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Finding a place to fit in

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Summary: Buffy, Willow, and Xander all get Hogwarts letters. It takes place in H.P. Goblet of Fire will be mostly true to GoF with some tweaking towards the movie. The main pairing is Buffy/Viktor. Special notice from author: beta desperately needed

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Viktor Krum(Past Donor)InvisibleAFR151012,30013820,35614 Jul 062 Mar 09No

Chapter 10 Rituals, Inheritance and Goblins

Chapter 10 FAPTFI

Rituals, Inheritance and Goblins

A.N. I'm still looking for a beta, so if anyone wants to be a beta let me now in a review. Since I'm graduating I'm trying to finish this by the end of the summer.

After leaving the rest off the Scoobies and Roy in the care of a goblin. Shamus then led Buffy and Giles down many different halls, until he finally led them into a massive room with marble floors and marble columns with gold on them.

“This is the office of the bank president Zalman who is expecting you he will explain the ritual to you Miss Summers, Mr. Giles I have to leave good day!”

“Are you sure your ready for this Buffy?” Giles asked

“As ready as I can be Giles let the fun begin” said Buffy as an older looking goblin came in.

“Miss Buffy Summers and Mr. Rupert Giles I presume?”

“Yes But please drop the Miss Summers And call me Buffy” Buffy replied while sticking out her hand for Zalman to shake.

“Of course Buffy” Zalman replied while shaking her hand.

“And you must be Zalman I am Rupert Giles” Giles also held out his hand to shake Zelman's.

“Yes and if you would both follow me ill explain to you what the ritual entitles” Zalman said motioning them to follow him.

“Know the ritual is quite simple Buffy will have to prick her finger with a ceremonial dagger and drop a few drops on a tapestry. Which has many charms and Wiccan spells on it to revel every member of your family, even if they have been disowned since you can overturn the disownment as the new Patriarch”

“So a few drops off blood are it? Then why couldn’t we do it earlier?” Buffy asked.

“While the ceremony takes only a few minutes going over the properties, stock and vault contents will take much longer.” Zalman answered

“Oh so after this we are going to look at all that?” Buffy asked

“If you wish or we could go over the summery off it all and I will brief you on what I know of your new accusations.”

“What?” Buffy asked.

Pinching the bridge of his nose Giles replied.

“It means your new possessions, items ect.”

“Okay” Buffy replied.

Soon they arrived at the room that the ritual would take place. There was a humongous tapestry flung over an enormous table with a steel dagger on top off it.

“Know” Zalman said.

“Mr. Giles if you would stand at the other end of the table and tell us when you see the names Orion & Elizabeth Black and the parent lines above it with there names. Buffy you stand at this end and prick a finger with the dagger and allow 3 to 4 drops off blood to fall on the tapestry. Then you can heal the prick.”

“All right let’s get this done I so want to go shopping” Buffy replied as Giles made his way to the other end off the table. Taking the dagger Buffy pricked her left pointer finger and let four drops off blood heal before healing the cut silently.

“I see Orion and Elizabeth Black” Giles said.

“Good then everything is in order” snapping his fingers Zalman shrunk the tapestry and handed it to Buffy. Silently Buffy took it putting it into her pocket to look at later.

“Know lets return to my office and I will give you a summery off your holdings” Zalman said.

“Yeah lets get this done” Buffy replied as they walked back through the maze of hallways to Zalmans’ office. After arriving they took their seats in the office as Zalman retrieved two large binders, one was black with silver lettering while the other was blue with silver lettering.

“Now this binder” He said as he motioned to the black one.

“Is a summery of the Black family in England, while the other is a summery of Orion blacks properties. The first page off each is a summery off your properties and holdings,” Zalman said as he handed Buffy the blue binder first.

It read:

Orion Blacks’ assets

(England black family assets not included)

Vaults All:

Total Gallons 60,500,000

Trust 500,000 Gallons

Savings 60,000,000 Gallons

Annual income from partnerships 25,000 gallons

Total dollars 302,500,000

Annual income from partnerships 125,000 dollars

Family Heirlooms not included


40% Grayham Books located in NY annual income 10,000 gallons

10% Amelia’s Apothecary located in San Francisco annual income 2,500 gallons

50% Familiars & More located in Florida annual income 12,500 gallons


Riverblossem, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathes located in Rural NY has multiple wards including modified Fidelius charm

Aurelia’s place, 7 bedrooms, 6 bathes located in San Francisco has multiple wards including modified Fidelius charm

Penthouse, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathes located in Muggle NYC has many protection charms

Vacation house, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathes located in Florida has multiple wards including modified Fidelius charm

Buffy was silent for a while Giles was starting to worry when all of a sudden she jumped up and hugged him exclaiming.

“Wow OMG Giles I’m rich! This is great Giles!” Buffy yelled excitedly as she hugged him, then Zalman, then Giles again.

Giles mouth dropped open when he saw how much money his slayer had.

“Buffy please there is another binder” Zalman reminded her.

“And if I’m right the English Blacks were either about the same or richer” Zalman answered.

“You mean I could be richer?” Buffy asked.

“Its quite possible” Zalman replied.

As Buffy's jaw dropped as Zalman took the blue binder back and handed her the black one.

It read:

English Blacks Assets

(Orion Blacks assets not included)

Vaults All:

Total Gallons 70,000,000

Trust 900,000

Savings 69,100,000

Annual income from partnerships 35,000 gallons

Total dollars 350,000,000

Annual income from partnerships in dollars 175,000

Family heirlooms not included


50% Rare Artifacts annual income 20,000 gallons

45% Jumbles Jokes annual income 15,000 gallons


12 Grimmauld Place in London, England 8 bedrooms, 7 bathes has multiple wards including Fidelius charm

Black family ancestral castle in Ireland, 10 bedrooms, 12 bathes has multiple wards including Fidelius charm

Villa in Italy, 6 bedrooms, 5 bathes has multiple wards including Fidelius charm

Vacation home in Spain, 6 bedrooms, 5 bathes has multiple wards including Fidelius charm

Château in Paris, France, 7 bedrooms, 6 bathes has multiple wards including Fidelius charm

Buffy looked at Giles then nearly fainted.

“Oh dear” Giles said after he caught Buffy and saw the summery for himself.

After both had recovered from the shock, Zalman continued.

“Now Orion and Elizabeth were very smart knowing that there descendent's may be prejudice like Orion’s own parents they made up a clause on there descendent's. While they are provided for only a heir who accepts there heritage and Graduates from a magical form of schooling is allowed access to the family vaults. Since Miss Summers is accepting of her heritage she still needs to complete her schooling until then you are only allowed to access 1,000 gallons per month for your expenses.”

Meanwhile the rest of the Scoobies after having ridden down to their vaults already were anxiously waiting for Buffy and Giles to return. Xander's Uncle pulled him aside to ask him something.


“Yeah Uncle Roy”

“Since I missed your birthday this year to make it up to you would you like to go to the Quidditch world cup?”

Pretending to think about it Xander answered

“Off course I would this will be great! When is it?”

“At the beginning off August we would have to leave early to get there its being hosted in England this time.” Roy replied

“Cool so off to the land off tweed and tea then” Xander said


“So who’s playing?” Xander asked

“Ireland vs. Bulgaria it should be an interesting match, Krum is an excellent seeker but the Irish chasers are excellent too”

“So its up to luck then?”

“Pretty much” Roy replied as they rejoined the rest off the Scoobies.

Back in Zalmans office Giles had woken Buffy.

“So I’m really rich know?” Buffy asked

“Yes Miss Summers you are” Zalman replied

“So how do I use these Gallons in the muggle world?”

“We have a system we will set up an account in the muggle world and give you a debit/credit card that comes from your account here. We here at Gringotts will make sure you have all the funds you need in the account.” Zalman replied

After setting up a muggle account Buffy and Giles went to Buffy's vault. After filling up her moneybag they went to rejoin the rest off the Scoobies in the lobby.

“So guys you ready to go shopping?” Buffy asked

Meanwhile back in Bulgaria.

Viktor and his teammates were practicing as hard as they could. They were leaving for the Quidditch world cup in a few days, which was being held in England. The past few weeks all it was all he could do to get up in the morning tonight their practice had been cut short Viktor’s thoughts wondered to the increase in letters lately his fan letters had increased he had taken to burning the rather racy ones with panties in them he had to wonder though, where do they find these things?

While some of Viktor’s teammates may take these girls up on their offers Viktor did not, he was entering his last year at Durmstrang and was entering the Tri-wizard tournament this year. He was hoping to find a girl there who wasn’t obsessed with his fame someone who would see him rather than just look at him. Shaking himself from his thoughts Viktor settled down to sleep dreaming of a girl with more substance to her then the airheads who kept sent him their panties in the mail.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Finding a place to fit in" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Mar 09.

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