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Summary: Xander makes a visit to Willy's Alibi Room to try and escape the pain, and ends up meeting the girl of his dreams… literally.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR18714,6161314464,39814 Jul 0623 Jul 10No


Title: Seductive
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: R/FR18.
Pairings: Xander/OFC
Disclaimer: Someone who isn't me and might be Joss Whedon owns the Buffy people, but I'm not entirely sure. Not sure who owns the mutant concept, but that might belong to Stan Lee? Iunno. Succubus is mine, though. You can have her, but only if you pay.
Summary: Xander tries to escape the pain, and meets the girl of his dreams…
Joe's Note: This story is set after 6x18, aka Entropy. For those not familiar with the episode numbers or the names, that means that Spike and Anya just got horizontal in the Magic Box while people saw it on the video cameras, the past Spuffy shagging was just revealed to everyone in the Scooby Gang, and Willow and Tara are just getting back together. This was originally a test run for a future Ultimate Arachnia character, before I killed off that story. It wasn't originally going to be anything serious, but I might see where I can take it. As for the reveal at the end, it was a tie-up between three characters. I may do two variants with the other two possibilities, but I dunno.

     Slamming back another shot of chocolate rum, Xander looked from the glass to where Willy was standing behind the bar, bottle in hand. "Yunno, this is some pretty good stuff. Nice and smooth, good aftertaste… it's kinda like getting wasted on hot chocolate. Where'd you get this from again?"

     "St. Thomas." Willy sighed, rolling his eyes. "The same place it was from the last three times you asked me. Now, do you want the rest of the bottle so I can go help other customers? Or are you going to annoy me all night?"

     Xander snorted and looked back over his shoulder. The bar - and he used the term loosely - was abandoned except for a woman his age with green and black hair… who was approaching the bar. He held out his glass. "Fill me up and then help her. By the time you're done with that, I'll be ready for more. See how that works out for you?"

     There was a laugh from behind him, and a pale hand held out a crisp fifty-dollar bill. "How about you leave us the bottle?" The woman turned her head to gaze at Xander, looking him up and down before returning her gaze to Willy. "I think I can take over for you for a bit, Willy."

     Willy snatched the money away from her and thrust the bottle into her hand, wandering off into the back while muttering to himself. Xander took the opportunity to look the woman over. She was tall, nearly as tall as he was, whose green and black streaked hair had caught his eye in the first place. She had brown eyes, pale skin, a voluptuous body with a slightly pudgy stomach… and a pair of short horns growing from her forehead. And, Xander noticed as she sat down next to him, a pair of tiny bat-like wings extending from her back. "So, what are we going to be doing here? General demonic sacrifice? Something involving mating and feeding me to your offspring?"

     The woman blinked owlishly at him, hand freezing in the process of pouring him a drink. "Do what?"

     Looking down, Xander tipped the neck of the bottle up just in time to prevent her from making his glass overflow. "It's like a rule. All the sexy demon girls always try to kill me somehow. You're a demon girl. You're sexy. So, I'm waiting for the attempted homicide. Oh, and is your plan fast? I'm not really in the mood to suffer tonight. It's why I'm sitting here drinking."

     There was an indelicate snort from his companion at that point, who proceeded to pour herself a shot before clinking her glass against his. "Ah. I'm here because I'm really in the mood to get laid tonight and I'm a bit too single to go ask my boyfriend to take care of things for me. Oh, and my plan involves buying you a drink and then, if you play your cards right, me taking you home and fucking you until one of us passes out."

     It was Xander's turn to blink. "There's no dismembering, murdering, and/or sacrificing involved in your cunning, cunning plan?"

     She shook her head. "No, just drinking. And quite probably sex. Lots and lots of sex. I'm not feeling very picky tonight, and you seem nice enough."

     Was that a compliment? Xander paused as he thought about that. Eh, probably. She could be moving on to a new bar in search of other guys instead of talking to him, after all. Or… eww, hitting on Willy. On one hand, she was a demon… but on the other hand, she was a friendly, seemingly honest demon.

     Was there such a thing? He looked her up and down. She was a really hot demon… and if she was walking around with horns and wings, that was probably as inhuman-looking as she got. And ever since he'd left Anya at the altar, it'd just been him, Mary Palmer, and her five sisters. Besides, demons were evidently in this year. Everybody was doing them. Which, he reminded himself, was why he was sitting here getting utterly shit-faced, even though he found his drunkard of a father to be scum of the lowest kind.

     Making up his mind, Xander slammed back the shot she poured him and then offered his hand to her. "Xander Harris."

     The woman took a few sips of her rum before knocking the rest back and shaking his hand. "Felicia Farnsworth. Now, there's two of us and one half-beaten bottle of rum. Let's kick its ass, then go back to my place."

     "Good plan."

     Xander stumbled a bit as Felicia pushed him through the door, jumping and wrapping her legs around his waist as they continued to kiss. He caught a few glimpses of a very opulent apartment around him but his attention was focused mainly on the woman in his arms. They broke off for a moment and she pointed to his right at a particular door. "Bed. Now." The look she gave him told Xander she meant business, and he quickly complied with her demand.

     As they entered the bedroom, Felicia's legs unwound and she dropped to stand on her own two feet. Spinning Xander around, she shoved him roughly onto his back on the bed. She yanked his shoes off roughly and then removed her own heels before crawling in after him and moving to straddle his waist. "You sure about this?"

     Nodding, Xander reached up and placed his hands on her hips. "You sure you're not going to kill me?"

     Felicia laughed and pulled her shirt over her head before reaching back to unsnap her bra. "That would be pretty stupid of me, since I'm not a necrophiliac." She pulled off her bra, revealing her bare breasts to his eyes. Almost automatically, his hands reached up to squeeze them, making her moan softly and arch her back to press into his touch. "Mmmm. But yeah, not a necrophiliac. So no killing on the agenda."

     "No killing, but lots of sex. I like this agenda." As he continued to squeeze her breasts gently, his eyes roved over her pale skin before coming to rest on an odd collar that was around her neck. His eyes dipped back down to her chest for a few seconds before rising again. It was studded with small lights and was definitely high-tech. And technology was something you didn't see when dealing with most demons. "What is this?" Reaching up, he ran a finger over the cool metal.

     Flinching back, Felicia brought her hands up to cover the collar. Suddenly, the confident look on her face evaporated to be replaced with nervousness. "I need to confess something to you, Xander. I'm… not actually a demon. I'm a mutant. The collar disables my powers."

     Xander raised an eyebrow. He knew, logically, that mutants existed and that he was bound to run into one eventually… but with as many demonic problems as Sunnydale had, mutation had never even occurred to him as to why she looked different. "Will your powers hurt me?" She shook her head vehemently. "In that case… how do I take it off?"

     "Are you sure?" Felicia let go of her collar, but still looked incredibly nervous. "My powers… I'm a shapeshifter. Sorta. It's hard to explain without showing someone."

     Abandoning her other breast so he could reach up with both hands, Xander began prodding at the collar again. "Then show me."

     Felicia reached behind her neck and there was a popping noise followed by a hiss. Pulling the collar off, she dropped it over the edge of the bed where it hit the floor with a surprisingly loud thunk. Leaning forward, she put her hands on Xander's shoulders as she began to change.

     It wasn't what Xander thought of in the seconds he'd had to contemplate her powers. She didn't change in bits and pieces, or one body part at a time. She just… became someone else. Even as her hair was lengthening and lightening, her face was reshaping itself into someone who was definitely not Felicia, and her body was shrinking as she lost more than half a foot in height. The end result was someone quite familiar, and not a person Xander would have ever expected to see half-naked and straddling his waist. "Woah."

     "Is this okay?" Xander probably would have jumped if he didn't have a half-naked girl atop him. While her outside had changed, her voice had not and the effect was a bit startling. "I'm kinda stuck like this until we go find other people, so I hope you like me like this. The man who taught me about my powers and had the collar made for me says that I'm a little telepathic and my brain reaches out and turns me into what people wish I was. Either something abstract or a real person that they seriously desire. So… until we go outside and the crossed signals put me back to my normal shape… this is me. Or… if you want to hang out with your friends later and don't mind me tagging along, the collar holds me in the same form… so I'd be stuck like this until we took it off and found other people."

     Xander came out of his distracted state at the 'hang out with your friends' bit. Oh yeah, the girls would love it if he showed up to hang out with them and Felicia was shaped like that! If Willow or Tara didn't kill him, Buffy would probably finish him off as a sign of female solidarity. "So, this is my deepest desire?" She nodded slowly, probably trying to gauge his reaction, and he gave her a lopsided smile. "Huh. No wonder I'm really, really turned on at the moment then. Nah, I think I'll keep you to myself for now. Besides, I seriously doubt I could get my pants up and zipped if my life depended on it, anyways."

     Giggling, Felicia leaned down and kissed him. "Oh really? Well then, how about you show me how much you supposedly like this new body of mine?"

     Oh yeah. He could do that.

     Reluctantly pulling out of Felicia, Xander lowered himself onto his side and settled his head on her chest. "Wow."

     "I see your 'wow' and raise you a 'holy shit'." Running her fingers through his hair, Felicia wiggled a bit closer to his body. They were silent for a few minutes as each tried to get their breathing and heartbeat under control. "So… is this a real person? Or just a figment of your imagination that's like, parts of all kinds of people you know?"

     Xander was silent as he tried to decide whether or not to lie. But given that she was letting him live out what was supposedly his deepest fantasy, he figured she deserved a little honesty. "She's a real person. Someone I know. That's part of why I can't introduce you to my friends unless we can find someone else to shift you into a new body. Or back to your real body."

     "Yeah, that would be a little awkward. Gotcha." Felicia's fingers rubbed against his scalp as she ran them through his hair, making him sigh in bliss. "So, does she have a name? Who is she?"

     Wincing, Xander looked up at the familiar blue eyes staring down at him. "It's more than a little awkward, actually. She's my best friend's girlfriend. Tara Maclay."
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