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Summary: Xander makes a visit to Willy's Alibi Room to try and escape the pain, and ends up meeting the girl of his dreams… literally.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR18714,6161314464,41014 Jul 0623 Jul 10No


Joe's Note: Going through the SD card I keep my stories on - which makes a lot more sense if you have a MacBookPro and know they have an SD slot and therefore know they're a cheaper alternative to thumbdrives - I started finding stories that are both incomplete and have either a full or half chapter written that's not posted. So I polished off some half-written chapters and then posted everything. As of right now, this is the fourth story getting an update simultaneously, possibly the fifth or sixth update total depending on whether or not I finish the second partial chapter of Blue Belle or not before I dump this all on to TtH.

     Reaching over, Felicia nonchalantly grabbed a pair of peppers and an onion and kept working on dinner. "Well, I was talking to Tara today and she asked if I'd get you to have sex with her. And I told her I'd try. So it'd be kinda awkward to keep bringing home Faith while I'm trying to talk you into letting Tara into our bed. Or, well, I suppose we can keep having Faith over but we'll need to make sure she knows it's not an exclusive arrangement so she doesn't flip out when she finds out about Tara."

     "Oh. Okay." That made a lot of sense, actually. Wait a minute. Xander's brain replayed those statements. "You want me to what?"

     Looking back over her shoulder, Felicia shook her head before saying the words slowly, as if explaining something to a small child. "I want you to have sex with Tara. And me, because you know I don't like playing voyeur for too long. But mostly Tara. She'd only get you the one night and I get you every night, so I figure I should be generous and let her have the bigger helping."

     Xander shook his head in disbelief. "That's what I thought you said. I was just making sure I hadn't slipped into a naughty coma fantasy or died and gone to heaven or something." He paused, thought about it for a moment, and shook his head again. "What… why… how… where did this come from? Because I'm not sure whether I should be outraged or turned on that you're trying to pimp me out to hot girls…"

     Grinning, Felicia turned away so she could go back to minding the stove. "Well, the idea was all Tara's, actually. It turns out that finding out that Willow was messing with her mind has left her questioning a lot of things. And seeing 'herself' with you has given her a few new ones. Mainly whether she's lesbian or bi. So since you seem to like the her-shaped-me, she figured you wouldn't mind a chance with the real her so she can find out. And she's willing to pay for the privilege."

     "Huh. Go me. Even lesbians want to save a horse and ride a Xander." Xander slid up behind Felicia, hugging her from behind as he watched her cook dinner. Something with chicken and pasta that would soon include peppers and onions as well. Looked good to him, but then again anything she cooked did. "Payment, though? I'm not sure that's good kinky. Because I was totally joking about the pimping thing; that would be seriously weird. Besides, even if it wasn't, she barely had enough for tuition and books last time I heard. And that was before she moved back in with Willow in the House of Red Ink."

     Pulling out of his arms as she moved a few feet to the side, Felicia grabbed a knife and the rhythmic thump-thump-thump of her chopping filled the kitchen. "No money. Tara's convinced she can make me a magic necklace that's better than my collar. With a few little crystals that would let me store shapes, so I could turn into people on demand. And I kinda feel like I owe her, with the whole borrowing her body and all."

     Xander thought about that for a moment before shrugging. After their little bout of open house with Faith, the idea of bringing home another girl they knew wasn't as strange as it could have possibly been. There was just the problem of… "So what, Tara and I are gonna make like bunnies while you and Willow watch TV? Wait, no, you said you were going to have sex with me too. So what, you guys think Willow is going to sit there and let her girlfriend cheat on her with me? Because even discounting the weird of that, Willow and I… there's more history there than even Faith and I have."

     "Yeah, I know. Actually… Willow doesn't need to find out about this." Xander opened his mouth to protest and Felicia set the knife down before turning and putting one hand over his mouth. "Just let me explain first, okay? The only reason Tara even asked is because of the mind magic Willow was performing on her. She's really insecure about almost everything about herself, including her sexuality. She just wants a chance to see if she's really a lesbian or if she's bi and Willow squashed her interest in men to eliminate some of the competition. Can you really blame her for wondering, with what Willow did to her? Or blame her for not wanting Willow to know about it?"

     Considering he had no real desire to end up a rat because Willow found out he got horizontal with the real Tara, he could definitely get on board with their 'don't tell Willow' plan. But still. Xander sighed. As much as he wanted to help Tara, especially since he, like Felicia, felt he owed her for the way they used her form, there was still enough residual loyalty to his best friend - or at least the version of her he'd grown up with, before she pulled away to be Buffy's best friend and decided that magic was the solution to all of life's problems - to make him extremely unhappy with the idea. "I don't know about this…"

     Felicia finished the preparation of the onions and peppers, scraping them off the cutting board and into the frying pan. "So us paying Tara back and Tara helping me isn't enough of a reason for you? Alright, what do you want? I'm not sure how she'll feel about us extorting more out of her, so it'd probably be better if it's something from me. Hmm. I can turn into someone new for a night, just to spice things up. That Vala woman on Stargate that you keep drooling over? I know how much you love pulling pigtails. Seven of Nine? Or I think I'm maybe two or three tries away from my body managing a full shift into some of those Star Wars aliens we've tried." She picked up a wooden spoon and tapped it against the edge of the pan several times before perking up and pointing it at him. "Oh! You've always had a thing for Willow, even if you're not too thrilled with her lately. What do you think of sticking it to her literally before we do it metaphorically?"

     "…you know, you were doing good right up until that last one." With a sigh, Xander ducked his head. Considering everything Felicia did around the house for him, he felt about as comfortable asking her for payment as he would asking Tara herself. If anything, he owed her and if she wanted to collect by asking him to have sex with another woman… who was he to argue? Finally he let out another sigh, this one of defeat. "Promise me something?"


     "If I get turned into a rat by Willow, I want a nice Habitrail. Assuming she doesn't turn you into one too."

     Sitting on the edge of her bed, Tara watched Willow mutter to herself as she dug through Tara's half of the closet. Or rather, it looked like Willow. It had been one heck of a shock to have Willow go off to school that morning in a sweater and jeans, only to return a mere hour later in enough dead cow to give PETA fits. After she'd managed to wipe the shocked look off her face - and Felicia had stopped laughing at her - the shapeshifter had explained that Xander had mentioned the alternate universe vampire Willow and her taste for leather at one point, and so she'd bought a Willow-sized leather corset and pants for kicks. 'Better to have it and not need it', according to Felicia.

     Idly, Tara wondered if she could talk Felicia into trading her current clothes for two or three authentic Tara outfits for her to wear around Xander. With money tight, she hadn't been able to talk Willow into buying anything that matched her 'fun' clothes - and wasn't going to abuse her power over Willow by making her spend money she really couldn't afford to spend - but if she supplied the clothes by way of trade with Felicia, that would open up all sorts of possibilities. Like a club or two she knew about half an hour down the coast…

     "I think it's hopeless. No offense, Tara, but most of what you wear is a bit unique and a few years old. Considering most companies change up what they make at least two times a year… we'd have to go dig through thrift stores or eBay to find a double and even then, who knows if we'd find it in the right size?" Rising to her feet, Felicia shook her head and then pulled a wallet out of her pocket. Flipping it open, she pulled out a golden card and flashed it at Tara. "But there's a solution to that."

     Tara's eyes widened at the prospect and then she slumped. "I can't… I mean, you know how things are around here. I'll probably be able to pay you back when… when… when Buffy goes back to college." Ouch. That was mean of her. True, but mean.

     Scoffing, Felicia tucked the card away again and then tossed her wallet onto the bed beside Tara. "Xander has a real job and I have enough squirreled away that we'd be comfortable even if he didn't and I wasn't taking side jobs to keep myself busy. Believe me, I can afford two outfits for our little night of fun. Hell, we can go hit up some really swanky stores if you want to try a new look. Not that 'Earth Mother Tara' is a bad thing, but you obviously enjoy stepping outside the box sometimes based on the leather…"

     "Well, we should probably…" Tara trailed off as Felicia proceeded to unzip her pants and wriggle out of them, revealing that her taste in underwear was a bit more daring than either Willow or Tara herself tended to be. "Wh-what are you doing?"

     Reaching back behind herself, Felicia frowned briefly before finding something and tugging downward on a zipper. "Well, I had this hilarious plan where I'd use this outfit and Xander's ability to force changes to freak out the Scoobies. Visit the Magic Box as Willow, snuggle up against you and spout some naughty-sounding stuff, and then 'vamp out' and go for your neck. But… well, I'd rather not now that I think about it. Doing that around a witch and a Slayer sounds about as smart as licking a power outlet, and it'd just cause problems between Xander and Buffy and Willow because you know they wouldn't take it well." Peeling the corset off, she dropped the corset to the floor and then held out a hand to Tara. "So I wore it over to see what you thought of it. I took the rather Faith-like expression as approval. So, there you go. Stuff your Willow into it and enjoy. Besides, if I take your shape when we go shopping - which I'll need your help with, by the way - we can try on clothes twice as fast. You don't mind lending me something to wear, right? I have underwear of my own in my purse."

     Tara shook her head rapidly; she'd been mentally inventorying what she had in the way of clothes and pondering the ratio of prettiness to how much she'd miss it for each item. Just off the top of her head, she knew of at least one dress, two tops, and two skirts that she could offer in exchange that Felicia - and Xander - might like but she wouldn't be heartbroken to part with. That was about as far as she should let things go, she realized, unless Felicia wanted to buy a few outfits with her, just to avoid depleting her available clothes too much. Sliding off the bed, Tara tried not too blush too much as she scooted past the naked Felicia and began digging through the closet. "Well, I have this one dress that I can give you. Give-give, even. You know, because you're giving me the clothes for Willow."

     "Hmm. Well, I wasn't going to say anything because yeah, Xander and I know where you guys are at money-wise and that's why I came ready to take you out shopping." Tara found the dress, a nice earthy green summer dress whose neckline would probably suit Felicia's larger assets a bit better than it did hers, and handed it to the shapeshifter. Felicia held the dress to her body and looked down at herself before smiling. "You know, this is actually really pretty. Not that you're not, but I guess I get caught up in what's 'in' and stuff and start forgetting to appreciate the simple stuff. But anyways… any chance you can spare a skirt and one of those peasant blouses too? I mean, leather's not cheap… and this way I can see what Xander thinks of a more Tara-y me without having to spend money I could spend on you or clothes he would like, if he doesn't like me in these."

     Nodding, Tara debated for a moment before reaching for the peasant blouse that she'd miss slightly more out of the two. After all, Felicia had a point about the cost of what she was giving Tara and she'd be buying Tara clothes later to boot. "Okay… what do you think of this?"

     Leather for Willow, new clothes for her, and a chance to explore her sexuality safely. Everything was coming up roses for her. Tara smiled as Felicia traded the dress for the peasant blouse and then handed the currently-a-redhead one of the skirts she was willing to part with. And to think that some people claimed karma didn't exist…

The End?

You have reached the end of "Seductive" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Jul 10.

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