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Finding a place to fit in

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Summary: Buffy, Willow, and Xander all get Hogwarts letters. It takes place in H.P. Goblet of Fire will be mostly true to GoF with some tweaking towards the movie. The main pairing is Buffy/Viktor. Special notice from author: beta desperately needed

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Viktor Krum(Past Donor)InvisibleAFR151012,30013820,35614 Jul 062 Mar 09No

Chapter 1 Summer Vacations

Challenge 1609


A.N. this goes Au after season one of Buffy and the third book of Harry Potter

A.N. 3/31/08 having decided to go over at least the first five chapters in an effort to make the story flow better i am saying in this story Buffys name on her Birth certificate is Elizabeth but she has allways been called buffy, also for the sake of my sanity Xanders' uncle is nick-named Roy

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Harry Potter they belong to their respective Guinness’s J.K. Rowling and Joss Wheadon

Chapter 1

Summer Vacation

A month after the Master’s death

Buffy was spending her first summer vacation with her dad after the divorce. Her dads visits had become less frequent in the last year and she was wondering why? Was it her or something else? She couldn't shake the nightmare that it was some how her fault.

She had been trying to get closer to her dad all summer, but he spent most of his time either working or with as she liked to call her the “bimbo Barbie” not that she ever called her that to her face,she was wise enough by now to know that her dad would take Barbie's side over hers even if she was right.

It hurt alot that he didn’t want to be around her. He had started to lessen the time he spent with her shortly after she turned eleven working, later he claimed for a promotion. She had her doubts about it though as a teen he threw money at her to shop, so she learned to act the part of a blonde airhead hoping to appeal to him, it had almost worked till she was called. He was working this summer and when he wasn't he was with Barbie, he had given her access to his credit cards and told her to have fun shopping, so Buffy had tried to forget the Master and everything after it didn’t work, she decided to work out make her self the best slayer she could be so that she would live longer than most slayers did. She made a promise to herself, she was going to graduate high school and go to college and try hard to get a scholarship. Buffy decided to buy some new clothes, shoes and secretly weapons she could really use a new crossbow.

As she lay down thinking about these things, she heard a tapping it couldn’t be her dad or “bimbo Barbie”.
When she looked out her window and almost screamed, there was an owl out side her window with a letter tied on its foot.
“Well this is odd even for me” she muttered to herself as she opened the window to let the owl in.

Sunnydale, California Restfield Cemetery

Xander knew it was not safe to be out at night in Sunnydale, especially in a cemetery but after his dad started ranting a bout his mom being a witch he decided to get out of there before it became ugly. Normally, he would have headed to Willows or Giles but after his dad gave him a black eye he didn’t want to worry them. Xander decided to go to his moms’ brother Roy’s apartment, Uncle Roy was the only relative he knew of on his moms’ side and the only decent one he had. Roy normally lived in Napa, California but kept an apartment in Sunnydale. After getting there with out incident a miracle in it self, Xander let himself in with his key flopping down on the couch. Xander thought about the last year if you had told him a year ago that a 5”5 hot blonde girl would protect him from vampires one of whom was his best friend Jesse, he would have called in the men in white coats. Know though, he knew that the Slayer or as he knew her Buffy did in fact do that and that magic, vampires and all the things that you were afraid of as a kid existed.

Xander heard a tapping at the window that’s strange I’m on the second floor probably nothing he though but again he heard the tapping getting a stake from his coat he went to the window.

Sunnydale, California Crescent Street

Willow was finishing up her extra credit work from her teachers from next year. Her parents were speaking at another convention this time in Maine, it didn't really bother Willow anymore being on her own all the time now that she knew Buffy she felt her eyes were opened more to the world around her, especially since she had found out all the things from her nightmares as a kid were real. Willow was mussing over the fact she hadn't heard from her best friend Buffy at all this summer. She’s probably forgotten all about me she hasn’t even called Willow Muttered to herself. Suddenly, Willow heard a tapping at her window cautiously approaching it she saw an owl with what looked like a letter. Cautiously opening the window slowly she screamed nearly fainting, as the owl flew in and landed on her dresser.
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