07Yes
CoA Winner

Chapter One

Title: Chapter 1

Series: My daughter…the what?

Author: Sevangel

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Everything BTVS & AtS belongs to Joss Whedon and Co. Everything Law & Order related belongs to Dick Wolf and co----no copyright infringement implied

Warnings: This is a crossover between Buffy and Law & Order: SVU & CI-while I watch all three shows, I am neither a lawyer nor a police officer. I will attempt to bluff my way through what I mostly understand and what I don’t, I’ll look up but I do not guarantee that my facts will be factual as this is a work of fiction.

Timeline: Takes place AU 1 year post season five; Buffy did die and all that only instead of the Buffybot, they got Faith to come back (how she ‘escaped’ jail will be addressed when I need to). Her and Spike are ‘bumping uglies’. Anya and Xander married, Giles splits his time between Sunnydale and England. Willow did go all magic addict and Tara left her right after Buffy was brought back. Tara is now in a relationship with a deratted Amy. Now, the whole ’Dawn is made from Buffy’ will be addressed but not right away-I have plans for that which won’t happen for a while.
Law & Order: SVU takes place post season 3
Law & Order: CI takes place post season 1
Ages: Buffy & Willow-21, Dawn & Maureen both about to turn 16, Kathleen 13, and the twins are 10---I know these ages aren’t right but I had to play with them a little to get them to work

Pairing: Background pairings (couples that are together but relationships won’t be staged out in this fic): Spike/Faith, Tara/Amy, Xander/Anya, and of course Elliot/Kathy
Main pairings (ones that will come to be in this fic) Buffy/Angel (can’t do any other with these two) Olivia/? (perhaps Giles or Wesley????, input will be welcomed), Willow/Robert Goren (from Law & Order: CI, but not for a good long while)
Any questions, feel free to drop a comment and I’ll try to respond in a timely manner


“B, can I come in?”

Buffy glances up from the piles and piles of paper surrounding her. “Yeah.”

Faith pushes open Buffy’s bedroom door and walks in, skirting around the various boxes everywhere. “You wanna patrol tonight?”

“Not really.” Buffy replies. “I have so much stuff to look through; think you and Spike can handle it?”

“I can handle it on my own, B.” Faith drops down on the little space not occupied by Buffy or papers. “Just wanted to do some sisterly slaying.” She picks up a piece of paper and reads it. “What is all this crap?”

“Everything that mom had in the shop.” Buffy replies. “I’m going through it and trying to organize it as best I can.” Then her voice lowers into a whisper. “It’s the stuff I couldn’t go through right after she died and then I died….”

“B, you don’t have to explain anything to me.” Faith cuts her off. “Why isn’t D helping?”

“Dawnie’s at school, Faith.” Buffy says.

“Oh, yeah.” Faith opens a manila folder and starts thumbing through the papers inside. “Isn’t it summer break yet?”

“Tomorrow.” Buffy sets aside the pile she was looking through and opens another.

“Uh, B.” Faith holds out a folded piece of notebook paper to the lighter slayer. “I think you might wanna read this.”

Buffy takes the letter and immediately reorganizes her mother’s writing. The top of the paper says ‘first draft’ and is dated a few months before Joyce died. After the few first lines, her face pales.

I don’t know if you’ll remember me, I think you will but it has been over twenty years. It’s me, Joyce Smith. This is a letter I should have wrote you a long time ago but I didn’t. My lawyer has hired someone to find you, since I don’t even remember your last name. Hopefully, by the time he does it won’t be too late and I’ll be able to tell you this face to face rather than in my last will and testament.

I have cancer, a brain tumor actually and although the doctor’s are removing it, I just have this feeling that it’s not going to matter in the long run. And because of this, I want to tell you something I should have told you twenty years ago.

You have a daughter. Her name is Buffy and she is twenty. I didn’t find out I was pregnant until after you had already been shipped out and I had returned to California. There are so many excuses that I can give you but none of them make this any better. I did call the base but they refused to give me any information on you.

Then when Buffy was two, I married a man named Hank Summers and he adopted Buffy. I still wanted to find you but I lacked the resources and information to do so. A few years after that, I ran into Sam, your bunkmate, the one that introduced us. He told me you were married and expecting a child. I can say I didn’t want to ruin your life by bringing you a daughter you never knew about but that wouldn’t be the entire truth. I didn’t want to ruin my life. By this time, I was pregnant again and I didn’t want that kind of upheaval in my life.

You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this now and most of it is because I’m almost positive I’m going to die. The other reason is because due to some things I personally found out, Buffy and you both deserve to know each other.

I’m letting you make the first move and I’m not going to tell Buffy the truth; you’ll have to. She’s been hurt too much in her young life and I refuse to tell her about you only to have you want nothing to do with her.

She is a beautiful person; the most unselfish, caring, and brave person I’ve ever met. The things she’s done and the things that have been done to her would break most people. She is also very independent and fiercely protective over those she considers hers.

All in all, our daughter is a wonderful person that anyone would be lucky to know; I hope you get the chance.

Joyce Summers

Buffy folds the letter up neatly and tucks it inside her purse. Then she grabs another folder and starts going through it.

“Uh, B, you gonna say anything?” Faith questions after about ten minutes of silence.

“About what?” Buffy doesn’t look up from the papers in her hand.

“About your damn father.” Faith practically shouts. “B, don’t pretend this didn’t get to you cause I know it did.”

“Clearly he wants nothing to do with me seeing as he hasn’t responded.” Buffy says unemotionally.

“Your mom said that she didn’t know his last name or anything; maybe the lawyer guy hasn’t found him yet.” Faith points out.

Buffy’s hands pause.

“Look, all I know if I had the chance to find out who my father was, I would take it.” Faith says. “Even if he didn’t want to know me, I would still just want to see him, at least once. And you can act as uninterested as you want, but I know you well enough that you’ll want the same thing. Now, I’m gonna go find Spikey and get in a bit of patrol before we come back and help you finish packing up the house.”

“Okay.” Buffy agrees, not looking up as Faith leaves the room. Instead she takes the folder that Faith had and opens it up to see more paper with her mother’s writing on it. One page is another letter, various things scratched out like Joyce couldn’t figure out what she wanted to say. And there’s a napkin that her mom must have jotted down on when she was trying to remember things. All it has is a city in New York, what has to be some kind of military base, a date, and the name Elliot. Buffy’s guessing it’s what her mother gave her lawyer for him to find this Elliot man.

Not letting herself think about it, Buffy grabs the cordless phone and calls her mother’s lawyer.


“Buffy?” Dawn shuts the kitchen door and almost drops her book bag in shock; her big sister, the slayer, is actually cooking. “Is the world ending?”

“Very funny.” Buffy rolls her eyes. “Come help me; we’ve got things to discuss.”

“I didn’t do it.” Dawn defends.

Buffy smiles, seeing so much of herself in Dawn. For a while, she thought the monks meant they made Dawn just out of her blood completely but after Xander pointed out that if that were true, Dawn should be her clone, Buffy then just assumed they took her genes, mixed them around a bit, and made Dawn that way. Which would mean Dawn really is her sister, just not born naturally. Which also means Elliot is Dawn’s father too.

“I wasn’t accusing you of anything.” Buffy takes the two pans of lasagna out the oven and turns around to look at Dawn. “I found some things when I was going through mom’s stuff.”

“What kind of things?” Dawn asks, doing a little dance as she tosses cut up carrots into the huge bowl of salad mix.

“That Hank Summers isn’t my father.” Buffy says bluntly. “Which means he isn’t your father either.”

Dawn drops a cucumber in shock.

“Apparently, mom had me a couple years before she even met da..Hank and once they married, he adopted me.” Buffy explains. “And since you’re made out of me, it means you’re part Elliot too.”

“Elliot?” Dawn questions in a daze.

“Our birth father.” Buffy replies as the front door opens and shuts. “That’d be the gang; send everyone into the dining room and I’ll be in there in a sec.”

Still in a daze, Dawn walks out to the foyer and leads the scoobies into the dining room. Anya and Xander sit next to each other and across from Giles and Willow. Spike plops down on Willow’s other side and pulls Faith onto his lap which leaves two chairs empty for Buffy and Dawn.

“Dawnie, are you okay?” Willow asks, noticing the rather lost look on the key’s face.

“Uh huh.” Dawn mutters. “I’m very glad school is out.”

“Dawn, are you on drugs?” Xander asks.

“Yes, I passed everything.” Dawn says, dropping down into her chair. “Thanks for asking.”

“Buff, I think Dawnie’s on drugs.” Xander says to the light haired slayer.

Buffy sets the two pans of lasagna onto the table. “No, she’s just in shock at learning our father isn’t really Hank Summers.”

“What?” Five voices shout.

“Seems Mrs. S had dear little B outa wedlock.” Faith says with a grin.

“Raise your hand if you’re confused.” Xander says.

Six hands shoot up into the air.

Buffy looks around the table and sits down with a smile. “Let’s eat.”


“Buffy, I believe you owe us some type of explanation.” Giles sips at his cup of tea, saying what he knows everyone else is thinking.

“Cliff notes version, mom got pregnant by some guy named Elliot, had me, married Hank Summers who adopted me, and never told Elliot. Then she got to feeling all guilty when she got sick and decided to tell him. I found a rough draft of a letter she sent him.”

“She did send one?” Faith questions. “How do you know that?”

“I called her lawyer.” Buffy explains. “Apparently, it is not so easy to find a person when you only have their first name, a few dates, and the place they did basic training at.”

“Basic training?” Xander questions.

“He was in the marines.” Buffy replies. “That’s all mom’s lawyer would tell me. He didn’t even want to tell me that much but I kinda may have threatened to maybe hurt him. And after all the times mom had to call him about me and my ‘behavioral issues’ I guess he’s kinda scared of me. So, anyways, lawyer guy said it took them a year to get the clearance to access the marines’ records or something like that. It boils down to the fact that the letter mom wrote him is being delivered in a few days.”

“They found him?” Willow asks curiously.

“Yeah but he wouldn’t tell me who he is.” Buffy rolls her eyes. “Mom’s wishes or some such. Apparently, mom didn’t want us hurt if Elliot wanted nothing to do with us so she clearly stated I was to be told nothing about him unless Elliot himself specified he wanted me to be told. Which, my bestest buddy Willow, is why I need a huge, gigantic favor.”

“Give me whatever you have and I can probably find him by tomorrow at the latest.” Willow says, knowing what Buffy wants.

“Really?” Buffy asks, looking rather nervous.

“Yeah.” Willow replies. “It’s not like I’m going to wait for clearance. It won’t be the first time I’ve broken into military records and I highly doubt it’ll be the last.”

“Thank you.” Buffy pulls the napkin out of her pocket and hands it to Willow. “So, now that I’ve fed all of you and stuff, who’s helping me finish packing up the house; we gotta be out by next week.”

“Buffy, do you know where you’re going to go?” Giles asks. “Not that you and Dawn can’t stay with me as long as you want, but I assumed you’d want to get your own place.”

“Maybe.” Buffy stands up and starts clearing the table. “We’ll see how everything goes.”


“Can I help you?” Captain Don Cragen asks the man standing just inside the Manhattan’s 16th precinct.

“Looking for Elliot Stabler.” The man replies.

“Elliot.” Cragen indicates to a man sitting a few feet behind him.

“Yeah?” Elliot stands up and looks at the man beside Cragen.

The man walks over and hands Elliot a clipboard. “Sign here.”

Eyebrows furrowed, Elliot scrawls his name across the line.

“You’ve been served.”

Elliot takes the envelope handed to him, confusion flooding his face. “What is this?” He questions but the man is already gone.

Olivia Benson looks over Elliot’s shoulder at the manila envelope in his hand. “Who do you know in California?”

“No one.” Elliot turns the envelope over and starts opening it.

“Then why is a law firm there sending you something?” Olivia questions.

“What law firm?” ADA Alex Cabot questions as she steps into the room.

“Willis & Black.” Elliot pulls off the business card stapled to the front of the envelope and hands it to her. The first group of papers he pulls out is what appear to be the ’Last Will and Testament’ of one Joyce Summers. He attempts to read the first part but gives up. “Alex?”

Alex takes the papers from Elliot and thumbs through them.

Elliot pulls out a folded piece of notebook paper and after the first two lines, realizes who Joyce Summers is. It’s Joyce Smith, the girl he dated during and right after basics. She was three years older than him and was doing some kind of summer intern at a college a few blocks from where he was stationed. Damn, he hasn’t thought about her in well over 15 years; not since he met and fell in love with Kathy. He can’t understand why she would be leaving him anything in her will. Their relationship was nothing but a summer fling; he was about to be shipped off and she wanted to have some fun after all work she’d been doing in school. Then he reaches the third paragraph and has to sit down when his knees almost buckle. He’s always wondered what it feels like to be in shock and he has to say, it’s just like he thought it would be. He can hear his heart pounding in his ears and there’s a blur over his eyes. It feels like he’s not really there, like he’s standing outside and watching everything.

“Elliot, if I’m reading this right, which I know I am.” Alex says. “Then you have a….”

“Twenty year old daughter I’ve never met or knew about.” Elliot interrupts in a daze.

“What?” Olivia grabs the letter out of Elliot’s lax hand and quickly reads through it. “Oh, my god.”

John Munch reads over Olivia’s shoulder. “Actually, she’s probably twenty-one now, this letter was written about a year and a half ago.” He comments.

Elliot glares at him. “I have a daughter.”

“Technically, you have four now.” Munch corrects.

“Munch.” Cragen warns, seeing the shocked look on Elliot’s face.

“I need to tell Kathy.” Elliot stumbles to his feet. “And the kids.”

“Elliot, wait.” Alex stops him.

“No, no waiting.” Elliot argues. “I have to tell my family and then find my daughter.”

“How do you plan on finding her?” Alex questions.

“I’m a cop, Alex.” Elliot replies. “I can find one girl; not only that, I can just call that law firm…”

“There are certain forms you have to fill out and fax to them.” Alex indicates to a few pages stapled to the back of the will. “Then and only then will the law firm give you any information on her.”

“I have to tell Kathy.” Elliot repeats as though he’s in daze.

“Alex, you and Olivia fill out the forms.” Cragen orders. “Between all of us, we should know pretty much anything they’ll ask. Munch, you and Finn drive Elliot home.”

“I can drive.” Elliot protests.

“Elliot, you’re in shock.” Olivia says. “You know better than anyone not to drive under those circumstances.”

After a second, Elliot nods and follows Munch and Finn out of the precinct.

Olivia sits down and takes the form Alex hands her. “I can’t believe Elliot has a twenty-one year old daughter.”


“John, what’s going on?” Kathy Stabler asks after opening the front door and finding one of her husband’s coworkers on her doorstep. “Did something happen to Elliot?”

“Yes.” Munch replies and then holds up a hand when Kathy starts to panic. “He’s fine.”

“Where is he?” Kathy questions, her heart pounding in her chest.

“Currently he is emptying his lunch into your rose bush.” Munch replies. “Finn’ll bring him in when he’s done.”

“What’s going on, John?” Kathy asks again.

“I’ll leave that for Elliot to explain.” Munch tips his hat at her and opens the front door for Elliot and Finn. “And here he is.”

“See ya later.” Finn pushes Elliot towards his wife.

“Yeah.” Elliot grunts, staggering over to the couch like an old man.

Kathy sits down beside her husband, her hands wringing in her lap. “Elliot, baby, what’s wrong?”

Elliot holds out a folded piece of paper.

Kathy takes the paper from him and carefully unfolds it. As she reads the first two paragraphs, she can’t help the jealousy that churns her stomach. Then she gets to the third paragraph and almost drops the letter. She finishes it rather quickly after that and then folds it back up. She sets it down on the side table next to the couch and then leans against Elliot’s side. “When are you going to call her?”

“You’re not pissed?” Elliot asks softly.

“It was years before we met.” Kathy replies. “I can’t get upset about your past; I have one of my own.”

Elliot kisses her forehead. “Thank you.”

“For what?” Kathy leans her head against his shoulder.

“Being you.” Elliot murmurs. “For understanding that I have to do this; I have to find my daughter.”

“I wouldn’t have understood if you didn’t want to find your daughter.” Kathy replies. “I know you Elliot; you’re a good a man and a wonderful father. There is no way you wouldn’t look for your child; it’s one of the reasons I love you.”

“How are we going to tell the kids?” Elliot asks Kathy.

“Tell the kids what?” Maureen bounces into the room, her pony tail swinging back and forth. “Oh, god, you’re not getting divorced, are you?”

“Of course not.” Kathy assures her. “Where are your brother and sisters?”

“Right behind me.” Maureen replies. “What do you have to tell us?”

“Sit down, Maureen.” Elliot orders. “I’m not explaining this until all four of you are here.”

Maureen rolls her eyes and plops down on the couch across from her parents. She picks at the black nail polish on her fingernails, growing bored after only a few seconds.

“Kids, in here.” Elliot yells.

“Dad?” Dickie questions. “What are you doing here?”

“I live here.” Elliot replies.

“Duh.” Dickie rolls his eyes. “I meant what are you doing home now?”

“Yeah.” Maureen sits up straight. “It’s only 4pm, shouldn’t you be at work?”

“I was.” Elliot kisses his two daughter’s foreheads as they walk past him. “Alright, I have something to tell you and I’d appreciate it if you wait until I’m done before freaking out, okay?”

“Whatever.” Maureen mutters, scooting down in her seat.

“Yeah.” Dickie and Elizabeth chirp together.

“Yes.” Kathleen agrees.

“Okay.” Elliot looks at Kathy, unsure how to start.

“You all know your father enlisted in the Marines when he was 18.” Kathy starts for her husband.

“Yeah?” Maureen answers for all of them. “What’s going on, mom?”

“There was a girl, a woman actually.” Elliot leans back against the couch, his arm thrown around Kathy’s shoulders. “Her name was Joyce. She was an art student for some college in California, I don’t remember much more than that about her, oh, and that she was three years older than me. We dated on and off the summer before I was doing basics, mostly on weekends and when we could sneak out at night.”

“Did you love her?” Maureen questions.

“No.” Elliot replies honestly. “It wasn’t about love. It was just a bit of fun before I shipped out and Joyce had to go back to school.”

“Then why are you telling us?” Kathleen asks.

“Because I just found out I had a daughter with her.” Elliot bluntly says. “She’s twenty-one now.”

Four mouths drop open.

“Look, I know what you’re thinking.” Elliot says. “I didn’t know about her. I only found out a few hours ago when a messenger brought me some stuff from a law office in California. Joyce passed away recently and left some things for me in her will.”

“A daughter?” Maureen shrieks. “She left you a daughter?”

“Maureen.” Kathy warns.

“Mom.” Maureen drags out the word.

“Your father didn’t do this to ruin your life.” Kathy says. “He’s in as much shock as the rest of us and needs your support not your accusations.”

“Support in what?” Elizabeth asks.

“I’m going to contact Buffy.” Elliot replies.

“Buffy?” Elizabeth giggles.

“Your sister.” Kathy replies.

“Her name is Buffy?” Maureen sneers.

“Yes.” Elliot replies. “Do you have a problem with that?”

“No.” Maureen mutters. “Can I go now?”

“You don’t have anything to say?” Kathy asks her eldest.

“What can I say?” Maureen replies. “He’s going to do whatever he wants no matter what we say.”

“He is your father.” Kathy says sternly. “And you, young lady are seconds away from being grounded.”

“Whatever.” Maureen rolls her eyes.

“Upstairs.” Kathy orders. “Now.”

Maureen sees the look in her mother’s eyes and heaves to her feet. Then, stomping away loudly, she goes upstairs to her room.

“Now, do any of you have something to say?” Kathy asks the three remaining kids.

“Do we get to met her?” Dickie asks.

“I hope so.” Elliot replies. “I really hope so.”

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