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Project Slayer

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Summary: Buffy just wanted answers. What she ended up getting was a whole lot more.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-Centered(Recent Donor)BuffyCharmedFR1821,62225317,10216 Jul 063 Apr 07No

You Know What They Say About Assuming

Chapter 1: You Know What They Say About Assuming

Author: BuffyCharmed

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to BtVS or X-Men.

Author’s Note: As I said in the last chapter, I’m finally rewriting this story, as I said I would forever ago. So if you haven't yet, it would be a good idea to reread the first chapter. Because of my schedule, and admittedly, a severe case of writer’s block, I haven’t been able to. So now, I’m once again attempting this story, and I hope you all like it. Review, review, review!


After years of searching, after holding onto any crumb that might lead him to an answer, he found nothing. His only discovery was some abandoned military base.

Logan grunted. He probably shouldn’t have been surprised.

It had been so many years ago, and yet he could swear he’d only just escaped from that place. So many years he spent, trying to find some trace, some clue as to what he was or who he is; he’d never been one to have a vast amount of luck, but just this once it’d be nice to be cut a break. Which technically, he’d been granted one if he truly thought about it.

Maybe it would be easier to recognize that if Scott Summers hadn’t been included in aforementioned help.

He snorted. From the moment that Logan had stepped through the doors of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, he knew that it would change him. Regardless of how big that change would be, he could feel it.

But no amount of foresight could have prepared him for the force that was Jean Grey. The strong-minded redhead had stolen his heart from the moment he looked into her eyes. Well okay, so the first time he’d actually seen her he had her by the throat, but the sentiment was just the same. She seemed to have everything; the beauty and the brains. She was the type of girl you’d bring home to meet your parents, and the dad would give ya’ a slap on the back and say ‘that a boy.’ Or so he’d imagine. He didn’t really have a whole lot of experience in the family area.

She’d stay with the twerp that was Scott, or Cyclops. He unconsciously rolled his eyes. ‘Yeah, like that was any better.’ He was the ‘good’ boy. Logan knew he’d never experience a relationship with such a good and sweet person. He was just the bad boy, the phase that every girl had to get out of their system. He just hoped Rogue realized that soon enough. He shivered. Soon, very soon.

It seemed funny that such an innocent girl could lead to this array of constant changes in his life. He’d never exactly been what he considered a father figure, but there was something about Rogue that made him go into overprotective mode in an instant. Course, that was probably due to the fact that the girl couldn’t be more capable of inadvertently getting into trouble if she wore a neon sign around her neck that said “I’m a Mutant, Ask Me How.” She was like the daughter he would never have. Assuming he didn’t have a little girl out there somewhere. For all he knew he could have several.

Logan shook his head as a shiver went down his spine. Yeah, he really needed that particular thought right now.

The rest of their little gang was okay enough. Storm was easy enough to get along with. It seemed she and the Professor were the only ones that weren’t worried about him joining their little club. Fact was, he knew he couldn’t have gotten this far without them. He’d probably still be drowning his sorrows in Jack Daniels and trying his hand at bar fights. Not that is was really a fight, considering…..

No matter how they tried, though, they’d never really understand what he was and what it entailed. Hell, he wasn’t even certain yet.

The thing that got him, was that he couldn’t say he’d lost anything. That he’d fought the good fight or he was a good and decent person in the end. For all he knew, he could have deserved this fate. He could have been a lonely old man with no life or anything to live for.

They’d taken his identity. He wanted so much, but it scared the hell out of him at the same time. Who he could have been.

He fiddled with the cigar between his fingers before tossing it aside. This was reality; he’d managed to get this far. It couldn’t get that much more complicated, could it?

Yeah, and Scott was his bestest friend. With that, Logan jumped onto the bike and raced off towards the mansion.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Project Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Apr 07.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking