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Our Son Saved the World

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Fan Art

Summary: Fan Art. BtVS/The Beyond (Italian Horror Movie). Based on my fan fiction "The Possibility".

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Movies > Beyond, TheMikeDavidFR71910188516 Jul 0616 Jul 06Yes

Well, this is my first fan art, done with Open Office Draw and images found on Google Images. I wanted to make a fan art to illustrate the main protaganists of my fan fiction "The Possibility...". The background is from the final shot of The Beyond, and where the story takes place. The gentleman to the left of Xander is John McCabe, played by the late David Warbeck. The lovely lady to the right is Liza Merrill, played by Catriona MacColl. The quote is from my story.
I hope you enjoy.

The End

You have reached the end of "Our Son Saved the World". This story is complete.

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